Thursday, June 19, 2008

Top Gear Series 11

une 19, 2008
Series 11 countdown: Top Gear vs the Germans

Not long ago, we got a call from Sabine Schmitz, legendary 'Ring-mistress, official Friend of Show and – as it turned out – presenter of the German television equivalent of Top Gear.

Our programme wants to take on your programme in a series of challenges, she said.

And because she's actually a bit scary and could probably kick our heads in a bit, we were powerless to say no.

Which is why we ended up in Belgium, the country invented to provide Britain and Germany with a neutral ground on which to have a fight.

All we had to do was show these impudent Teutons what was what in off-roaders, race cars, autotests and double-decker cars.

Oh yeah, and try not to mention the war. James might have mentioned it once, but we think he got away with it...

The new series of Top Gear kicks off at 8pm on Sunday June 22 on BBC Two.

Top Gear USA

June 16, 2008
Team America

California, free refills and Megan Fox are no longer the only good things about America.

Because now, America has its own Top Gear telly show.

Well, they're getting a pilot for a US version of the show at least.

And even though you will have no idea who any of them are, they've just announced their presenters...

First up there's Adam Carolla, who has a whole host of superlatives associated with his name, like 'comedian', 'radio personality', 'television presenter' and 'actor'.

He's best known over there for his radio programme The Adam Carolla Show, yet over here you might have seen him in Crank Yankers, the TV show he produced and starred in that features real crank calls by celebrity guests which are then re-enacted on screen by puppets.

Most importantly however, he owns two classic Lambos, Maseratis, Ferraris and an Audi S4. Which is a better qualification than anything.

Then there's Tanner Foust - how good is that name?? - who's a high demand stunt guy, having driven in The Bourne Ultimatum, that Fast And The Furious set in Japan and, er, The Dukes Of Hazzard.

He's also won a load of different things for rallying, drifting, ice racing and time attack. But all you really need to know is this, and that he drives a 'tricked-out' M3.

Bringing up the rear is Eric Stromer, who's an American DIY legend - think Handy Andy with blonde hair and a guitar - who's also a regular on Carolla's radio show, advising listeners on their construction concerns.

And he drives a Toyota Camry hybrid... ahem.

It seems no one's told Clarkson that though, 'cos he's quite happy about it all: "This is fantastic news - but how on earth you lot are going to do it on the wrong side of the road I've no idea."

Monday, June 16, 2008

TORR this week Cissy Baldwin, Alan Pflueger & Rhiannon Freiley and more! Wed 6/18/08

Welcome to TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO Wed 6/18/2008 coming to you LIVE from the Championship Off Road Racing Studios in Newport Beach!

Some of this weeks Special Guests are:
Co Hosting will be: Patrick Wagenbrenner

Some of our other guests include:
Cheif Operating Officer of CORR & Racer Cissy Baldwin,
Alan Pflueger (Baja 500 Champion & Driver of the #28 KMC Pro - 2) &
Rhiannon Freiley of PCI Race Radios who has also done some racing.
You never know who else might be lurking in the CORR Studio, You'll have to wait & see!

We will be dicussing all of what has been going on in CORR and the progression of the Series itself,
We'll talk with Alan not only about his CORR Racing but what is going on with his Desert Program, We will go behind the scenes with Rhiannon and talk about what all goes on with PCI getting all the racers hooked up with their communications in ALL types of Off Road Racing plus everything else they do! We will also be talking Power Puff Race and Whatever else comes our way!

It's going to be an awsome show folks and you won't want to miss it!

The Live TORR show is from 6-8pm on AM 1000 in San Diego but you can always
LISTEN LIVE online at
Where you can always find a whole lot more Off Road news and information.

As always, We want to hear from you "The Fans"
with any questions,comments or stories you might have!

There are 2 ways to do this.

1) You can call in. The station call in number is 760-720-5236


2) You can text us questions on our forum section at
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Wednesdays 6-8pm on AM 1000 KCEO or go to and click on LISTEN LIVE!

TORR Your original source for Off Road Radio!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Melbourne set to keep F1 Grand Prix

Sydney - The season-opening Australian Grand Prix has an assured future until 2015, news reports said Sunday. "We haven't signed the deal but we are going to quite soon," an unnamed official told the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Formula 1 head Bernie Ecclestone had warned that Melbourne could lose the event to Russia, India or Korea unless it was run at night so European audiences could see it live.

Ecclestone had phoned Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and threatened Australia with expulsion from the championships unless his demand was met.

But organizers said they had reached agreement for Melbourne to retain its spot until 2015. The new deal would see a later start, but it would not be run under lights.

F1 boss Dennis blasts: Le Mans is 'no race'.

Le Mans 24 Hours is merely a contest for survival of the fittest, McLaren F1 team chief Ron Dennis blasts.

On the weekend of the race widely referred to as being ‘the toughest in the world', leading Formula 1 figures have belittled both the challenge and the appeal of the iconic Le Mans 24 Hours, describing it variously as ‘no race' and ‘a kind of different sport'.

The 2008 edition of the legendary French round-the-clock endurance classic may be a fraught Audi vs Peugeot affair, but despite no fewer than 30 former F1 aces amongst the 165 drivers entered, current members of the uppermost echelon seem to have little affection for La Sarthe.

“No comparison,” bluntly stated McLaren team principal Ron Dennis – whose Woking-based concern developed the car that went on to win the 1995 race – in an interview with the International Herald Tribune. “You have to have phenomenal reliability, but also the drivers play such a key role, primarily in not falling off.

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“It's rarely a race that's raced from beginning to end. You don't race for 24 hours; you compete for 24 hours, and it requires a different strategy.

“There's no race. They all suddenly realise that survival is the important thing. It is counter to the spirit of Formula 1; you very rarely slow down in Formula 1.”

The 61-year-old's sentiments were echoed elsewhere in the grand prix paddock, with both Honda counterpart Ross Brawn and BMW-Sauber star – and new world championship leader – Robert Kubica backing up Dennis' views.

Brawn was heavily involved in the Le Mans success of Jaguar back in 1990, but he admitted it had not been an experience he entirely relished.

“It was not the sort of challenge that I like,” the former Ferrari tactical genius reflected. “It's a very structured race over 24 hours; you're pacing yourself. It's quite a different event.”

“Speed is secondary,” agreed Kubica, a self-proclaimed rallying fan but a man who revealed he had never even watched the Le Mans 24 Hours on TV. “I'm the kind of person who likes to push. At Le Mans, you have to push less. It's a kind of different sport.”