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CORR Round 3 Results



1) Bryan Freeman # 307 17: 39.828

2) Andy Anderson #315 17:50.297

3) Sean Kennedy #331 17:51.550

4) Rino Navara # 337 17:56.210

5) Cory Boyer # 316 17:58.380

6) Joe Laff # 304 18:00.708

7) Jeff Knupp #354 18:02.219

8) Chris Boyer #310 18:05.067

9) Krissy Sullivan #306 18:05.471

10) Doug Renfro #333 18:07.437

11) John Grossini #348 18:12.869

12) Kyle Quinn #311 18:12.481

13) Eric Greener # 357 18:12.869

14) Brock Kraenbuhl #312 18:13.504

15) Tim Laff #314 18:14.886

16) David Caspino # 361 18:15.488

17) Brandon Castello # 324 18:26.741

18) Kenneth Freeman # 302 18:33.640

19) Tim Pangborn # 332 18:33.721

20) Rick Guitierez # 390 18:34.669

21) Kelley Renezeder # 317 18:37.807

22) Greg Crew # 337 18:48.348

23) Joe Whitely # 363 18:49.583

24) Greg Parker # 391 18:49.828

25) Justin Davis #385 17:48.658 (1lap)

26) James Pangborn #373 18:40.362 (1lap)

27) Robert Emery # 353 17:46.062 (2 laps)

28) Curt Geer #392 13:20.648 (4 laps)

29) Robert Lansing # 330 13:37.585 (4 laps)

30) Kelegain #376 12:18.279 (5 laps)

31) Sammy Ehrenberg # 3816:56537 (10 laps)

32) Cissy Baldwin # 313 2:26.690 (12 laps)

33) Rick Boyer # 321 1:16.680 (13 laps)


WINNER( Rob MacCachren # 321)

1) Rob MacCachren # 921 16:45.339

2) Greg George # 933 16:48.041

3) Dale Dondel # 997 16:55.604

4) Larry Foddrill # 901 16:57.444

5) Anthony Verdone # 949 17:07.126

6) John Cooley # 948 17:13.766

7) Randy Minnier # 995 17:14.052

8) Rick Ronco # 999 17:17.403

9) Rob Archibald # 902 17:17.658

10) Brandon Coyne # 913 17:25.098

11) Greg Foster # 953 17:26.388

12) Jake Capriotti # 951 17:30.249

13) Mike Holliday # 904 17:14.670 (1 lap)

14) Jeff Serfert # 910 15:02.196 ( 2 laps)

15) Doug Fortin # 996 14:02.151 (3 laps)

16) Aaron Hawley # 924 12:45.623 (4 laps)

17) Mike Porter # 900 13:26.227 (4 laps)

18) Phil Lewis # 914 8:07.637 (8 laps)

19) Shawn Gibson # 909 6:48.887 (9 laps)

20) Vic Bruckman # 905 6:54.307 (9 laps)

21) Malcolm Pointon # 978 5:50.681 (10 laps)

22) Larry Job # 907 14:14.304 (10 laps)

Pro 2 (19 LAPS)

WINNER( Ricky Johnson # 9)

1) Ricky Johnson # 9 26:36.058

2) Jeremy McGrath # 15 26:36.763

3) Carl Renezeder # 17 26:37.861

4) Jerry Whelchel # 1 26:41.714

5) Johnny Greaves #4 26:44.072

6) Rob MacCachren # 21 26:48.446

7) Mike Johnson #31 26:54.912

8) Adrian Cenni #2 26:55.530

9) Mark Shoaff #33 26:56.925

10) Greg Adler # 10 26:57.457

11) Scott Schovajsa #19 27:02.627

12) Mark Jenkins # 25 27:15.346

13) Jesse Jones # 76 27:18.196

14) Jeff Geiser # 44 27:21.362

15) Steven Sourapas # 6 26:16.951 (1 lap)

16) Evan Evans # 5 23:27.399 (3 laps)

17) Mike Oberg # 80 22.18.877 (4 laps)

18) Alan Pflueger # 28 16:30.367 (6 laps)

19) Todd LeDuc # 3 13:56.224 (7 laps)

20) Scott Taylor # 8 11:58.581 (9 laps)

21) Gene Woods # 20 12:04.326 (10 laps)

22) Rodrigo Ampudia # 36 8:17.217 (11 laps)

23) Robbie Woods # 99 10:04.575 (11 laps)

24) Todd Wyllie # 12 4:23.438 (15 laps)

25) Rick Welch # 45 3:43.936 (16 laps)

Pro 2 Spec (19 LAPS)

WINNER( Ross Hoek # 18)

1) Ross Hoek # 18 27:02.288

2) Kevin Davis # 85 27:05.708

3) Brian Cotham # 88 27:20.901

Pro Lite (17 LAPS)

WINNER( Jeff Kincaid # 4)

1) Jeff Kincaid # 4 22:10.268

2) Rob Naughton # 54 22:11.184

3) Rodrigo Ampudia # 36 22:17.009

4) Chris Brandt # 82 22:24.128

5) Todd Cuffaro # 46 22:33.296

6) Brian Deegan # 58 22:36.363

7) Bruce Fraley # 12 22:43.468

8) Garit Wallace # 51 22:47.775

9) Bryce Menzies # 7 22:53.404

10) John Beyer # 28 23:03.431

11) Jeff Huseman # 55 23:14.503

12) Matt Barney # 22 23:19.126

13) Javier Sacio # 35 23:03.277 (1 lap)

14) Heath Carpenter # 25 23:05.730 (1 lap)

15) David Reyes # 77 23:18.843 (1 lap)

16) Chuck Dempsey # 50 21:50.359 (2 laps)

17) Bobby Altamirano # 40 22:17.262 (2 laps)

18) Jose Reyes # 76 22:23.922 (2 laps)

19) Chad Hord # 9 23:19:127 (3 laps)

20) Marty Hart # 15 17:59.041 (4 laps)

21) John Fitzgerald # 31 18:20.907 (4 laps)

22) Shannon Campbell # 5 20:01.275 (4 laps)

23) Casey Currie # 2 14:35.706 (7 laps)

24) Aaron Daugherty # 17 10:16.154 (9 laps)

25) Andy Bargaehr # 6 10:20.429 (9 laps)

26) Dan Pentico # 13 7:42.714 (11 laps)

27) Leroy Loerwald # 8 4:13.309 (15 laps)

Pro 4 (17 LAPS)

WINNER( Johnny Greaves #4)

1) Johnny Greaves # 4 27:34.151

2) Curt LeDuc # 43 27:39.500

3) Travis Coyne # 5 27:40.662

4) Tim Herbst # 18 27:43.160

5) Mike Jenkins # 47 27:43.992

6) Rick Huseman # 3 28:16.220

7) Kyle LeDuc # 99 23:33.280 (3 laps)

8) Steve Barlow # 2 21:08.834 (4 laps)

9) Scott Douglas # 7 12:33.716 (6 laps)

10) Ed Herbst # 55 12:39.219 (6 laps)

11) Jerry Daugherty # 23 11:44.547 (7 laps)

12) Troy Herbst # 19 12:44.228 (10 laps)

13) Carl Renezeder #1 1:57.062 (15 laps)

14) Josh Baldwin # 86 1:59.600 (15 laps)

CORR Round 3 Recap



Primm, NV (May 17, 2008) — Over 8,000 fans braved the hot weather to watch some of the most exciting

CORR racing today in Primm, NV. CORR Champions Ricky Johnson and Johnny Greaves secured their

first wins for the 2008 season pleasing their energy drink sponsors. Menzies Motorsports continued their

dominance in both the Single Buggy and Pro Buggy classes with Bryan Freeman and Rob MacCachren

now both three for three in 2008.

Todd LeDuc in his Rockstar Energy Drink/ Makita # 3 started on the pole in the Pro 2 race after the field

was inverted. Johnny Greaves in his Monster Energy Drink/Potawatomi # 4 sat on the outside row as the

race went green. It was the battle of the energy drinks as the green flag waved to start Round 3 of the

Jason Baldwin Pro 2 Cup series. Rob MacCachren in his Rockstar Energy Drink # 21 moved from the

eighth position to fourth position in one lap. Carl Renezeder in his Lucas Oil # 17 passed Greaves for

the second position on turn two of lap 2. Jeremy McGrath in his Monster Energy Drink/ Bully Dog/ KMC

#15 passed MaCachren on lap 3 for the fourth position. MacCachren took the fourth position back on lap 4.

Renezeder passed LeDuc for the lead on lap 5 of 17. When the competition caution came out on lap 8 Renezeder

was in the led with LeDuc in second, MacCachren in third and McGrath in fourth. Caution came out on lap 13 so the

track could be watered; two laps were added to the race, making for a 19 lap race. LeDuc pulled off the track when

the caution came out. Renezeder was still in the lead. MacCachren sat in second and McGrath was in third.

MacCachren and Renezeder got into one another sliding out of turn two on lap 16. Ricky Johnson in his Red Bull # 9

was sitting in the fifth position when he went the outside on turn 4 to battle for the lead with Renezeder. Johnson passed

Renezeder with two laps to go. McGrath moved up the second position when the white flag waved signaling one lap to go.

In the end it was Johnson in his Red Bull # 9 with the win, McGrath in his Monster Energy Drink/Bully Dog/ KMC # 15 in

second and two time Pro 2 Champion Carl Renezeder in his Lucas Oil # 17 rounding out the podium.

Matt Barney started on the pole in the Pro Lite race today after the field was inverted from the eighth position.

Chad Hord in his Boss # 9 shot to the front to take the lead on lap 1. Rodrigo Ampudia in his Papas and Beers # 36

ran in second and the Traxxas sponsored Jeff Kincaid battled in third. Kincaid took the second position on lap 4.

The caution came out on lap 5. Hord went out of the race and the caution was brought out. When the race went green

again Kincaid was in the lead, Ampudia in second and defending Pro Lite Champion Robert Naughton in his Ready

Lift/Maxxis # 54 sat in third. With five laps to go Kincaid held onto the lead. Hord who was running up front fell to the

middle of the pack nursing a mechanical failure. It was an intense battle to the end with Kincaid taking the win, Naughton

in second and Ampudia rounding out the podium.

Adrian Cenni started on the pole today in his Lucas Oil # 11 in the Pro 4 race. It was a battle for the first position between

Cenni and Travis Coyne. Coyne in his Pro Comp # 5 passed Cenni for the first position coming out of turn 2. Cenni went to

the inside of Coyne to pass him on lap 3. Carl Renezeder who was running in the top five went off the track on lap 5.

Scott Douglas in his Amsoil # 7 passed Cenni for the first position on the front stretch to start lap 6. Cenni went out of the

race on lap 7. The competition caution came out on lap 8 with Douglas in first. Johnny Greaves in his Monster Energy

Drink/Potowatomi # 4 was in second and Coyne sat in third. Rick Huseman in his Fabtech # 3 passed Coyne for the

third position on lap 10. Douglas went out of the race with six laps to go when his motor blew and caught on fire

bringing out the caution. Huseman and Greaves were side by side battling it out when the race went green. The

red flag came out on lap 14 when the truck of Troy Herbst caught on fire in turn two. Cenni returned to the race

before the flag went green again. Greaves went to the inside of turn one to take the lead in front of Huseman

who was in second. Huseman got turned in turn two pushing him back to the sixth position. Greaves was

left out front to take home his first win of 2008. Curt LeDuc in his Rockstar Energy Drink/Makita # 43

finished second and Coyne placed third.


TT's TT Top Tips - Baja 500


35 Robbie Pierce Master becomes slave? 5 to 1
36 Cameron Steele "Peanut Advisory Board", I swear 5 to 1
*1 Mark Post Whippin' Post 2 to 1
39 Ron Whitton In fast company! 5 to 1
4 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr With a little "suerte" 3 to 1
97 B.J. Baldwin Tenacious 2 to 1
2 Pete Sohren Flats, flats, gears 5 to 1
12 Brian Collins On a roll … 2 to 1
33 Chad Ragland Was it luck or … 3 to 1
8 Roger Norman DARK HOSS 4 to 1
28 Alan Pfleuger "... as a hole" to pour $$$? 5 to 1
96 Bobby Baldwin Solid performance 6 to 1
22 Damen Jefferies Not like the old days 5 to 1
54 Jesse James I call a good finish! 6 to 1
38 Garron Cadiente Mucho tierra to make up 3 to 1
84 Nick Vanderwey Lot toughr'n "8" … huh? 6 to 1
7 Scott Steinberger It's ALWAYS some damned thing 7 to 1
34 Danny Sullivan Henge hangs in 5 to 1
77 Robby Gordon SHORT "LONG SHOT" 2 to 1
71 Rick D. Johnson Experience counts fer sumthin' 3 to 1
60 Mike Voudouris "Z" is for "Zero" 9 to 0
50 Jason McNeil Lower tier effort 8 to1

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Newsletter Armin Schwarz 2008-05-15

Hi Folks,

today’s newsletter is packed with interesting views of interesting people. My friend Michael Heimrich – editor-in-chief in the German publication - contributes a foreword. And you’ll find interviews with our two new team members at AGM, America’s desert racing ace and SCORE points leader, Adam Pfankuch, and Germany’s Armin Kremer, the ex European and Asia Pacific Rally Champion. Adam and Armin are going to share the driving duties in our second AGM Buggy from now on. So we built another great American-European crew!

Michael Heimrich: Thanks, Armin!

The spectacle was always the same. Whenever the crowds along the rally tracks of the World Championship expected Armin Schwarz’s car, expectations were mounting high. And there he came: Where other drivers carefully tiptoed their vehicles around the corner, Armin would tackle it with speed and aggression, totally sideways. Those were the moments that made rallying unforgettable for all of us! Even if at the end of his career in the World Championship the very big successes eluded him, the memories of this incredibly spectacular driver remain. Until today, reminiscing on Armin’s drives ist the favourate topic, whenever rally fans sit together.

So we were more than delighted to hear that his retirement from driving actually only lasted for two years. And that he had found a new passion: Baja. The Baja? This kind of racing was quite unknown in Germany at the time, but it got very quickly clear that Armin found a new passion. The American way of Off-Road racing suits him: Clear rules, no politics, but heeps of fun. And those who

are lucky enough to experience this racing live can’t get enough of it. “Not a sport for softies”, that’s what Armin called the wild rides in the monster buggies, which could even frighten a lion with their roar, and which can overcome any obstacle out there in the desert.

Armin quickly found his way around in America, and in Martin Christensen’s All German Motorsports Team he soon found a home and perfect partner to bring his his wealth of experience. After a first testing year Armin’s expectations are high – especially when it comes to his own performance. He has long gained his competitors’ respect, and he has clinched his first win with cleverness and a very sensitive throttle foot. I keep my fingers crossed that more successes follow!

All the best, Armin!

Adam Pfankuch: Welcome to a Champion

We are very pleased and honoured to welcome Adam Pfankuch to AGM. Adam, 26 years old and a resident of Carlsbad, CA, is the current overall points’ leader in the SCORE Championship, and his list of successes in desert racing is truly impressive. At just 21 years of age Adam clinched the SCORE 2003 Class 1600 Points Championship and was second overall. The following year he was crowned the SCORE International Overall Points Champion!

Unbelievable but true, Adam tackled his first race at 14 and at the same time started working with desert race cars. Today he is not only considered a great racer, but an expert in race pit strategy with great practical abilities like welding, fabrication, shock tuning, race car preparation. As the co-owner of Powerbox Transaxles he has vast experience in building and servicing off-road and racing transmissions.

I am very much looking forward to meeting Adam. Everybody says he’s a great guy. As a driver I can only say that I am looking forward to learning from his experience. And at the same time, I know it’s

going to be a great challenge to have him with us. Adam’s navigator is Tyler Irwin, a member of our crew who has proven more than once that he has what it takes. And apart from navigating he’s a top technician, which comes in very handy when you want to win desert races ...

Here’s a short interview that Adam gave us via telephone:

Adam Pfankuch: “My Wife, my Buggy and 20,000 Gallons of Gas ...”

What success sticks to your memory most?
That’s without doubt my first SCORE championship in 2004. It was my first major one, people started recognising me as a driver.

What’s the greatest memory you have from your sporting career?
I really can’t say, I am in the middle of it! What comes to my mind first when I think about the really good moments of racing is that I am so lucky to compete against all those fantastic drivers and teams.

What’s the toughest race on the SCORE calendar?
They’re all tough in their own way. But the hardest of them all is without doubt the Baja 1000. It is much more than just a race. I think of it more as an adventure. You never know what is going to happen.

The motorsports personality you admire most?
Hey, there’s bunches of excellent drivers here in the U.S.! But seriously, it would be Rob MacCachren. He has an incredible feeling for the car, he can drive it just the way you want him to. He is really fast, and he never makes mistakes. Apart from that Rob is a well rounded person, he is simply good to talk to.

What kind of motorsport would you like to try?
I’d love to try rallying like in the WRC. The cars seem very sophisticated from the technical side, the whole thing is more like a sprint, it’s more aggressive ...

If you were not a racer, what would be your profession?
Not a racer? Well, hard to think of that one ... I think I’d put together big motorsport events.

Best thing that happened to you in the last 365 days?
Getting married on December 27, 2007!

What do you do when you’re not racing?
I love being together with the family. We would all hang out together in the desert, take the pre-runners and drive, have fun! And I like fishing or shooting to relax.

Honestly: what would you take if you were to stay on a remote island?
Honestly: my wife, my buggy and 20,000 gallons of gas!

Concerning your new driver colleague: did you ever hear of Armin Kremer?
I looked him up on the net. Very impressive: European and Asia Pacific Rally Champion, three times German Rally Champion. I’m itching to meet him and see him drive. It’s going to be great!

Armin Kremer: “640hp – now that’s a word!”

Armin Kremer is one of Germany’s most successful rally drivers. He won the Asia Pacific Championship in 2003, one year before he had clinched the European Rally Championship. Armin was the German Rally Champion in 1996, 1998, and 1999. Today Armin runs a family business together with his brother. He is married, has one daughter. Armin’s hobbies: “Everything with an engine, preferably on the water, and skiing.

Armin, you visited the Baja 1000 and you saw the pre-running for the San Felipe 250. Which impressions did you bring home from the desert?

SCORE desert racing, that’s pure fascination. The cars are incredibly spectacular. The regulations are clear and liberal, the organisations don’t overregulate the whole thing. The fans are always close by, and really everybody wants to have a great time with a breathtaking show.

You tried the pre-runner and later the race car. How do they feel?

In the USA I drove the pre-runner and was in the navigator’s seat in the race car. Later I sampled the race car here in Germany. I have to say: 640hp – now that’s a word! This cars have a mighty punch. And with those suspensions they can take almost everything. You simply keep your foot on the throttle and iron that crest or ditch out. You couldn’t do that with any other race vehicle I know. Still, if you’re crazy you can even destroy such a fantastic car. You’ve got to be fast and sensible – that adds to the thrill.

You won three national German rally championship titles, you were European and Asia Pacific Champion. Then you retired – why are you now going to the desert?

Once a driver – always a driver! No, seriously: Two years ago I retired from motorsport in order to fully concentrate on our family business. Since 1990 my father and I built up a good business with breeding turkey, processing and selling the meat. My brother joined in later. We all put a lot of effort and passion into our business. I love this family enterprise. On the other hand I was always keen to return to the sport. Now my chance has come with a totally new challenge, with totally different dimensions. And I don’t have to put too much time in.

You are a rookie in desert racing. And you will share the AGM cockpit with the current points leader. Any stage fright?

No, I am very much looking forward to it! It’s great that Adam and I can form another American-German crew besides Martin and Armin. I know that Sam Osman is a brilliant navigator, who knows his business like only very few. I know that I’ve got the speed and that I am able to adopt very quickly to new situations and challenges. I am absolutely looking forward to racing with Adam.

A short look back in history: who’s your all time motorsport hero?

No doubt, that’s four time rally world champion Juha Kankkunen. Until today I find his speed, his Finnish coolness and his self confidence extremely remarkable. But you know, we all had to find our own way in motorsport.

Which race car would you like to try?

For me the greatest challenge is to get everything out of a World Rally Car on a special stage. To convert high tech into sheer speed and reliability: that’s the highest art and the biggest fun. And directly after this comes to drive one of this old Group B monsters like the Audi quattro S1. But this is just another different world.

And apart from motorsport: what are your interests?

First and foremost my wife and daughter, than comes our family business.

The last question: What would you take to the famous remote island?

My wife, my daughter. A jet ski and lots of turkey meat. Try it! It’s really yummy!

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Abbi Holtom Whitaker or 775-851-7492


-Coming off Last Week’s First and Second Place Wins the Team is Ready for Victory-

Reno, NV (May 14th, 2008)--Though Speed Technologies is widely known for their off-road cars, the motorcycle division of the factory race team deserves more than a quick glance. This six person Reno, NV based team continually crosses the finish line and brings home top finishes at desert races across the Western US and Mexico. As the team prepares to head to Parker, AZ for the Blue Water Grand Prix their team director, Lloyd Lebard, is certain that they’ll bring victory to the team once again.

“We brought home a first and second place finish last week at the Diamond Back Grand Prix and we hope to do the same this weekend,” said team director Lloyd Lebard. “These guys are focused and on top of their game – we run a tight ship over at Speed Technologies and it really helps keep these guys on their toes.

Last week both Robert Underwood and Cody Wallace took home the first and second place trophies respectively at the Diamond Back Grand Prix.

Adam Thissen and Robert Underwood will each ride in the Open Pro Class during the Blue Water Grand Prix. Cody Wallis and Martin Kite will tackle the 250 Pro Class and Cody Knight and Seth Johnson will take on the 250 Expert Class. The grand prix style race consists of an 11 mile loop course and the competitors do eight loops for a total of 88 miles.

About Speed Technologies

Established in 2006 Speed Technologies is owned by John Harrah and headquartered in Reno, NV at Rancharrah. The team operates both an off-road car and motorcycle team. Competing in both the SCORE Desert Series and the Best in the Desert, Speed Technologies is a full-time operation supported by a full time staff as well as additional chase and safety crews. Speed Technologies is committed to safety both on and off the track. For more information on Speed Technologies please visit or call 775-851-7492.

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Dezert People Checkpoint 6

JD Films and are excited to kick off their new DVD, Dezert People - Checkpoint Six, with a premiere tour beginning at the Moviemax Theater in Carlsbad on May 21, 2008. Other locations include Costa Mesa, Mexicali, Las Vegas. Scottsdale, Lake Elsinore, Ensenada and San Jose.

DP - Checkpoint Six features former WRC Rally champion Armin Scwharz, BJ Baldwin, Chad Ragland, Jerry Whelchel, Trophylite and many more. Also, check out insane highlights of CORR short course racing, as well as highlights of the Dakar Series in Central Europe.

DP - Checkpoint Six is brought to you by Fox Racing Shox, Trophylite, Off Road Warehouse, Mastercraft, PCI Race Radios, Mad Media, The Fab School, Vision X Off-Road Lighting, Baja Junkies, Blue C Enthusiast Advertising, GoodYear Tires, HighRev Photography, and JD Films.

For more information about the DP6 tour or to purchase the DVD and premiere tickets visit

Baja 500 Legacy Party 2008


-- Event to Induct Legendary Personalities Robby Gordon, Vic Wison,
Bruce Ogilvie and Bruce Brown into Horsepower Ranch Hall of Fame --

IRVINE, Calif. - (May 14, 2008) – Stand by Baja motorsports fans. The biggest party in all of off-road racing is back and better than ever.
Created to celebrate Baja’s rich off-road racing heritage and to open Ensenada’s exclusive Horsepower Ranch gates to the public for only the fifth time in history, Monster Energy and Wide Open Adventures have announced plans for the annual Baja Legacy Party. The highly popular event, timed to coincide with the 40th running of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, will feature a special tribute to a select group of 2008 Baja Legacy honorees, a collection of rare vintage and modern off-road machinery, a Mexican fiesta, music and a raucous after-party in the ranch’s famed Carrera Cantina.
Co-produced by Wide Open founder Todd Clement and Baja racing historian Marty Fiolka, the evening (which attracted nearly 1,200 guest last year), is being presented by Monster Energy and associate sponsors Wide Open Adventures, Dirt Sports Magazine,, BFGoodrich, SnugTop, KMC Wheels, Blue C Communications, Papas and Beer and SCORE International. The 2008 Baja Legacy party will take place on Thursday evening, May 29 from 6 to 10 p.m. at Horsepower Ranch outside of Ensenada, Mexico – an ideal prelude to the next day’s Baja 500 Tech and Contingency Day activities.
This year, the Baja Legacy is set to honor a stellar list of inductees including Robby Gordon, current NASCAR driver and three-time SCORE Baja 1000 overall winner; Vic Wilson, a two-time Baja 1000 race winner who claimed the very first overall title in the inaugural 1967 Mexican 1000; Bruce Ogilvie, a multi-year Baja motorcycle champion and long-time manager for Honda’s factory teams and Bruce Brown, the famed director of the groundbreaking motorcycle film “On Any Sunday” and the man who first exposed Baja racing to the world by producing ABC television’s “Wide World of Sports” coverage of the 1968 Mexican 1000.
All of this year’s recipients are scheduled to be on hand to sign their plaques and claim their space in the Carrera Cantina’s Hall of Fame. The honorees will join a distinguished group of past inductees that includes Sal Fish, Bruce Meyers, Corky McMillin, Malcolm Smith, Ron Bishop, Drino Miller, Dick Landfield, Doug Robertson, Bob Gordon, Ivan Stewart, Larry Roeseler, Walker Evans, Larry Ragland, Frank Vessels, the late Mike Thomas, Bob Steinberger, Rod Hall, Don Adams, Johnny Johnson and Jason Baldwin (posthumously).
In keeping with a popular Baja Legacy tradition, a collection of rare vintage off-road vehicles is expected to be on display, including an impeccably restored Drino Miller-built single seat VW buggy that Wilson co-drove to the 1970 overall Mexican 1000 crown, the famed Baja Boot that Bud Ekins drove to capture the first Baja 500 title and other historic and new race machines.
“Marty Fiolka and I started the Baja Legacy party to host the off-road community at Horsepower Ranch once a year and to also honor this sport’s incredible past, “explained Todd Clement, Managing Partner, Wide Open Adventures. “We are proud that in just five years it has evolved into the can’t miss happening on the yearly off-road calendar. The continued support of great brands like Monster Energy and our other event partners just validates our original vision. The Horsepower Ranch can only support a certain amount of guests, so attendees should really consider buying their tickets ahead of time!”
Admission to the Baja Legacy event is just $30 per person, which includes a complete gourmet Mexican BBQ dinner, live entertainment, a specially designed event t-shirt and commemorative poster. Considering the overwhelming attendance in recent years, event organizers strongly recommend that guests make advanced reservations by calling (949) 874-5799 or by ordering tickets online at

Hamilton strikes £10million deal with Reebok

Lewis Hamilton is once again counting the price of fame after striking a £10million deal with sportswear giants Reebok.

Hamilton's deal with Reebok, who are owned by German company Adidas, is a major coup for his father and manager, Anthony. He has been trying to wriggle his son free of the straitjacket traditionally imposed by McLaren in an attempt to limit their drivers' personal endorsements.

A team spokesman said: "Any marketing activity undertaken by Lewis on behalf of Reebok will be fully consistent with his existing obligations to McLaren, and will run in complete cooperation with Lewis's primary marketing commitments to the team and its partners."

Hamilton's exclusive Reebok stable includes football star Thierry Henry, basketball hero Allen Iverson as well as British boxing hope Amir Khan. Two of the racer's rap favourites, 50 Cent and Jay-Z, are also on the books.

The multi-year contract confirms Formula One's most marketable driver status as the 23-year-old who wants for nothing. As well as his £10m-plus McLaren salary, he has pocketed around £2m from HarperCollins for his autobiography, Lewis Hamilton: My Story.

And Bombardier Learjets have effectively written him a blank cheque for his promotional work, flying him gratis in their luxury planes, which cost minimally £5m to buy on the open market.

His road travel is hardly less luxurious, courtesy of Mercedes, whose ML63 AMG - retailing at £75,000 - is ideal for the rugged terrain around his Geneva tax haven.

Even his oil is thrown in by team sponsors Mobil. Then there's his all calls-paid mobile phone from Vodafone, Tag Heuer watches, Boss clothes, Hilton hotel suites and even bespoke jewellery from diamond company Steinmetz, who presented him with a glitzy ring at last year's Monaco Grand Prix.

They are now planning to turn the one-time Stevenage council estate boy into the King of Bling by naming him as a global ambassador in the build-up to Monte Carlo's showpiece next week. More gems await.


What About You?

With the Baja 500 around the corner its time again for Bob Bower's wise words.

I will be blunt. Not brief. This may be the wrong time for brevity.
Deal with it.
It is possible that there will be at least one less member of the greater off-road
community around, come November 16, 2007. Someone could die because of their involvement
in the Baja 1000.
Dead. Gone.
Will it be you?
“Of course not”. “No way”. “That stuff happens to other people!”
If it pleases you, just toss this thing now. After all, it's just the ranting of one of
those guys who never lacked an opinion, or wasted the opportunity to thrust it upon you.
Now is the time. There’s a trash can around here somewhere. Toss it if you want to.
If, on the other hand, you might be open to what one guy with a little experience has
to offer, read on.
People, the single biggest danger to our safety as we involve ourselves in this race is
us. Us. We represent the single largest jeopardy to our own well being out of all the
freak things that could happen. On the surface, it would seem that those most in danger
of clobbering themselves are those that have less experience down there. I wonder.
I am one of those with experience, and I know how seductive it is to tell myself that
my experience gives me license to risk more than those without it. “The rules are for the
new guys” “I can compress time frames”. “I can eat later”. “I don't need to take a nap”.
“If I follow this stupid overloaded truck all night, I'll miss my deadline”. “I've got great
lights, and I can see past all 6 vehicles ahead of me and take them all in one pass”.
This race is one long son of a gun. All drivers will feel the pressure to drive past sunset.
It's a given. It's a must! There are loads of stories about Baja at night. What is interesting
is that very few of the really scary stories come from the race cars. The most
amazing and most tragic come from the highway travelers. Is that you? Have you had
“Your Story” yet? It's out there, waiting for you. There have been times when the situation
happens very far north. Like a tanker full of fish crashing around Santo Tomas, and
closing the highway for over 5 hours. Now your time frames are shot. What do you do?
The history of what goes on and how we deal with it is not something to take lightly.
Motorhomes crash. People fly, land, and suffer. Tractor-trailer rigs roll over and burn. A
pickup full of drunk locals veers over the line and smacks a perfectly good Bronco with
chasers in it.
It is not a case of “Will it happen?”, but a fact that it will happen. To whom, we don't
know. We will know when the flash comes on the radio. Not right away mind you, but only
after all the wrong information has had its chance to stab the hearts of those that know
names, and care.
Know this. Medical assistance for emergencies comes late, and is lacking. You have to
hope that someone associated with the race will be close by and help you. It is first aid
at best. Worse is going through a nasty wreck, and you coming through it fine, but your
buddy is bleeding and out cold. You were behind the wheel. How do you feel? He trusted
you to take care of business so he could sleep.
Here is what you should do to increase your chances of staying out of harms way.
• Eat food even if you are not hungry.
• Drive for a maximum of 6 hours and give it to your partner.
(There is only one Ironman)
• Leave early.
• Plan on getting to your destination late.
• Don't drink alcoholic stuff. Period.
• Do not use drugs. Period.
• Ask yourself, “Are we important enough to the people in the race car that they will
feel good about us getting maimed trying to catch them?”
• Ask yourself, “Would I do this if my kids were with me?”
Think about the great time you will have when you make it back home.
Think about the great feeling of being involved in the toughest off-road race in the
world, and getting back home to tell the tales.
Think about how those at home will roll their eyes, and be patient, when you start on
one of your stories.
Think about how proud of yourself you will be when you hear a horror story about
someone else and realize you did things the right way, and went through the danger successfully.
It may sound corny, but think about how happy your Mom & Dad, or wife, or sister or
brother, and yes, your kids, will be when you talk to them after you are home, safe and
You've just had the adventure of a lifetime, and you are back! Wagging your tail, your
mouth going like a ducks butt, telling everyone what an experience it was.
I'm going to the Baja 1000. I am going to have a ball. I won't forget a moment. It will
be the biggest, baddest damn race ever.
And, I'm coming back from it.
With stories. With experiences. With laughs. With memories, and with the pride that
comes of doing a good job.
What about you?
“Life Is A One Lap Race!”



-Off-Road Team Continues Expansion into CORR-

RENO, NV (May 15th, 2008) Speed Technologies, one of the largest and foremost off-road race teams in the United States and Mexico, is gearing up for their second run in the CORR Racing (Championship Off Road Racing) arena at the Las Vegas International off Road Raceway in Primm, NV. Full time Speed Technologies driver Chuck Dempsey will take tires to dirt on May 17th & 18th as he tackles the fast-paced action during CORR’s second race of the season. Dempsey races his Nissan Pro-Lite truck under the Speed Technologies banner as part of Casey Currie’s Bully Dog Team. Curry, who manages and runs his own full-time CORR team, is co-sponsored by Speed Technologies and races under the Bully Dog banner,

“We’re amped for the second CORR race of the season,” said Dempsey. “We’ve made some modifications to the truck and we’re expecting a strong finish and good showing all around. Racing on Casey’s team under the Speed Technologies banner is going to prove to be a winning combination – the support of both top notch organizations is going to help me bring home podium finish.”

Speed Technologies currently races its Class 1 and Class 10 vehicles in the Best in the Desert race series and the SCORE Desert Racing Series. Chuck Dempsey and driver Mark Levrett are currently third overall for points in the SCORE Desert Racing Series.

“CORR is very, very important to where we want to go as a race team,” said team owner and driver John Harrah. “We had a great time in Ponoma and we’re ready to take that action to Primm and make it happen.”

About Speed Technologies

Established in 2006 Speed Technologies is owned by John Harrah and headquartered in Reno, NV at Rancharrah. The team operates both an off-road car and motorcycle team. Competing in both the SCORE Desert Series and the Best in the Desert, Speed Technologies is a full-time operation supported by a full time staff as well as additional chase and safety crews. Speed Technologies is committed to safety both on and off the track. For more information on Speed Technologies please visit or call 775-851-7492.

About CORR Racing

Championship Off Road Racing™ brings high action, four wheel motorsports including 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive trucks to the closed course off road arena. The 2008 Championship Off Road Racing's race season includes eight events at tracks located in Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

CORR's success continues to evolve in a simple formula: Combine close fender-to-fender racing on a course designed to allow the fan in the stands to see all the action on the track, while allowing television viewers at home to live vicariously through their favorite driver.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SPOT Tracker now available from Durka Durka

A must have item for traveling to Baja or any race.

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Satellite Messanger With GPS Tracking

* 911 button - pressing the button will notify our international 911 center and will ping your GPS coordinates every 5 minutes for 24 hours
* Ok/check in and help buttons - signal 10 predetermined e-mail and cell phones with a predetermined message
* Ok tracking - press and hold the ok button, this will track your location every 10 minutes for 24 hours giving someone the ability to view your location from the Google Earth website
* 4-button: on/off and ok/check in
* Requires $10.00 monthly subscription or $99.00 per year

Weight: 0.95 lbs
L 5.90 in. x W 5.90 in. x H 6.00 in.
UPC: 893049001059

Busy pre-running begins Saturday in Mexico on rugged 441.15-mile race course for 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500

May 13, 2008

21 defending class champs return
Busy pre-running begins Saturday in Mexico on rugged
441.15-mile race course for 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500

May 29-June 1 event in Ensenada has entries from 24 States, 7 countries;
Official course map available at

LOS ANGELES—With the release of the official course map and course notes Monday, pre-race activity steps up significantly starting Saturday when the world’s best desert racers officially begin their pre-running and course logistics activities for this month’s 40th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500, the second-oldest continuous desert race in the world.
Round 3 of the five-race 2008 SCORE Desert Series, the World’s Foremost Desert Racing Series, featuring over 300 entries, competing in 27 Pro and 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, will be held May 29-June 1 in Ensenada, Mexico. Traditionally one of the most popular events on the SCORE schedule, over 100,000 spectators are expected to enjoy the world’s best desert racers in action at this year’s 40th anniversary of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500.
With late entries accepted up to race morning, entries are expected for the 441.15-mile race from 24 U.S. States from Hawaii to Connecticut, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. The green flag will drop for the elapsed-time race at 6 a.m. on Saturday (May 31) for the motorcycle and ATV classes in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, followed by the car and truck classes three hours after the last ATV at approximately 9:30 a.m. In the elapsed-time race, motorcycles and ATVs will start one every 15 seconds, while the faster car/truck classes will start one every 30 seconds and the slower ones will start in 15-second intervals. All starters will have a 20-hour time limit to become official finishers.
The talented field of veteran desert racers includes 21 defending class champions out of the 25 Pro classes that had finishers in last year’s race that had an all-time SCORE record of 492 starters.
All three overall winners from last year’s race are entered and all three have won two consecutive years. Las Vegas’ Brian Collins, Las Vegas, returns seeking a third straight overall 4-Wheel vehicle victory with new teammate Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif. Collins, who drives the No. 12 Mopar Collins Motorsports Mopar Dodge Ram 1500, won the last two year with Larry Ragland as his teammate.
Returning as the two-time overall motorcycle and Class 22 champs is the team of Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif., on the No. 1x Honda CRF450X. Back to defend their overall ATV and Class 25 victory is the team of Danny Prather, Ramona, Calif./Mike Cafro, Carlsbad, Calif., on the new No. 1a Honda TRXX700. Splitting the seat time with Prather and Cafro this year will be Chad Prull, Laveen, Ariz., and Levi Marana, Hemet, Calif.
Collins/Hovey drew the eighth starting spot in SCORE Trophy-Truck while Bell/Norman will be fourth off the line in Class 22 and Prather/Cafro/Prull/Marana will start seventh in Class 25.
“To win the SCORE Baja 500 overall once is a dream come true, to win it twice amazing and to win it three times would be unbelievable,” said Collinsll/Norman will be fourth off the line in Class 22 and Prather/Cafro/Prull/Marana will start seventh in Class 25.
“To win the SCORE Baja 500 overall once is a dream come true, to win it twice amazing and to win it three times would be unbelievable,” said Collins, a second-generation SCORE desert racer who has five career SCORE Trophy-Truck race wins including this year’s 22nd Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 in March. “Our new Mopar Dodge Ram 1500 is an unbelievable race truck and we could make history.”
Besides Collins, Bell/Norman and Prather/M. Cafro, other racers who will be back to defend their class titles are B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas (Class 1, Bunderson-Chevy), Dave Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif. (Class 1-2/1600, Lothringer-VW), Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif. (Class 3, Ford Bronco), Carlos Albanez, Mexicali, Mexico (Class 5, VW Baja Bug), Jose Montoya, Ensenada, Mexico (Class 5/1600, 1600cc VW Baja Bug), Dan Chamlee, Summerland, Calif., (Class 7, Ford Ranger), John Griffin, Mission Viejo, Calif. (Stock Full, Ford F-150), Rod Hall, Reno, Nev. (Stock Mini, Hummer H3), Carlos Casas, Chula Vista, Calif. (Class 21, Honda CRF450X), Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif. (Class 30, Honda CRF450X), Brett Helm, Poway, Calif. (Class 40, Honda CRF450X), Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif. (Class 50, Honda XR650R).
The five class winners from last year who have switched classes are: Nick Vanderwey, Phoenix (from Class 8 to SCORE Trophy-Truck), Lobsam Yee, Tijuana, Mexico (Class 10 to Class 1), Gus Vildosola Jr., Mexicali, Mexico (Protruck to SCORE Trophy-Truck), Ryan Penhall, Corona, Calif. (from Class 20 to Class 22), and Adolfo Arellano, Chula Vista, Calif. (from Class 24 to Class 25).
The race began in 1969 under the auspices of the old NORRA organization and SCORE began its enduring run on July 26, 1974. This year will be the 35th anniversary of the first SCORE race in Baja.
To date, the Pro 4-Wheel vehicles classes with the most entries are: Class 1 (23), SCORE Trophy-Truck (22), Class 1-2/1600 (19), SCORE Lite (13) and Class 5/1600 (14).
Leading the Motorcycle classes in entries so far are Class 22 (17) and Class 30 (11).
Class 24 leads the ATV classes with 12 entries while Class 25 has 11.
Among the Sportsman classes, SPT Motorcycles over 250cc has 31 entries.
Among the other early entries is venerable veteran Rod Hall, Reno, Nev., who has entered the Stock Mini class in a Hummer H3. Hall, 70, is tied for first with 17 class wins in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500. Hall’s son Josh and Chad will driver separate Hummers in the Stock Full class. Josh will drive a Hummer H2SUT and Chad will drive a Hummer H3Alpha.
Several crossover/celebrity racers are already entered in this year’s race, led by NASCAR’s Robby Gordon. A second generation desert racer, Gordon, who has won this race three times, is a NASCAR team owner/driver and is entered in SCORE Trophy-Truck in the No. 77 Chevy Silverado.
Germany’s Armin Schwarz, whose World Rally Championship career saw 119 starts, won Class 1 in this year’s Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 with Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif. and are currently fourth in Class 1 points in a Jimco-BMW. Making his SCORE race debut in Jimco-Chevy in this race will be German Rally ace Armin Kremer.
Arizona real estate mogul Ken Losch, a team owner/driver in the Indy Lights series, will be driving a Ford F-150 in the Protruck class.
Two celebrity drivers who are all SCORE regulars are SCORE Trophy-Truck drivers Cameron Steele and Jesse James.
Steele, San Clemente, Calif., is a TV sports announcer for Supercross and X Games and until the IndyCar merger this year was a Champ Car pit reporter. The Steele family and Desert Assassins race team drew three of a kind for this race as three family members each received the second starting position in their respective classes. Cameron will drive the No. 16 GMC Sierra in SCORE Trophy-Truck, while his wife Heidi will drive a Ford Ranger in Class 7SX (the class she leads in points) and his younger brother Grant will ride a Honda CRF450X in Class 22.
James, whose wife is legendary motion picture star Sandra Bullock, lives in Sunset Beach, Calif., owns the world-famous West Cost Choppers company and was the star of the old Monster Garage television series. He will drive the No. 54 Chevy Silverado in SCORE Trophy-Truck.
Debuting her new race team in SCORE Lite will be prominent Automotive electronic and print journalist Barbara Terry, Clover, South Carolina, who will be the driver of record in a Bunderson-VW for this race and the season-ending Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in November.
For the first time in the 40-year history of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 desert race, the colorful pre-race Manufacturer’s Midway and Contingency, the start and finish line will all be located in the heart of Ensenada, Mexico on Boulevard Costero adjacent to the historic Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center. It will be first time in race history that the pre-race activities and the finish will be held on this historic boulevard.
Pre-race festivities will launch on Thursday, May 29 when Mexico’s El Vigia newspaper hosts its annual SCORE Meet the Racers Fiesta from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Ventana al Mar Plaza.
The SCORE Manufacturer’s Midway will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, May 30. Racer registration will again be held in the Grand Ballroom of the San Nicolas Hotel. Registration hours will be from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 29 and from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday May 30.
The awards celebration will be held poolside at the San Nicolas on Sunday, June 1 at 10 a.m.
The 2008 SCORE Desert Series also includes the chase for the $20,000 Volkswagen Point Leader Bonus and the run for the Toyota Milestone Awards. Volkswagen has also posted a special $5,000 cash contingency bonus for the highest-finishing VW-powered race vehicle in this race.
Current SCORE official annual sponsors are: BFGoodrich Tires-official tire, Sunoco Race Fuels -official fuel supplier, Bilstein-official shock, Volkswagen of America-official vehicle, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance-official Mexican auto insurance, Slime-official tire sealant, Red Bull--official energy drink and Bosch Power Tools-official power tool. Associate sponsors are: Tecate Beer, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Las Vegas Events, Terrible Herbst Inc., Blue C Enthusiast Advertising,
Kartek Off-Road, American Suzuki, SignPros, P.C.I. Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics.
Additional race sponsor for the 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 is Proturismo of Ensenada.
For more information regarding the series, contact SCORE at its Los Angeles headquarters 818.225.8402 or visit the official website of the SCORE Desert Series at

40th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500
May 29-June 1, 2008--Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Schedule of Events (subject to change)

Thursday, May 29, 2008 (all times PDT)
1pm-6pm --Racer Registration, Grand Ballroom, San Nicolas Hotel
1pm-10pm--El Vigia Meet the Racers Fiesta, Ventana Al Mar
2pm-6pm --Media Registration, Grand Ballroom, San Nicolas Hotel

Friday, May 30, 2008 (all times PDT)
8:30am-4:30pm--Racer Registration, Grand Ballroom, San Nicolas Hotel
9am-5pm--Media Registration, Grand Ballroom, San Nicolas Hotel
10am-5pm--Contingency Row, Blvd. Costero, next to Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Ctr.
10am-6pm--Tech Inspection , Blvd. Costero, next to Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Ctr.
7pm--Mandatory Racer Meeting, Cathedral Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center

Saturday, May 31, 2008 (all times PDT)
5:30am--Late Registration, Red Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
5:30am--Late Tech, Start Line, next to Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
5:30am-Midnight--Media Center Open, Red Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center

Sunday, June 1, 2008 (all times PDT)
8am--Posting of Unofficial Results, San Nicolas Hotel
9am--Competition Review Board, San Nicolas Hotel
10am--Awards Celebration, Poolside, San Nicolas Hotel

•••••••SATURDAY (May 31, 2008) RACE SCHEDULE (441.1-mile course)•••••••
START/FINISH LINE-Blvd. Costero in front of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center
6am--MOTORCYCLES/ATVs (One every 15 seconds)--22, 30, 40, 21, 20, 50, 60, 25, 24, SPT M/C 250cc>, SPT M/C 250cc<, SPT ATV
9:30am(Appox.)--CARS/TRUCKS—(One every 30 seconds): TT, 1, 10, SL, 8, PT, 1-2/1600, 5
(One every 15 seconds): 7, 5/1600, 7SX, SF, SM, 9, 3, SPT-T, SPT-B, 11, SPT-UTV

TIME LIMIT: All vehicles will have a 20 hour time limit from the time each vehicle starts to cover the course

Lovell Bros,Welchel & Evans on this weeks TORR Show! Wed 5/14/08

Welcome to TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO Wed 5/14/2008 coming to you LIVE from the TORR Studios in Carlsbad, CA!

Some of this weeks Special Guests are:

This weeks Co Host will be: CORR Cribs Host & On Air Personality Bryant Layton
Other guests will include:
Rock Crawling / Racing Team & KOH Racers Brad & Roger Lovell,
Reigning Pro 2 Champion & BITD Trick Truck Points Leader Jerry Welchel &
In house with us will be Glen Evans who not only races side by sides but has the World Record for the Longest ramp to ramp Jump in a UTV
Plus, "Breaking Newz", Givaways and whole lot more!

It's going to be a great show folks and you won't want to miss the action!

The Live TORR show is from 6-8pm on AM 1000 in San Diego but you can always
LISTEN LIVE online at
Where you can always find a whole lot more Off Road news and information.

As always, We want to hear from you "The Fans"
with any questions,comments or stories you might have!

There are 2 ways to do this.

1) You can call in. The station call in number is 760-720-5236


2) You can text us questions on our forum section at
where you also find our Bonus Tracks,News,Information and Much,Much More

Baja Pits prerun pit stop

Baja Pits will be running our Pre Run Pit Stop at approx. RM 170, Ejido Saldana, for two weekends in a row. They are May 17-18th and again May 24th-26th. Contact Carlos for more info at 619-596-8033.

This will be an assigned Pit Stop during the race as well, I believe Locos Mocos will be here. Easy access from Hwy 5 for chase crews during Pre Running to the pit location. They will have loads of water on hand along with shade.

New Baja Game Videos!

Showing off Suspension and Physics.

Download them here

New event to replace Dakar Rally

Three-time Dakar Rally winner Hubert Auriol is planning a new event across the Sahara to replace the famous race after it was switched to South America.

The new race will start in southern Europe and cross Morocco and Mauritania to finish in Dakar and would take place later this year or early 2009.

"This competition will be a great sporting and human event," said the 55-year-old Frenchman.

"It will offer international exposure to this fabulous continent of Africa."

Auriol was the first person to win the Dakar Rally in both the motorcycle and car categories, and the new event will consist of motorbikes, quad vehicles, cars and lorries.

The French organisers of the Dakar Rally cancelled the event after receiving threats from "terrorist organisations".

They said the 2009 race will now take place in Argentina and Chile, a decision which has prompted an outcry in Mauritania and Senegal, which earned millions of dollars from tourism because of the high-profile event.

(Source: BBC)

New Ferrari Model - The California

See more photos and get all the info at Top Gear

Monday, May 12, 2008 —Riverside, Ca
Your Guide to The Most Exciting Form of Off-Road Racing.
Whether you are Professional Driver or just a professional fan you will find all your CORR off road racing information at The newly launched site will provide news, updates, race schedules, race re-caps and an opportunity to join and chat in a community of avid off-road enthusiasts and drivers. Do not forget the CORR Racing fantasy point’s game where you will have a chance to win a 4 pack of tickets to the 2009 season opener. Visit and sign up today, its free!

HMS 1788 TT 250 Race Report

April 19, 2008

Primm, Nevada

Best in the Desert

Terribles Town 250

Hostyl Motorsports in our Jeepspeed 1788 once again is ready to take on all who challenge us. The jeep, now known as “Casper”, due to its white color, as well as pit crew coalition aptly named the cartoon network, that was recently formed is cocked locked and ready to rock. Jesse Martin, Daniel Devore and myself, Bryan Dodge, have once again done everything in our power to get this jeep ready to lead the field in the 2008 Jeepspeed Challenge series. Arriving in town on Thursday april 17th to make sure that we are more than ready for this race, we get everything once again double checked and ready to go. On Friday we wait until it is time to go through contingency and tech inspection, which has turned into a circus this year, for reasons un-named. We were penalized last race due to a fuel color only issue, so we make sure that our I’s are dotted and our T’s crossed. We pass with flying colors, as we did the previous race, this time playing the game and coming in with crystal clear fuel. We continue to enjoy the wonderful blowing dust of Primm for the remainder of the day, figuring pit strategies as well as team responisibilities, and getting ready for our extremely early start time of 5:00am

Race day, April 19th, we get in the jeep and proceed to the start line, where we are starting second to last position, and just in front of our friends in the 1719 NRT jeep. Slowly the vehicles leave the line, next we are up. Off we go into the unknown course. The dust starts shortly after the start. Once we get going the carnage starts quickly, vehicle after vehicle we pass broken down just minutes from the start. As we continue and get out of the shadows of the local mountain range we head directly into the sun, having next to zero visibility due to dust and sunrise we charge blindly into the Nevada desert. Jesse and I are relying almost completely on the gps file to lead us to the next turn, this is an experience to say the least. Through the different parts of the course the Jeep is running flawless, Radflo shocks on point and the one race from new Hesco motor is screaming. Sandy washes, rocky ledges, steep canyon walls only arms lengths away the HMS machine is moving. Once we get into a short paved section we are actually able to see just what this motor has, well 102.4mph later and still climbing we find out Jeep Cherokees really don’t have the aerodynamics of a jet by any means. After the pavement, we once again charge into the dust, passing other vehicles from our class as well as others, both running and broken. We continue on without a single problem for the entire first lap of 80 plus miles.


As we get into pit, this race has a strict rule that in the main pit area you must maintain 25mph, because of this and the large entry count it takes us some time to get into our pit. Once in, the crew is all over us, checking every part of the jeep, filling our fuel cell with and additional 14gallons of fuel in what seemed like only a minute. Soon we were off still maintaining the 25mph rule out of the designated area, once we are able to get on the gas again we are. By chance and their misfortune, the 1718 Team Express jeep, yet another cartoon network member, is just ahead of us, once in the open desert, we make short work of them due to what we later find out is a transmission failure. Sorry guys maybe next race??? For the next forty miles plus not an issue, until what we think is a wiring gremlin rears its ugly head. At this point in the race we are looking for a podium finish for sure, if not the top spot. We due to this issue the motor starts to miss and will not accelerate, at points the motor will only run at 4000rpms plus, and or stall at anything less. In certain spots the speeds are not realistic in our jeep so we end up stalling, be it rough terrain or slower traffic. Because of this we are down at least five to ten separate instances. Each time being anywhere from two to ten minutes each. Jesse is doing everything he can to try and get this thing running, and I am racking my brain trying to think just what could be the issue now. The team is calling for updates, but we are obviously in no mood to talk, nor do we have the time, we want this podium BAD! Over and over we eventually get it back running, and what seemed to be over and over it would stop again. One point Jesse throws off the hood onto the side of the course out of frustration and time saving, neither of us knowing if we will ever see it in one piece again. Closer to the finish line we go, knowing that our top finish has escaped us once again, at this point it becomes a salvage what is left and get the best finish possible. Several more times we stall, at different points in the course. At one point one of the other jeeps from a different class driven by Jon Krellwitz and Pat Smith stop and check on us in the middle of a dry lake bed making sure we are ok, eventually there is nothing they can do so they leave and end up taking their first place position in the 3700 Jeepspeed Currie Cup, not bad for their first race in a new vehicle. Finally we are able to get back into the infield of the course, again trying to maintain the speed limit, but yet keeping our RPM’s up high enough that we don’t stall. We see the checkered flag and go flying through as quickly as possible. Our next issue become the stop sign before driving up on the podium, well we stopped, motor and everything. The jeep was dead, we had to be pushed in front of the podium under man power because the jeep would not start. Once back in the main HMS pit we quickly find the problem for this race, melted wires for our oxygen sensor that is telling our computer lies, and not allowing it to run correctly . Trust me this will never again be an issue with this jeep at all. When all was said and done we ended up in the 8th position for this race, continuing to build our year end points championship total. Even with the less than stellar finish we are currently in the 3rd position for points after two races.


We, Hostyl Motorsports would like to thank the many people and companies that have helped us thus far this season. To our families who become part time before races, to our jobs that get whats left of us after our long nights in the shop getting ready for the races, and to the friends that think we have dropped off the planet, THANK YOU! For our sponsors that have helped out this season, Dodge Concrete, Racer Offroad, Radflo Suspension Technology, Camburg Engineering, Durka-Durka Digital Media, Trailmaster Suspensions, Copperstate Nut and Bolt, and new sponsor for this race Absolute Offroad. Thank you. Our next race is July 19th in Barstow, California for the MORE Freedom Night Race. Look forward for another strong race from the HMS Jeepspeed without a doubt.

SCORE Baja 500 Map now available

Download it now.