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Armin Schwarz Newsletter 2007-05-15

Armin Schwarz

Dust: Zero viz and high tension

Dust: It’s so much more than just the annoying stuff that coats our model cars. In desert racing dust very often means zero visibility and it always means that you’ve got to be very, very careful. To dive into a dust trail behind a competitor at 100 mph and have faith that there isn‘t something nasty hidden in it – that’s absolutely not for people with weak nerves.

Dust can be very deep, and everyone’s been horribly stuck in it at some stage or another. Digging a car out of deep dust is hard work. And its not for chickens. Because as you dig your heart out, your competitors zoom by at full throttle. And there’s for sure one who can’t see you.

Dust can be like thick, thick fog. It’s just that the colours can be more interest ing. It actually depends on the stone that was ground down over thousands of years into a fine powder: it can be brown, red, yellow, gray or black. And when it gets really bad the visibility, even inside our cockpit, can become so poor that the navigator is hardly able to see his GPS monitor on the dashboard. And you should really think twice before stopping for orientation: the car may sink in, or maybe there’s a swift competitor right behind you.

For our engine the dust is no problem. The air filter has the format of a truck filter. It is mounted in a very high point on our buggy - just in case we have to cross deep water. Because if you mix dust with water it turns into a kind of concrete and this can have very bad consequences for the airflow to the engine.

But I think compared to the service crews along the pit areas we drivers enjoy an easy life when it comes to dust. We approach our pit slowly and carefully in order not to fill our car with the powder under braking. But all other competitors, literally hundreds, just thunder by and fill the air with the suffocating stuff as they try to reach their crews as quickly as possible.

The drivers themselves have found ways to avoid eating too much dust. My Stand 21 helmet is dust proof, and I get clean air into it from a small compressor. There’s a slight overpressure in the helmet. It’s not to fill my lungs with turbo boost but simply to keep the d ust out. On the inside of the cockpit there are air tight bags with wet wipes. If the visor of my helmet gets too dirty I tear up one of these bags and clean it. I can use one wipe a few times and keep it between the seat and my thigh.

By the way: this desert dust is a nuisance even on the eastern side of the Atlantic. My wife Petra is always worried that our washing machine might choke and die when she tries to get my overalls clean ...

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Armin Schwarz

2008 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

2008 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
Target Date Announced; Altitude Sports & Entertainment Will Air First Broadcast Of 2007 Race Tomorrow Night

COLORADO SPRINGS, August 15----The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Board of Directors has announced key initiatives that will positively impact the event for 2008.
The Board is has revealed that Bob Gillis has accepted the Chairman of the Board position to oversee the 2008 event that will mark the 86th running of the world-famous event. Gillis has served on the board for 21 years and has previously held the position as Race Chairman. Also returning to coordinate the leadership of the event will be Phil Layton as Race Director, Randy Ruyle as Director of Competition, and Marla Wiseman as Race Registrar. The Board has also set aside Sunday, July 20th 2008, as the nominated race day. This date will be confirmed as soon as other key race sanctioning bodies clarify their 2008 schedules. The Sunday schedule is significant, and targeted to allow the many automotive sales and repair-related businesses that support the PPIHC the opportunity to attend the event on a day when most businesses are closed. The 2007 PPIHC "Break The Record" television program will air the first time Tomorrow, Thursday, August 16 on the Altitude Sports & Entertainment Network

Forumula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix Photo Jihad!

All the photos are now up at including a large track girls gallery and photos of the GP2 and Porsche Supercup races.

A few highlights

G&R Post Terrible's Cup III Report

Post Terrible's Cup III Report
Team News Letter
August 2007 - Vol 1, Issue 11
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Hey Matt,

Terrible's Cup III- well the race lived up to all of the hype and proved to be a complete crash up derby. Garron Cadiente made his short course debut and proving why he is SCORE's rookie of the year with solid performances during both nights of racing. Cadiente claimed top two podium finishing positions in both Friday & Saturday's heat races. As for the main event races, Garron spent most of his laps battling his way to the front of the pack after being punted on the opening lap of both nights' main events. Overall I feel the race was a success and man did we have a great time. I look forward to seeing everyone at the South Point next week for the BITD Vegas 2 Reno.
Hasta Luego

Brian Godfrey
Team Manager

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1 B.J. Baldwin 65 77 103 36 281
2 Mark Post 52 90 100 36 278
3 Larry Ragland 48 72 113 31 264
4 Alan Pflueger 55 84 93 26 258
5 Garron Cadiente 59 70 96 26 251
6 Josh Baldwin 49 75 98 18 240
7 Travis Coyne 42 64 92 17 215
8 Ron Whitton 46 61 91 0 198
9 Todd Wyllie 26 63 95 7 191
10 Ryan Arciero 22 59 88 18 187
10 Pete Sohren 21 60 87 19 187
12 Andy McMillin 19 73 84 0 176
13 Tim Herbst 47 80 41 6 174
14 Bill McBeath 45 20 85 19 169
15 Gus Vildosola 0 74 94 0 168

Downtown - Las Vegas, Nevada (July 19, 2007) Amid thousands of fans and surprised Las Vegas travelers, the SCORE Terrible's CUP III Pit Crew Challenge was dominated by Wylie Racing. Decked out in bright orange shirts and an attitude to take on all challengers, Wylie's Rangers outperformed the nation's top pit crews in a fight for the first bragging rights of this three-day extravaganza.

SCORE festivities overtook the downtown Fremont Street Experience in the early evening and the festive atmosphere spilled into downtown casino's after Wylie and his crew were crowned Champs.

Reigning champions - Terrible Herbst Motorsports, were first to kick off with lighting fast tire changing duties underneath the illuminated canopy of the famed Las Vegas downtown event. Terrible Herbst Motorsports Crew Chief - Mike Smith led his crew to the red carpet by setting the initial fastest time of the event until Wylie's crew came along six trucks later.
Finishing two back from the top spot was the 2006 SCORE Rookie of the Year - Garron Cadiente's G&R Racing crew.
With race trucks lined up 20 deep along the downtown casinos, the crowds were strong and the pinnacle surrounded the competitors as they squared off against each other.

Teams that had trouble included the Desert Assassin's Cadillac Escalade Truck piloted by Cameron Steele, the #2 Schampa Technical Gear Clothing Truck piloted by Pete Sohren and several others. Cameron Steele chatted on the announcer's system with his primary crew member - Bean - who described the troubles that they faced in the race for bragging rights
Post from Dirt
terrible's cup
2007 SCORE Terrible's Cup III - Trophy Truck Main Event
The main event of Trophy-Truck racing turned out to be the most exciting battle of the weekend. By lap one, the top three finishers were decided. #1 BJ Baldwin lead followed by #3 Rob MacCachren and #12 Larry Ragland. The first time through the infield entrance proved to be a tough one. The bottleneck made a mess of the whole pack in a pileup that resembled a demolition derby far more than a desert race losing two trucks to the incident. Lap three saw Baldwin and MacCachren competing neck and neck. Baldwin, in front, slipped up a bit letting MacCachren by for a split second until he took back the lead. In the fifth lap, MacCachren got a fender in on Baldwin in the Fish Hook, but Baldwin held onto the lead once again.

2007 SCORE Terrible's Cup - Saturday Heat 1 Coverage
Trophy-Trucks: Alan Pflueger took off from the pack in his #28 Monster backed Trophy-Truck. His holeshot was cut short at the infield entrance where he flipped the truck over, ending his race after only half of a lap moving #12 Larry Ragland into P2 followed by #38 Garron Cadiente in P3. By the end of the first lap Cameron Steel, in his #16 truck, came from last place to an impressive third position. At The end of the first lap the running order was Cadiente in the lead followed by a close battle between Ragland and Steele for second. The big let down of the heat was Jerry Whelchel's effort in his Chet Huffman Motorsports #40 truck. Despite his crew spending the eighteen hours before the heat fixing the truck after last night's accident, Whelchel's night was cut short when he flipped the truck in the back section of the track.

2007 SCORE Terrible's Cup III Trophy-Truck Semi-Main
The Semi started with Travis Coyne in the #77 truck in the lead followed closely by #38 Garron Cadiente, and #82 Ryan Arciero with #40 Jerry Whelchel filling the fourth spot. The first two laps have this run order until Mark Post in the Riviera Racing #3 truck bombed over a burm and ended up passing three trucks to take second from Cadiente, who then found himself in seventh place by the end of the event.
The fourth lap was exciting as Coyne switched spots with Arciero on entry into the infield. This left the running order with #28 Alan Phlueger in first place while Coyne and #1 B.J. Baldwin took two and three.

2007 SCORE Terrible's Cup III: Friday Heat 1 Coverage
Trophy-Truck:Andy McMillen started off the night's event strong by creating a sizeable gap before the end of the first lap. Jesse James and Cameron Steele, neither of which made it throught the race, were rubbing paint like a couple of Nascars in the back of the pack during the first lap. Travis Coyne, who had been following McMillin in 2nd place, took a golden opportunity to overtake when Andy's Chevy nosedived at the end of the whoop section and eventually ended up going up and (quite literally) over the K-rail halfway through the second lap. Bobby Baldwin's Trophy-Truck got high centered on a burm for most of the 3rd lap which took him out of contention. The last three laps had no position changes with #77 Travis Coyne breaking the tape followed by #38 Garron Cadiente in second place and #12 Larry Ragland in third.


# Sat - Main Event Laps Purse # Sat - Split Field #1 Laps
1 3 Mark Post 1 38 Garron Cadiente
2 1 B.J. Baldwin 2 12 Larry Ragland
3 12 Larry Ragland 3 16 Cameron Steele
4 40 Jerry Whelchel 4 2 Pete Sohren
5 76 Jesse Jones 5 85 Todd Wyllie
6 2 Pete Sohren 6 22 Damen Jefferies
7 38 Garron Cadiente 7 91 Bill McBeath
8 54 Jesse James 8 3 Mark Post
9 91 Bill McBeath 9 40 Jerry Whelchel
10 82 Ryan Arciero 10 28 Alan Pflueger
11 22 Damen Jefferies
12 13 Ed Stout
13 28 Alan Pflueger
14 86 Josh Baldwin
15 85 Todd Wyllie
16 96 Bobby Baldwin
17 16 Cameron Steele
18 19 Tim Herbst

# Fri - Semi Main Laps # Fri - Split Field #1 Laps
1 28 Alan Pflueger 1 77 Travis Coyne
2 77 Travis Coyne 2 38 Garron Cadiente
3 1 B.J. Baldwin 3 12 Larry Ragland
4 86 Josh Baldwin 4 86 Josh Baldwin
5 12 Larry Ragland 5 76 Jesse Jones
6 3 Mark Post 6 91 Bill McBeath
7 38 Garron Cadiente 7 54 Jesse James
8 76 Jesse Jones 8 96 Bobby Baldwin
9 96 Bobby Baldwin 9 16 Cameron Steele
10 22 Damen Jefferies 10 31 Andy McMillin
11 13 Ed Stout
12 82 Ryan Arciero
13 91 Bill McBeath
14 40 Jerry Whelchel
15 54 Jesse James
16 16 Cameron Steele
17 2 Pete Sohren
18 19 Tim Herbst
19 85 Todd Wyllie

Brian Godfrey
G&R Racing