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Lap By Lap: Crandon

The Traxxas TORC Series Presented By AMSOIL
Lap By Lap: Saturday June 20th, 2009

Starting Order:
Barlow, Steve (2)
LeDuc, Curt (43)
LeDuc, Kyle (99)
Douglas, Scott (7)
Greaves, Johnny (22)
Huseman, Rick (36)
Cenni, Adrian (11)
Jenkins, Mike (47)
McCrossan, Steve (33)

Lap 1: Kyle LeDuc takes the holeshot. The first lap running order is:
Kyle Leduc
Curt Leduc
Johnny Greaves
Rick Huseman
Scott Douglas

Lap 2: Kyle LeDuc Pulls away from the pack, with second and behind running close together. Adrian Cenni pulls off the track right at the finish line with steering problems. The running order is:
Kyle Leduc
Curt Leduc
Johnny Greaves
Rick Huseman
Scott Douglas

At the Competition Yellow the running order is:
Kyle Leduc
Rick Huseman
Johnny Greaves
Curt Leduc
Steve Barlow
Scott Douglas

As they come back to the green flag, the running order is:
Rick Huseman and Kyle Leduc
Johnny Greaves
Curt Leduc
Steve Barlow

Lap 6: Rick Huseman makes the pass on Kyle Leduc, followed by Johnny Greaves, Curt Leduc, Steve Barlow, and Scott Douglas.

Lap 7: Rick Huseman and Kyle Leduc are once again battling hard for the first place position. Scott Douglas looks to be struggling in 5th place.

Lap 9: Rick Huseman is pulling away from Leduc with a close 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place race for Greaves, Curt Leduc, and Steve Barlow.

They come to the finish:
Rick Huseman
Kyle Leduc
Curt Leduc
Johnny Greaves
Steve Barlow

Oakley Bomb Run Award: Rick Huseman, almost breaking the track record by hundredths of seconds. Greaves holds the record for fastest lap time.

Starting Order:
Vanden Heuval, Dan Sr. (77)
LeDuc, Todd (3)
Taylor, Scott (8)
McGrath, Jeremy (2)
MacCachren, Rob (11)
Johnson, Ricky (48)
Oberg,Mike (80)
Evans, Evan (5)
Hoek, Ross (21)
Steele, Keith (29)
Fortin, Doug (96)
Wandahsega, Ben (97)
Jenkins, Mark (25)
Adler, Greg (10)
Baudoux, Dan (7)
Konitzer, Rhonda (18)
Schreiner, Ron (9)

Lap 1: Todd Leduc takes the holeshot.
Todd Leduc
Mike Oberg
Rob Mac
Dan Vanden Heuval
Jeremy McGrath

Lap 2: Todd Leduc holds a strong lead with Rob MacCachren closely behind.
1. Todd Leduc
2. Rob MacCachren
Dan Vanden Heuval
Jeremy McGrath
Ricky Johnson

Lap 4: Jenkins hits the wall and brings out the Red Flag. Rhonda Konitzer was also involved in an accident in turn 12. They are both ok. On the restart, there will be 5 laps remaining. The flag

Lap 5: The restart with Todd Leduc and Rob MacCachren battling for first. Ross Hoek is given the black flag for working on his truck during the red flag.
Todd Leduc
Rob MacCachren
Evan Evans
Dan Vanden Heuval
Ricky Johnson

Lap 6: Running order is:
Todd Leduc
Rob MacCachren
Evan Evans
Ricky Johnson
Dan Vanden Heuval

Lap 7: Rob MacCachren makes the pass on Todd Leduc.
Rob MacCachren
Todd Leduc
Evan Evans
Ricky Johnson
Dan Vanden Heuval

Lap 8: Jeremy McGrath is battling for 5th place with Dan Vanden Heuval.

Finishing Order:
Rob MacCachren
Todd Leduc
Ricky Johnson
Jeremy McGrath
Greg Adler

Oakley Bomb Run Award: Ricky Johnson

At the start:
Eller, Randy (11)
Brandt, Chris (82)
Currie, Casey (2)
Kincaid, Jeff (4)
Hord, Chad (9)
Huseman, Jeff (55)
Hart, Marty (15)
Oberg, Mark (30)
Federico, Steven (24)
O'Donnell/ Krueger (23)

Lap 1: Jeff Kincaid takes the holeshot. The first lap running order is.
Jeff Kincaid
Marty Hart
Randy Eller
Chad Hord
Casey Currie

Lap 2: Jeff Kincaid is pulling away from Marty Hart, closely followed by Chad Hord and Randy Eller. Jeff Kincaid brings up the rear, seems to be struggling with his truck.

Lap 3: Jeff Kincaid continues to distance himself. A fierce battle is taking place between Chad Hord and Marty Hart.

Lap 4: Marty Hart makes the pass on Chad Hord, Hord goes back in the pack, and now Randy Eller is on his tail with a battle between Casey Currie and Chad Hord.

Lap 5: Marty Hart is distancing himself from the pack, and is going after Jeff Kincaid. Currie and Hord still battle for position. Jeff Kincaid is passed by Marty Hart!

At the Competition Yellow: Marty Hart, Jeff Kincaid, Randy Eller, Chad Hord, and Casey Currie round out the top 5. Jeff Kincaid went to the pits.

As they come back to green: Marty Hart, Randy Eller, Chad Hord, Steven Federico, and Casey Currie.

Lap 7: Marty Hart continues to lead, with Chad Hord and Randy Eller close behind.

Lap 8: The running order is:
Marty Hart
Chad Hord
Randy Eller
Steven Federico
Mark Oberg

They come to the finish:
Marty Hart
Chad Hord
Steve Federico
Chris Brandt
Mark Oberg

Oakley Bomb Run Award: Chad Hord

2. Kyle Leduc
3. Curt Leduc
4. Johnny Greaves
5. Steve Barlow
6. Scott Douglas
7. Mike Jenkins
DNF: Adrian Cenni, Steve McCrossan.

1. Rob MacCachren
2. Todd Leduc
4. Jeremy McGrath
5. Greg Adler
6. Keith Steele
7. Scott Taylor
8. Doug Fortin
9. Dan Vanden Heuval
10. Ron Schreiner
DNF- Evan Evans, Dan Baudoux, Ross Hoek, Ben Wandahsega, Mark Jenkins, Rhonda Konitzer, and Mike Oberg.

1. Marty Hart
3. Steven Federico
4. Chris Brandt
5. Mark Oberg
6. Randy Eller
7. Casey Currie
8. Jeff Kincaid
9. Jeff Huseman
10. Krueger O'Donnell

Thursday, June 18, 2009

F1 teams prepare for breakaway series

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SILVERSTONE, England -- Formula One's biggest teams began preparations for a breakaway series early Friday after failing to resolve their dispute with motor sport's governing body over financial constraints.

The Formula One Teams' Association announced it would not compromise on the quality of the series by signing up unconditionally for the 2010 F1 season under the FIA's radical new plans for cost-cutting.

FOTA also criticized the FIA's "uncompromising" stance and attempts, along with the commercial rights holder, to divide its member teams.

FIA president Max Mosley was insistent on introducing a voluntary $60 million budget cap for teams to curtail a "financial arms race" in F1. Those that don't agree to the cap would have more technical restrictions, something Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo had called "fundamentally unfair."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


June 16, 2009
Contact: Tim Sanchez, 714.514.7450

Crandon, Wisconsin - The last time Rob MacCachren raced at the world famous Crandon International Raceway was 2001. For the last eight years, many of the nation's top racers have churned up the dirt and rocks in search of the magic that MacCachren discovered at this 40 year old race course. To date, no one has established the winning record that MacCachren has over his 8-year span at the legendary raceway.

Crandon International Raceway is often regarded as the "Indianapolis Raceway" of the off road racing world. For the last four decades, the world of off road racing has seen the best of the best arrive to this track in search of "the magic," while many have gone home with nothing but mud and dirt covering every part of their trucks.
Rob MacCachren captured his first CUP victory in the spring of 1995, when the young off road racer took the world of off road by surprise and claimed the first of six CUP victories. To date, the Rockstar Energy Racing driver has won three Brush Run Chairman's CUP victories (1995, 2000, 2001) as well as three Borg-Warner World Championship CUP wins (1999, 2000, 2001) while racing in the elite PRO4WD class at the famed track.

In 1999, MacCachren set the fastest track time in the Borg-Warner Championship time trials with a time of 1:26:12.

MacCachren is the only racer since track records were established in 1970 to hold six total CUP victories, when combining the Brush Run and Borg-Warner Shootout races.

Now a decade later, Rob MacCachren returns to Crandon International Raceway in search of victory, as Crandon International Raceway kicks off a year of celebration, as they prepare for the 40th Anniversary of this legendary track during the fall race.
"Crandon has always been a race track where my team has had great success. It's exciting to return to Crandon after an eightyear absence. I've missed it and we are glad to return with the #11 Rockstar Energy Racing Pro 2WD for a memorable weekend of racing. We've worked hard on the truck and we expect to be a contender all weekend long. This venue is the best in the world and the fans are great. We have posters, shirts and more, so we want all of the Rockstar fans to come into the pits for a autograph," said MacCachren.

This weekend is the third stop in the 2009 TORC season series and will feature Rounds 5 and 6 that kick off the Midwest swing of the season. TORC will bring all the superstars of off-road racing to Crandon International Raceway this season - the 40th anniversary at the track.

"If you like big-time off-road racing - and you like autographs, Crandon is the place to be," said Cliff Flannery, Crandon Track President. "All the young guns of off-road racing, all the well-known superstars will be in town June 20-21," he said. "Bring a lot of pens and markers," he said. "From Ricky to Rhonda, Mason to MacCachren, Frana to Fortin ... you can meet them all."

About Rockstar: Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger.
ROCKSTAR is the world's most powerful energy drink. Enhanced with the potent herbal blends of Guarana, Ginkgo, Ginseng and Milk Thistle, ROCKSTAR is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles-from athletes to rock stars. PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

2009 Rockstar Energy Racing Sponsors:
Rockstar Energy Drink, BFGoodrich Tires, FOX RACING SHOX, Mastercraft Race Seats, Pro AM, Rancho Drivetrain Engineering, Patton Racing Engines, KC HiLites and DIRTnewz.

Rob MacCachren Racing:
For nearly 30 years, Rob MacCachren has been racing in the open desert. As a second-generation desert racer, Rob began his career following in the footsteps of his father while growing up in the Nevada desert. His career accomplishments include winning three consecutive Borg-Warner Championships, as well as three Governor's Cup Championships, all at Crandon International Raceway in Wisconsin. Rob has also accumulated 5 SCORE Baja 1000 victories and another 5 SCORE Baja 500 wins. MacCachren was heralded as the premier driver after winning the longest distance (1296 miles point-to-point) SCORE Baja 1000 ever held in 2007. The multi-disciplined championship racer has accumulated over 150 victories and numerous championships between closed short course and open desert racing.

Rob MacCachren Media and Management:
ROMM, Inc.
Tim Sanchez

Wild Weekend in F1: Thirteen Teams Named for 2010 as FIA-FOTA Argument Rages

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PARIS — Three new teams have been awarded entry into Formula 1 competition next season, including North Carolina-based Team US F1, but a dispute between most of the present teams and the sport's governing body remains unresolved.

In fact, the two sides appeared to harden their positions, with members of the Formula 1 Teams Association (FOTA) demanding changes in next year's rules and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) accusing the team owners of trying to sabotage plans for next season.

"There is clearly an element in FOTA which is determined to prevent any agreement being reached regardless of the damage this may cause to the sport," the FIA stated Monday.

Adding fuel to the fire, the European automakers' association, ACEA, has called for the resignation of FIA President Max Mosley.

Tennis ace grunts louder than an F1 car

WIMBLEDON fans are set for a thumping racket this year — thanks to “grunting” starlet Michelle Larcher de Brito.

The 16-year-old Portuguese newcomer is reckoned to be the loudest on the circuit, with her “Arrooous” estimated as 109 decibels — as much noise as a Formula 1 car.

Officials are even considering “noise hindrance” rules. The World No90 was booed off last month’s French Open due to noise. But de Brito said: “It’s part of the game.”

The “Woos” made by 2004 Wimbo winner Maria Sharapova hit 103 decibels, three more than a pneumatic drill.

Monica Seles’ 93-decibel “Ahtay” are five quieter than a chainsaw. While Williams sisters Venus and Serena reach 90 with “Murer” and “Urrgh, louder than motorway traffic.

Awesome Baja 500 Helmet Cam

Most videos these days are really bad but this one is a gem in the rough. Great editing, interesting footage and it tells a nice story.

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MDR Coyote Wash 200 Photo Jihad!

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A few of my favorites.

On this day in 1955

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1955: Le Mans disaster claims 77 lives
Seventy-seven people have been killed and 77 others injured when two cars collided on the race track and crashed into the spectators' stand at Le Mans in north-west France.

The Mercedes-Benz being driven by Pierre Levegh hit the bank by the grandstand and immediately exploded. Parts of the wreckage were blown into the enclosure, killing scores of mostly-French spectators.

NASCAR vs. Formula One

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People often ask me questions about the differences between Formula One and NASCAR and in reality comparing the two sports is almost pointless, as aside from the high speeds, there is little similarity. In simple terms though, let’s have a look at the differences and some similarities between the two codes.

Both sports have a long history: NASCAR’s being born from the exploits of bootleggers in the prohibition era, who modified their cars to outrun the police. Eventually, semi-organized racing became increasingly popular particularly after the Second World War. However, the organizers often made more money than the drivers who invested the time, the costs associated with running the vehicle and the risk, leaving the drivers out of pocket.