Friday, May 23, 2008

Sirius Adds Formula 1 Racing to Sports Lineup

Sirius has signed with Formula One Management, making it the exclusive North American radio broadcaster of all Formula 1 races.

The move marks the U.S. radio premiere of the sport, Sirius says.

Sirius’s F1 schedule kicks off Sunday, May 25 at 8:00 a.m. with live coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. The entire remainder of the 2008 calendar’s races will be broadcast live nationwide on Sirius 125.

Hamilton signs up for Goodwood

Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he will take part in this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed on Sunday 13 July.

Following on from his debut appearance at the hugely popular event last summer, Hamilton will again guide his McLaren Formula 1 car up the narrow hillclimb course.

His presence is especially appropriate as the Festival will have a 'Hawthorn to Hamilton' theme celebrating 50 years since Mike Hawthorn became the first Briton to win the world championship.

The Earl of March, who has held the Festival of Speed on his West Sussex property every year since 1993, is sure Hamilton’s appearance will enhance the show.

“I am absolutely delighted to welcome Lewis back to the Festival of Speed again for the second year running,” he said.

“He really thrilled the motor sport fans here last year, and I am certain that he will put on another great show for them again here in July.

“It will be great if Lewis can repeat Mike Hawthorn’s F1 success 50 years ago and win the world championship for Britain this year.”

The Festival will pay tribute to iconic British figures in motorsport history, including Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Colin Chapman, James Hunt and Colin McRae.

There will also be a host of Formula 1 teams present alongside McLaren, with Ferrari, BMW, Honda, Red Bull, Toyota and Williams all set to exhibit their finest machinery.

Ecclestone writes to the FIA members

Read the full transcript of the letter Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone sent to the FIA's international club presidents in response to Max Mosley's own recent letter on the future of the sport.

22 May 2008

To all FIA Club Presidents

Dear President

The FIA President wrote a letter to you on 16 May 2008 (the Letter) in connection with the FIA Extraordinary General Assembly called on 3 June to consider allegations published about his private life.

The Letter makes statements that could lead to misunderstandings and inaccurate conclusions being drawn.

We, the Formula One commercial rights holder (the CRH), are writing to you to ensure that you understand our position on matters raised in the Letter insofar as they relate to Formula One.

The CRH and the FIA

We support the FIA and recognise that it is, and should remain, the sole body governing international motor sport which governs the sporting organisation of the FIA Formula One World Championship (the Championship).

We recognise the obligation conferred upon the FIA by you, its membership, to safeguard its authority over all safety, sporting and technical matters relating to the Championship, as well as its traditional values.

We support and concur with the requirement of the European Commission that regulatory functions relating to international motor sport be separate from the associated commercial interests and that the FIA's role in Formula One should be that of the sporting regulator, uninvolved in its commercial exploitation.

We believe it is to the benefit of Formula One that the FIA should have a transparent and robust governance structure and that it should discharge its regulatory responsibilities in a fair, impartial and non-discriminatory manner, without external influence or interference, led by a credible and respected President (who should be chosen by the FIA's membership only).

We intend to continue to manage exclusively the commercial exploitation of Formula One within the established frameworks of the existing FIA Formula One Commercial Agreement and, in due course, the 100 Year Agreements.

100 Year Agreements

You will recall that this set of agreements (the 100 Year Agreements) was entered into between the FIA and SLEC Holdings Limited in April 2001.

Those agreements are valid and binding on the parties and will in all material respects become operative in 2011.

They do not need to be altered or renegotiated unless both parties wish to do so.

There are some ambiguities in the drafting of these agreements, however, and we have sought discussions with the FIA President to clarify these points and to avoid unintended consequences.

We have also raised with him a number of other issues which we considered would improve the agreements without damaging the FIA's interests, but we accept that is a matter for the FIA to
judge, it is not obliged to make those concessionsto us and should it consider it is against its interests to do so, we would be content to the leave the agreements in their present form and
when the time comes, to operate within their existing scope, without amendments.

Formula One regulations

The CRH does not wish to have control over the Formula One regulations. We believe that the Formula One regulations should be drawn up by the Formula One Technical and Sporting Working Groups, subject to the approval of the FIA Formula One Commission and the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

To the extent any changes to the Formula One regulations may have a material commercial impact on the CRH and its interests, such changes should be discussed and agreed with us.

Imprudent changes to the Formula One regulations, if adopted, could have a dramatic adverse impact on the attractiveness of the sport, to promoters, to broadcasters, to sponsors and to the fans; they could add significantly to the cost of participating in the Championship at a competitive level; they could also undermine or depart from the Championship's traditional values.

We believe that a clear regulatory framework would minimise the risk of such problems. The FIA should be solely responsible for policing and enforcing the Formula One regulations fairly, transparently and without bias.

Concorde Agreement

There has been a Concorde Agreement since 1981.

The most recent Concorde Agreement expired at the end of 2007 and we desire that it be renewed, not as a way for the CRH to exercise control over the sport, but because it will provide the financial and regulatory stability desired by the Formula One teams and the motor manufacturers who sponsor and invest significantly in them.

The commercial and financial arrangements, including the distribution of the annual prize fund, have been agreed between the CRH and the Formula One teams, with the full knowledge of the FIA.

The CRH is willing to sign immediately a new Concorde Agreement substantially based upon and containing the same regulatory provisions as the previous Concorde Agreement, amendedonly to reflect the commercial and financial arrangements agreed with the teams.

Formula One

There is no financial crisis in Formula One. On the contrary, Formula One is in robust health, it enjoys the support of most of the world's leading automotive manufacturers and is sponsored by many of the world's other most prestigious brands.

Revenues continue to grow, television ratings are high and demand from countries to promote a new Grand Prix continues to exceed the number of places on the calendar.

The cost of operating a successful Formula One team has risen to an unsustainable level and this is being addressed.

The Formula One teams have agreed upon some cost-cutting measures, making it more viable to participate at a competitive level and with a robust and stable regulatory framework, further efficiencies should be possible.

We will continue to support such initiatives.

Formula One continues to be of tremendous benefit to the FIA. It derives in excess of US$ 25 million each year from Formula One (not including fines, which are often substantial sums) which subsidises other aspects of the sport.

The FIA Foundation was founded with the substantialsum paid to the FIA by the CRH for the 100 Year Agreements.

We intend to continue our successful relationship with the FIA. We believe it benefits Formula One as a whole.

We have no reason to undermine the FIA or its President, on the contrary we believe a strong FIA led by a respected President is good for all key constituents of Formula One: the fans, the teams, the sponsors and suppliers, the promoters, the media companies and us, the CRH.

None of these issues have any bearing on the reasons the FIA Senate has called the forthcoming
Extraordinary General Assembly, which we regard to be an internal FIA matter.

You may be assured that whatever decision you should make on 3 June, we look forward to continuing our long-standingand constructive relationship with the FIA and its President in pursuit of a stable and successful Formula One.

Yours faithfully

Bernie Ecclestone
Chief Executive Officer
Delta Topco Limited and its subsidiaries
(including SLEC Holdings Limited, Formula One Administration Limited and Formula One
Management Limited)

F A C T S H E E T:2008 Tecate SCORE Baja 500

SCORE MEDA CONTACT: Dominic Clark, 702.735.7123

May 23, 2008

F A C T S H E E T:

2008 Tecate SCORE Baja 500


40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Desert Race—Rd 3, of the five-race 2008 SCORE Desert Series


Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, May 29-June 1, 2008


Ensenada-Baja California, Mexico (65 miles south of U.S./Mexico Border at San Diego)


Over 300 entries from 24 States and 9 countries (U.S., Mexico, Canada, France,

Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy and Japan)


TOTAL MILEAGE: 441.15 miles (4 checkpoints). Starts and finishes in downtown Ensenada on Boulevard Costero in front of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural, marking the first time this race has ever FINISHED on Blvd. Costero. Starting and finishing in Ensenada, this year’s tight and technical course will run in a clockwise direction for the third straight year. It includes a wide variety of terrain and over 100 miles hasn’t be run for over a decade in this race along with over 30 miles that has never been raced on in previous years., The course runs East to Ojos Negros area (race mile 40), South to El Alamo (rm70) then East and Northeast up over the 5,000-foot Summit (rm120), South into the Laguna Salada desert (rm 160) running parallel to the Sea of Cortez to Borrego (rm206) and then back Northwest, Southwest past the Mike’s Sky Ranch turnoff, North to near Valle de la Trinidad (rm268), followed by a West travel section, turning north, then East, North and back West for the final charge back into Ensenada. The first 42.6 miles will be used both outgoing and incoming. The course also includes the traditional 30-plus mile run along the shores of the Pacific Ocean from race-mile 314 to 344. There are a total of four pavement areas on the course, totaling less than 15 miles, with a maximum speed limit of 60 miles per hour.

Checkpoints: CK1-Santa Catarina, rm91.51; CK2-Borrego, rm206.11;

CK3-San Vicente Vineyards, rm304.16; CK4-Rancho San Antonio, rm398.53.


THURSDAY, May 29, 2008--(all times PDT)

Racer Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 1p.m.-6 p.m.

Media Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 2p.m.-6p.m.

El Vigia Meet the Racers Fiesta, Ventana Al Mar, 1p.m.-10p.m.

FRIDAY, May 30, 2008--(all times PDT)

Racer Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 9a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Media Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 9a.m.-5p.m.

Contingency/Tech Inspection, adjacent to San Nicolas Hotel, 10a.m.-6p.m.

Mandatory Racer Meeting, Cathedral Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center, 7p.m.

SUNDAY, June 1, 2008--(all times PDT)

Posting of Unofficial Results-San Nicolas Hotel, 8a.m.

Competition Review Board-San Nicolas Hotel, 9a.m.

Awards Celebration-San Nicolas Hotel, 10a.m.


SATURDAY/SUNDAY, May 31-June 1, 2008 (all times PDT) (Subject to change)

START/FINISH: In front of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center on Boulevard Costero

Late Registration AND Late Tech, start line, 5a.m.

RACE STARTS: Motorcycles & ATVs-6a.m.; Cars & Trucks-10 a.m. (Approx)

CLASS STARTING ORDER: (M/C & ATVs--15-second intervals, Faster Cars/Trucks—30-second intervals, slower ones—15-second intervals)

Motorcycles/ATVs--22, 30, 40, 21, 20, 50, 60, 25, 24,SPTM/C>250cc,SPTM/C<250cc,SPTATV.

Cars/Trucks: TT, 1, 10, SL, 8, PT, 1-2/1600, 5, 7, 5/1600, 7SX, SF, SM, 9, 3, SPTTR, SPTCAR, 11, SPT UTV

TIME LIMIT: All vehicles have a 20-hour time limit to cover the course.

GRAND MARSHALL: Volkswagen has been selected as the first non-individual to be the Grand Marshall of the event. Volkswagen, which has powered a race-record 13 Overall 4-Wheel vehicle winners in this race, is also the Official Vehicle of SCORE International. Representing the manufacturer will be Clark Campbell, Motorsports Manager for Volkswagen of America.

SANCTION: Sanctioned and produced by SCORE International-Los Angeles CEO & President--Sal Fish;

VP—Paul Fish; Attorney/Mexican Liaison—Oscar Ramos; Administration--Sue Johnson


SCORE requires that special ‘black boxes’ is mandatory on all entries. IRC provides the ‘Black Boxes’ and tracking of each vehicles GPS data along with vehicle speed. Tracking of the race will be available online at


Current SCORE official annual sponsors are: BFGoodrich Tires-official tire, Volkswagen of America-official vehicle, Sunoco Race Fuels/Bryant Petroleum-official fuel supplier, Bilstein-official shock, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance-official Mexican auto insurance, Slime-official tire sealant, and Red Bull-official energy drink. Associate sponsors are: Tecate Beer, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Las Vegas Events, Terrible Herbst Inc., Blue C Enthusiast Advertising, Kartek Off-Road, American Suzuki, SignPros, Fideicomiso, Proturismo de Ensenada, P.C.I. Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products, and Advanced Color Graphics.


SCORE Trophy-Truck: 1 Mark Post/Rob MacCachren, 97 B.J. Baldwin, 7 Scott

Steinberger/Mike Childress, 12 Brian Collins/Chuck Hovey, 77 Robby Gordon, 38 Garron

Cadiente, 4 Gus Vildosola Jr./Gus Vildosola, 2 Pete Sohren, 16 Cameron

Steele, 96 Bobby Baldwin/Larry Job, 39 Ron Whitton, 22 Damen Jefferies, 35 Robbie

Pierce, 84 Nick Vanderwey, 33 Chad Ragland/Steve Hengeveld, 8 Roger Norman/Larry

Roeseler; Class 1: Billy/Dave Gasper, Dale Ebberts, B.J. Richardson, Pat Dean, Armin

Schwarz/Martin Christensen, Robert Ross, Eric Chase, Armin Kremer/Adam Pfankuch,

Chuck Dempsey/Mark Levrett, Josh Rigsby; Class 1-2/1600: Dave Caspino, Adam

Pfankuch, Cory Boyer/Rick Boyer, Arturo Velazco/Able Velazco, Hiram

Duran; Class 3: Donald Moss; Class 5: George Seeley, Carlos Albanez, Kevin Carr;

Class 5/1600: Marcos Nunez, Mario Reynoso, Ernie Negrete, Jose Montoya, Tommy

Croft; Class 7: Dan Chamlee; Class 7SX: Rich Severson, Heidi Steele, John

Holmes; Class 10: Mike Lawrence; SCORE Lite: Rick St. John, Steve Mamer; Stock

Full: Chad Hall, Josh Hall, John Griffin/Jeremy Spirkoff,; Stock Mini: Rod Hall, Gavin

Skilton; Class 22: Robby Bell/Kendall Norman/Johnny Campbell, Caleb Gosselaar;

Class 40: Brett Helm; CLASSES 30 & 50: Jim O’Neal; Class 60: Donald Lewis;

Class 25: Wayne Matlock/Harold Goodman Jr., Danny Prather/Mike Cafro


The Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Desert Race features 27 Pro & 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. Class winners will be decided along with the overall race winner in Pro 4-Wheel, Pro Motorcycle and Pro ATV. Pro Class Descriptions:

Cars & Trucks

SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK (Unlimited Production Trucks)

CLASS 1 (Unlimited single or two-seaters)

CLASS 1-2/1600 (single or two-seaters to 1600cc)

CLASS 3 (Short wheelbase 4X4)

CLASS 5 (Unlimited Baja Bugs)

CLASS 5/1600 (1600cc Baja Bugs)

CLASS 7 (Open mini trucks)

CLASS 7S (Stock mini trucks)

CLASS 7SX (Modified, Stock mini trucks)

CLASS 8 (Full-sized two-wheel drive trucks)

CLASS 9 (Short wheelbase, single or two-seaters)

CLASS 10 (Single or two-seaters to 1650cc)

SCORE LITE (Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc)

CLASS 11 (Stock VW Sedans)

STOCK FULL (Stock full-sized trucks)

STOCK MINI (Stock mini trucks)

PROTRUCK (Limited Production Trucks)

CLASS 17 (Modified, Class 3 Jeep Cherokees)


CLASS 22 (250cc or more)

CLASS 21 (126cc to 250cc)

CLASS 20 (Up to 125cc)

CLASS 30 (Riders over 30 years old)

CLASS 40 (Riders over 40 years old)

CLASS 50 (Riders over 50 years old)

CLASS 60 (Riders over 60 years old)


CLASS 25 (251cc or more)

CLASS 24 (250cc or less)

2007 TOP FINISHERS: 492 Total Starters, 283 Total Finishers


1. Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz./Brian Collins, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

2. Robby Gordon, Mooresville, N.C., Chevy CK1500 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

3. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

4. Mark Post, San Juan Capistrano, CA/Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

5. Josh Baldwin, Newport Beach, Calif., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

6. David Scaroni/Matt Scaroni, Heber, Calif., Ford-F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

7. Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

8. Todd Wyllie, New River, Ariz., Chevy C1500 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

9. Gus Vildosola/Gus Vildosola Jr., Mexicali, Mexico, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

10. B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy (Class 1)

OVERALL MOTORCYCLE--1. Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif.,/Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif., Honda CRF450X (Class 22)

OVERALL ATV--1. Danny Prather, Ramona, CA/Mike Cafro, Carlsbad,CA, Honda TRX450R (Class 25)

2006 TOP FINISHERS: 438 Total Starters, 221 Total Finishers



1. Brian Collins, Las Vegas/Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz., Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

2. Alan Pflueger, Honolulu, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

3. Josh Baldwin, Newport Beach, Calif., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

4. Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Larry Roeseler, Hesperia, Calif., Smithbuilt-Ford (Class 1)

5. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

6. Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

7. Bob Shepard, Phoenix, Chevy CK1500 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

8. Ed Herbst/Tim Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

9. Dale Ebberts, Canyon Lake, Calif./Ernie Castro Jr., Newport Beach, Calif., Jimco-Toyota (Class 1)

10. Mark McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Brian Ewalt, Bonita, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)

OVERALL MOTORCYCLE--1. Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif., Honda CRF450X (Class 22)

OVERALL ATV--1. Danny Prather, Ramona, CA/Mike Cafro, Carlsbad,CA, Honda TRX450R (Class 25)

2005 TOP FINISHERS: 345 Total Starters, 179 Total Finishers


1. Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy CK1500 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

2. Andy McMillin/Scott McMillin, Poway, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)

3. Jason Baldwin, Laguna Beach, Calif., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck

4. Mark Post, San Juan Capistrano, Calif./Curt LeDuc, CherryValley, CA Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

5. Damen Jefferies, Oak Hills, Calif., Porter-Chevy (Class 1)

6. Marty Coyne/Travis Coyne, El Centro, Calif., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

7. Tim Herbst/Ed Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

8. Brian Ickler, Poway, Calif./Steve Sourapas, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)

9. Corky McMillin, Bonita, Calif./Gary Arnold, El Cajon, Calif., Chenowth-Chevy (Class 1)

10. Brian Collins, Las Vegas/Larry Ragland, Phoenix, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

OVERALL MOTORCYCLE--1. Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif./Mouse McCoy, Santa Monica, Calif., Honda XR650R (Class 22)

OVERALL ATV--1. Josh Frederick, Moapa, Nev./Cyle Chislock, Murrieta, Calif./Levi Marana, Hemet, Calif., Honda TRX450R (Class 25)

2004 TOP FINISHERS: 300 Total Starters, 181 Total Finishers


1. Alan Pflueger, Honolulu, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

2. Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Larry Roeseler, Hesperia, Calif., Smithbuilt-Ford (Class 1)

3. Mark Post, San Juan Capistrano, CA/Jerry Whelchel, RanchoSM, CA, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck

4. Jason Baldwin, Laguna Hills, Calif., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

5. Josh Baldwin, San Diego, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

6. Andy McMillin/Scott McMillin, Poway, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)

7. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

8. Dan Smith/Dave Ashley, Riverside, Calif., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

9. Dan Myers, Newport Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)

10. Mark McMillin, El Cajon, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)

OVERALL MOTORCYCLE--1. Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif./Johnny Campbell, San Clemente, Calif., Honda XR650R (Class 22)

OVERALL ATV--1. Ruben Martin/Gilberto Santana, Tijuana, Mexico, Bombardier Baja X (Class 25)


A total of 21 of the 25 defending Pro class winners (2 classes had no finishers) from last year are entered so far this year, although five of them have switched classes. Besides Collins, Bell/Norman and Prather/M.Cafro, other racers who will be back to defend their class titles are B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas (Class 1, Bunderson-Chevy), Dave Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif. (Class 1-2/1600, Lothringer-VW), Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif. (Class 3, Ford Bronco), Carlos Albanez, Mexicali, Mexico (Class 5, VW Baja Bug), Jose Montoya, Ensenada, Mexico (Class 5/1600, 1600cc VW Baja Bug), Dan Chamlee, Summerland, Calif., (Class 7, Ford Ranger), John Griffin, Mission Viejo, Calif. (Stock Full, Ford F-150), Rod Hall, Reno, Nev. (Stock Mini, Hummer H3), Carlos Casas, Chula Vista, Calif. (Class 21, Honda CRF450X), Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif. (Class 30, Honda CRF450X), Brett Helm, Poway, Calif. (Class 40, Honda CRF450X), Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif. (Class 50, Honda XR650R). The five class winners from last year who have switched classes are: Nick Vanderwey, Phoenix (from Class 8 to SCORE Trophy-Truck), Lobsam Yee, Tijuana, Mexico (Class 10 to Class 1), Gus Vildosola Jr., Mexicali, Mexico (Protruck to SCORE Trophy-Truck), Ryan Penhall, Corona, Calif. (from Class 20 to Class 22), and Adolfo Arellano, Chula Vista, Calif. (from Class 24 to Class 25).


Among the crossover/celebrity racers entered in this year’s Tecate SCORE Baja 500 are:

Robby Gordon, NASCAR Team Owner/Driver (No. 77 SCORE Trophy-Truck)

Armin Schwarz, 119 World Rally Championship starts (No. 108 Class 1)

Cameron Steele, TV Sports Announcer-Supercross, X-Games (No. 16 SCORE Trophy-Truck)

Jesse James, West Coast Choppers, star of old Monster Garage TV show (No. 54 SCORE Trophy-Truck)

Ken Losch, Indy Lights Team owner/driver (No. 253 Protruck)

Armin Kremer, champion German Rally racer (No. 121, Class 1)

Barbara Terry, national automotive journalist (No. 1209 SCORE Lite)

Timmy Weigand, national motocross veteran (No. 13x, Class 22)

Brent Harden, 2006 AMA District 37 Enduro Series champion (No. 8x, Class 22)


While there are numerous female co-drivers/riders, the 4 ladies who are driver/rider of record are: Heidi Steele (Class 7SX), Barbara Terry (SCORE Lite), Anna Jo Cody, leading a 4-rider all-female team in Class 20 and Trisha West (Sportsman Motorcycle <250cc class).


Race day: Red Room Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center at Start/Finish Line


Dominic Clark, Doug Strauss, Bartt Davis, Paul Hanson, guests-San Nicolas Hotel, 011.52.646.176.1901

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cameron Steele changes his number for 40th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500

SCORE Trophy Truck racer Cameron Steele and his Desert Assassins team will not be running their customary #16 at the upcoming SCORE Tecate Baja 500. The 40th annual race is to take place on May 31st and Steele will once again take on the premiere class in desert racing in his Yokohama Tires/ATX Wheels sponsored 2008 Geiser Bros. built truck but this one time he will do it carrying the #36.

"The one change for this event will be that our truck will run the #36 to honor my best friend Brandon Piorek's son Cameron Piorek who was tragically paralyzed from the chest down playing high school Lacrosse," said Steele. The team normally runs a black, white and red crosshairs logo with our number 16 in it with the words Desert Assassins. This race the team will sport a similar logo with teal, white and black for Cameron Piorek, who was named after Cameron Steele and ironically shares the same February 28 birthday. The colors are young Piorek’s Aliso Niguel High School team colors and will have the #36 from Piorek's team jersey inside the sights.

Brandon and Cameron went to high school together and have been close for 25 years. Cameron Piorek is 17 years old and has ridden with his father in off road races over the last two years and loves desert racing.

Cameron Piorek sustained his injuries, a fractured C-7 and a displaced T-1 while on defense for his team when he and another player went helmet to helmet during an impact.

"This is a terrible ordeal but I know Cameron is strong and will rebound from this" said Steele of his younger namesake. "We hope that this raises the spirits of the entire family and we pray for the best recovery possible," added Steele.

Cameron and his Wife Heidi are SCORE regulars and Heidi continues to lead the SCORE points championship for mid size trucks going into this Baja 500 where she has been a class winner previously.

For more information on Cameron Piorek and his recovery process or to donate funds please go to


NEW PROMOTER: Andretti Green Promotions has purchased the assets of the former Grand Prix Association of Toronto and will present the popular Canadian race as an IndyCar Series event next season.

DEBUT: Toyota’s new USAC Silver Crown engine will debut in Friday night’s Hoosier Hundred at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. It will run in the 6-R Racing entry piloted by Brian Tyler.

AWARD WINNER: Bishop Steering Technology received the annual BorgWarner Louis Schwitzer Award at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

DRAGS: Melanie Troxel became the second female to win an NHRA Funny Car event and one of 14 drivers to have won a national event in both Top Fuel and Funny Car. Meanwhile, Dave Connolly collected Chevrolet’s 150th NHRA Pro Stock triumph.

NO. 60: The Little 500 sprint-car race, a 500-lap event on a quarter-mile track at Anderson Speedway in Indiana, celebrates its 60th running on Saturday night.

POWER RANKINGS: NASCAR driver Kyle Busch remained at the top of the National Speed Sport News Power Rankings. The National Speed Sport News Power Rankings are published weekly in the 74-year-old motorsports publication.

SUBSCRIBE: National Speed Sport News has been published weekly since 1934. To subscribe to National Speed Sport News, click on the following link for a special industry rate:

More Dangers in Mexico

Donkey jailed in Mexico for violent behaviour

A Mexican donkey has landed itself in jail after biting and kicking two men.

The animal was locked up in a holding pen normally used for keeping drunks off the streets after it lashed out at the pair at a ranch in Chiapas state, local police revealed yesterday.

The owner of the angry ass, Mauro Gutierrez, has been told that he will have to pay the injured men's medical bills before the creature is released from custody.

Genaro Vazquez, 63, told police that the unnamed donkey bit him in the chest on Sunday and then kicked 52-year-old Andres Hernandez as he tried to come to the rescue, fracturing his ankle.

"All of a sudden, the animal was on top of us like it was rabid," Hernandez said.

It took six men to restrain the enraged beast, police said.

Throwing non-humans in is nothing new in Chiapas. Previous animal inmates include a bull that devoured corn crops and destroyed two wooden vending stands in March.

In 2006 a dog was locked up for 12 days after biting someone. His owners were fined US$18.

Yesterday, a Chiapas police officer Sinar Gomez said the donkey would remain behind bars until its owner agreed to pay the men's $420 (£215) medical bills.

"Around here, if someone commits a crime they are jailed no matter who they are," said Gomez.

Team HUMMER and Rod Hall seeks record breaking 18th victory at 40th Anniversary Baja 500

HUMMER off-road racing teams bring their winning traditions to the Baja peninsula once again as Rod Hall Racing's Team HUMMER and Robby Gordon Off-Road prepare their HUMMER desert race trucks to tackle this year's 40th Anniversary SCORE International Tecate Baja 500, May 30-June 1, in Ensenada, Mexico.

2008 marks a special year for Team HUMMER as owner and stock-class H3 driver Rod Hall, 70, seeks his record-setting 18th Baja 500 class victory. Joining Hall are his two sons, Josh and Chad, entering their full-stock class H2 SUT and H3 Alpha.

HUMMER H3 - Terribles Town 250
HUMMER H3 - Terribles Town 250

Hall, Team HUMMER owner and pilot of the #760 mini-stock class H3 is a living legend in the off-road racing world. His relentless and unfailing driving ability has earned him a record 19 career wins at the Baja 1000 and the distinction of being the only driver in history to win the Baja 1000 overall in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Moreover, Hall today remains the only person to have raced every Baja 1000 in a four-wheeled vehicle in the 40-year history of the event.

Hall enters the 2008 race, tied for the record of total class wins at 17 and mini stock class winner in 2006 and 2007. Hall currently leads the SCORE mini stock class in season points with class wins at the Laughlin Desert Challenge and Baja 250.

"With 12 years of experience racing stock-class Hummers, I believe that they are the most capable off-road vehicles straight from the factory," said Rod Hall. "In fact, the H3 Alpha and H3 were the first stock-class vehicles to finish the 2007 Baja 1000."

Team HUMMER H3 Alpha driver, Chad Hall, enters the 2008 race as points leader in the full-stock class. Hall and the 2008 H3 Alpha were the first stock class vehicle to finish the 2007 Baja 1000, and Hall has a 2008 class victory at SCORE's Laughlin Desert Challenge.

Also entered in the stock-full class, Team HUMMER H2 SUT pilot Josh Hall returns to Baja in his full-stock class, 2008 HUMMER H2 SUT. He enters the 2008 race with a class victory at the Baja 250. Josh teamed with Rod in the 2007 Baja 1000 to earn the mini-stock class victory and become the second stock-class vehicle to finish the 2007 race.

International racing legend and three-time overall Baja 1000 champion, Robby Gordon, owner of Robby Gordon Off-Road, prepares to race the Team Dakar USA purpose-built H3 in the Baja 500 Trophy Truck class. Gordon and the H3 most recently finished 10th overall in the inaugural Central Europe Rally, winning two specials in the fifth and sixth stages of the race.

Source: General Motors

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup on ESPN SportsCenter

Dear Friends,

The new Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup motorsport series will be featured on a commercial block during this Friday night's
edition of ESPN "SportsCenter". Be sure to tune in to ESPN to see this exciting promotional footage about the new
Jetta TDI Cup clean diesel racing series.

Here are the details:

* Friday, May 23rd on the 11:00 PM EST edition of SportsCenter. ( 10:00PM CST - 9:00PM MST - 8:00PM PST )
* Volkswagen will be the only advertiser on the program.
* Jetta TDI Cup will have eight total minutes of airtime on the broadcast.

Be sure to tune in and see what the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup clean diesel racing is all about!

Good, Clean Diesel Fun. It's what the people want.

Cuffaro Leaves Las Vegas on Upswing Driving the #46 Nissan / UPR Racing Supply Pro Lite To 4th Overall in Championship Point's Standings


Contact: ROMM, Inc.

Office: 866-729-0107


Cuffaro Leaves Las Vegas on Upswing Driving the #46 Nissan / UPR Racing Supply Pro Lite To 4th Overall in Championship Point’s Standings

San Diego, CA (May 12, 2008) – Sixteen races spread out over eight race weekends make up this season’s 2008 Championship Off Road Racing Series. Thus far, everything has gone the right way for Cuffaro Motorsports.

The Las Vegas International Raceway at Primm, Nevada loves to play games with the best drivers in off road racing and that was evident in CORR Rounds 3 & 4, as many of the CORR top dogs ran afoul of this challenging race course carved in the dirt of the Southern Nevada desert.

The #46 Nissan / UPR Racing Supply sponsored race truck suffered some of the Primm wrath, but not nearly as severe as some of the other Pro Lite competitors. Cuffaro not only survived, but he raced hard completing each day of race action with solid finishes among the top ten. Finishing Saturday’s Round 3 in 5th place and Sunday’s Round 4 in 8th place allowed Cuffaro to move up in the overall championship point’s standings from previously being tied at 6th to capping off the weekend in 4th place overall.

Todd seized the opportunity to carry positive momentum from a difficult race track that has put the hurt on many drivers over the past two seasons.

"We had a good solid run this weekend," Cuffaro said. "I bobbled the throttle during a shift at the start of Saturday’s race and I had to fight to get back into the top five. Las Vegas International Raceway is an awesome track and I can’t wait to come back and improve my times.”

The #46 Nissan Pro Lite made its way through much slower traffic in both rounds of racing as CORR inverted the starting positioning of the top eight after excellent qualifying by hard charging, Todd Cuffaro.

The top eight mandatory inversions placed much slower trucks in the front of the pack and it took several laps around the .94-mile race track before the speedsters moved towards the front.

"I made a couple of mistakes, but my crew gave me a fast enough truck that we were able to hold it together for the long runs. We ran our strategy and we’re racing for the long haul. It’s a really long season and the preparation on our two race trucks has to be perfect in order for us to be in it in the end. The Nissan power plant really performed in the heat of the weekend.

Our BFGoodrich Tires survived the blue groove with the heat index soaring over 100 degrees. When we come back here for the fall race, we’ll groove our tires slightly different. We’ve learned some things this past weekend."

Cuffaro said other teams were quicker to adjust to the changing track conditions between practice, qualifying and the race and that single reason contributed to why he struggled to run up front early in the race.

“I really had to dig hard to make up positions. We stayed out of trouble for the most part, while many others were banged up and disabled along side of the race track.”

An unusual spring heat wave pounded the Western United States in the few days leading up to the race, while race weekend temperatures topped 100 degrees putting the hurt on everyone at the track.

Todd mentioned, “Many thanks goes out to all the track workers who braved the intense heat conditions over the five-day race week along with the fans who came out to the race track under the blazing sun and very warm conditions.”

Sponsors of the #46 CORR Pro Lite are Nissan Motorsports, UPR Racing Supply, FOX Racing Shox, Sparco, BFGoodrich Tires, MSD Ignitions, Red Line Oil, Competitive Metals, Miller Machine Works and Cuffaro Motorsports & Race Prep. Visit for the latest video and photo galleries of racing action.

About CORR: Championship Off Road Racing™ brings high action, four wheel motorsports including 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive trucks to the closed course off road arena. The 2008 Championship Off Road Racing's race season includes eight events at tracks located in Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

CORR continues its long standing relationship with SPEED, broadcasting races each year on the automotive sports network. In 2007, CORR widened its television audience by partnering with NBC Sports to include 8 ½ hours of CORR programming on the national network.

New in 2008, viewers will get even closer to the action as CORR moves to high-definition with 12 hours of programming on NBC and 16 hours on SPEED. Plus, for the first time in CORR history, CORR takes its racing LIVE for 6 shows on SPEED and 3 shows on NBC.

About Cuffaro Motorsports: Led by passion and driven by determination, Cuffaro Motorsports is made up of dedicated racers working together towards the ultimate goal of winning as well as achieving goals, a season championship. Todd Cuffaro has dedicated his life to the success behind the wheel of a race car and the 2008 season will be no different. Teamwork. Success. Victory.

SCORE Int’l selects Volkswagen as official Grand Marshall For 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Anniversary Celebration

SCORE MEDIA CONTACT: Dominic Clark 702.735.7123

May 21, 2008

13 overall wins for VW-powered vehicles
SCORE Int’l selects Volkswagen as official Grand Marshall
For 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Anniversary Celebration

May 29-June 1 event in Ensenada has entries from 24 States, 9 countries;
VW major part of sport since it started

LOS ANGELES—Moving away from the tradition individual selection, SCORE International has announced that a manufacturer—Volkswagen—part of the sport of desert racing since it began in 1967, has been selected as the Grand Marshall for this month’s 40th anniversary celebration of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, the second-oldest desert race in the world.
Round 3 of the five-race 2008 SCORE Desert Series, the World’s Foremost Desert Racing Series, featuring over 300 entries, competing in 27 Pro and 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, will be held May 29-June 1 in Ensenada, Mexico. Traditionally one of the most popular events on the SCORE schedule, over 100,000 spectators are expected to enjoy the world’s best desert racers in action at this year’s 40th anniversary of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500.
With late entries accepted up to race morning, entries are expected for the 441.15-mile race from 24 U.S. States from Hawaii to Connecticut along with the additional countries of Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Japan. The green flag will drop for the elapsed-time race at 6 a.m. on Saturday (May 31) for the motorcycle and ATV classes in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, followed by the car and truck classes three hours after the last ATV at approximately 9:30 a.m. In the elapsed-time race, motorcycles and ATVs will start one every 15 seconds, while the faster car/truck classes will start one every 30 seconds and the slower ones will start in 15-second intervals. All starters will have a 20-hour time limit to become official finishers.
“SCORE is humbled and honored that Volkswagen would accept our invitation to be recognized as the first manufacturer to ever be selected as ‘Grand Marshall’ of a SCORE desert race,” said Sal Fish, SCORE CEO/President since shortly after it was founded in 1973. “It is only fitting that the vehicle that has been such an integral part of our sport since its beginning should be congratulated in this manner.”
Representing Volkswagen, SCORE’s first official vehicle in 1973 and currently back in the same relationship with SCORE, at the race will be Clark Campbell, Volkswagen of America Motorsport Manager. In 1973, the eclectic VW Thing was SCORE’s Official Vehicle and now it is the sophisticated Volkswagen Touareg mid-sized SUVs.
Volkswagen has been a mainstay in desert racing, with a long and winning history, including in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500.
Vehicles powered by sturdy and depending air-cooled Volkswagen engines have earned a race-high 13 overall victories in this race. The first was in 1971 when veteran Hollywood stunt driver Bobby Ferro drove a Funco-VW to victory circle.
Last year, Volkswagen of America successfully raced two Dakar Rally turbo-diesel Volkswagen Race Touareg 2’s in a special class in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, finishing an impressive 11th and 18th overall out of a SCORE-record 492 total starters.
Currently, Volkswagen is building a turbo-diesel Volkswagen Race Touareg 2 to begin competing in the elite SCORE Trophy-Truck division. Plans call for the new TDI diesel race vehicle, driven by American desert racing stars Mark Miller and Ryan Arciero, to debut at this November’s 41st annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.
This race began in 1969 under the auspices of the old NORRA organization and SCORE began its enduring run on July 26, 1974. This year is the 35th anniversary of the first SCORE race in Baja.
Founded in 1973 by the late Mickey Thompson, current SCORE CEO/President Sal Fish has been the principal in the desert racing organization since 1974.
SCORE currently has three Pro classes open exclusively to VW Baja Bugs, Beetles, Rabbits (Class 5, Class 5/1600) and VW Sedans (Class 11). Three additional classes (Class 1-2/1600, SCORE Lite and Class 9) are required to have VW powerplants exclusively in open-wheel desert race cars. The Unlimited Class 1 and Class 10 car classes have an option of using a VW motor.
The 2008 SCORE Desert Series also includes the chase for the $20,000 Volkswagen Point Leader Bonus which is part of the $100,000 Volkswagen cash contingency program for the year. Volkswagen has also posted a special $5,000 cash contingency bonus for the highest-finishing VW-powered race vehicle in this race and in November’s Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.
Founded in 1955, Volkswagen of America, Inc. is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Mich. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest producers of passenger cars and Europe’s largest automaker. Volkswagen sells the Rabbit, New Bettle, New Bettle convertible, GTI, Jetta, GLI, Passat, Passat wagon, Eos, and Touareg through approximately 600 independent U.S. dealers. For more information, visit Volkswagen of America online at
For the first time in the 40-year history of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 desert race, the colorful pre-race Manufacturer’s Midway and Contingency, both the start and finish line will all be located in the heart of Ensenada, Mexico on Boulevard Costero adjacent to the historic Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center. It will be first time in race history that the pre-race activities and the finish will be held on this historic boulevard.
Pre-race festivities will launch on Thursday, May 29 when Mexico’s El Vigia newspaper hosts its annual SCORE Meet the Racers Fiesta from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Ventana al Mar Plaza.
The SCORE Manufacturer’s Midway will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, May 30. Racer registration will again be held in the Grand Ballroom of the San Nicolas Hotel. Registration hours will be from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 29 and from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday May 30.
The awards celebration will be held poolside at the San Nicolas on Sunday, June 1 at 10 a.m.
Current SCORE official annual sponsors are: BFGoodrich Tires-official tire, Sunoco Race Fuels -official fuel supplier, Bilstein-official shock, Volkswagen of America-official vehicle, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance-official Mexican auto insurance, Slime-official tire sealant, Red Bull--official energy drink and Bosch Power Tools-official power tool. Associate sponsors are: Tecate Beer, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Las Vegas Events, Terrible Herbst Inc., Blue C Enthusiast Advertising,
Kartek Off-Road, American Suzuki, SignPros, P.C.I. Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics.
Additional race sponsor for the 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 is Proturismo of Ensenada.
For more information regarding the series, contact SCORE at its Los Angeles headquarters 818.225.8402 or visit the official website of the SCORE Desert Series at

Baja 500 Class 1 Top TIps

From Tony T

CLASS 1: 23
101 Josh Rigsby Draw = overdrive 7 to 1
*100 Billy Gasper Will shit n git 2 to 1
103 Enrique Bujanda Sleeper wakes up 3 to 1
104 Paul Keller Uncertain program 9 to 1
105 Jeff Farris Team too bizarre 9 to 1
106 Chuck Dempsey Team too complicated 6 to 1
107 Pat Dean Baja OWES him a "500"! 2 to 1
108 Armin Schwarz Has all the pieces 2 to 1
109 Luis Ramirez, Jr. Mid-pack finisher 4 to 1
110 B.J. Richardson Scary-fast 2 to 1
111 Dale Lenk Still missin' sumthin' 9 to 1
112 Ryan Sharman In heady company 99 to 1
113 Eric Chase 8th by Salada 3 to 1
114 Mike Voyles Hard to find Checkered 5 to 1
115 Robert Ross Inconsistent 6 to 1
116 Rob Bruce Rob "Bruised" … 99 to 1
117 Will Higman W/D 5/12 xx xx
118 Lobsam Yee A DNF 6 to 1
119 Ron Brant Sentimental fav 3 to 1
120 Brian Parkhouse Once in a while 5 to 1
121 Armin Kremer Weitschusz 5 to 1
122 Rick Ellison Always tops in "10" 4 to 1
123 Dale Ebberts Has not come together 5 to 1


For Immediate Release

Contact: Abbi Holtom Whitaker or 775-851-7492


-Driver of Record Chuck Dempsey and Mark Levertt Currently Rank 3rd Overall for Points in the Class 1 Series-

Reno, NV (May 20th, 2008) – After only two full years on the professional off-road race circuit Speed Technologies is already breaking away from the pack and proving that they’re one of the nation’s top off-road teams and a force to be reckoned with. Speed Technologies Driver of Record Chuck Dempsey and Mark Levertt are heading into the 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500, taking place May 29th –June 1st in Ensenada, holding onto one of the coveted top three points positions in the Class 1 series. The duo will start 6th off the line in car #106.

Dempsey and Levertt are no strangers to winning – Dempsey’s team won the Baja 500 on a motorcycle in 2005 and brought home second place trophy truck finish in the 2006 San Felipe Baja 250. Levertt, new to the professional off-road racing scene, comes from a long line of victories in motocross arena and jet skiing – capturing regional finishes across the board. These two aggressive and focused racers, together with their co-drivers JJ Johnson and Raymond Barre, make a formidable team and they’ve already proven their compatibility both on and off the course.

“We’ve grown so much as a team over the past year,” said Chuck Dempsey. “Mark and I work really, really well together and our co-drivers, JJ Johnson and Raymond Barre, are second to none.”

The team plans to tackle the 440 mile course in the HMS Avenger with Levertt and Johnson starting out the race and passing the car over to Dempsey and Barre at the 221 mile marker. The 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 is traditionally one of the most popular races in the off-road world and draws over 100,000 spectators from across the globe.

About Speed Technologies

Established in 2006 Speed Technologies is owned by John Harrah and headquartered in Reno, NV at Rancharrah. The team operates both an off-road car and motorcycle team. Competing in both the SCORE Desert Series and the Best in the Desert, Speed Technologies is a full-time operation supported by a full time staff as well as additional chase and safety crews. Speed Technologies is committed to safety both on and off the track. For more information on Speed Technologies please visit or call 775-851-7492.


Abbi Holtom Whitaker

Abbi Public Relations, LLC.

10123 Cascade Falls Drive

Reno, Nevada 89521

775-851-7492 (Office)

775-722-2254 (Mobile)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cenni,Sourapas & Christensen on this Weeks TORR Broadcasting from DP 6 Premiere

Welcome to TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO Wed 5/14/2008 coming to you LIVE from the Dezert People Checkpoint 6 premiere at the Moviemax Theatre in Carlsbad, CA!

Some of this weeks Special Guests are:

This weeks Co Host will be: CORR Announcer Scott Rehn

Other guests will include:

Baja 1000 Champ and CORR Pro 2,Pro Buggy racer Steve Sourapas,
Pro 2 & Pro 4 Driver Adrian "The Wildman" Cenni who will be discussing the controversy surrounding him being suspended from racing action at last Sunday's CORR Races and
All German Auto's Team Owner and Driver Martin Christensen
Plus, "Breaking Newz", TORR Girls, Giveaways and whole lot more!

You definately won't want to miss the this one!

After the show,The Premiere of DP 6 will show at 8pm & 9:45.Following that will be the first showing on the new Indiana Jones movie at midnight.

The Live TORR show is from 6-8pm on AM 1000 in San Diego but you can always
LISTEN LIVE online at
Where you can always find a whole lot more Off Road news and information.

As always, We want to hear from you "The Fans"
with any questions,comments or stories you might have!

There are 2 ways to do this.

1) You can call in. The station call in number is 760-720-5236


2) You can text us questions on our forum section at
where you also find our Bonus Tracks,News,Information and Much,Much More

We hope to see you all there.

Wednesdays 6-8pm on AM 1000 KCEO or go to and click on LISTEN LIVE!

TORR Your original source for Off Road Radio!

Dezert People 6 Premiers start Tomorrow the 21st

Dont miss it. You can catch us at the AZ and Ensenada shows.

French premier wants Formula 1 race at Disneyland Paris

With the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours ending after this year's race, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon is working to have it replaced with a Formula One race at Disneyland Paris, the daily Le Figaro reported Friday.

According to the newspaper, the project is ready to be implemented but it is lacking financial support. Some 20 million euros (31 million dollars) are needed to orgnaize the race.

Le Figaro reports that the owner of Disneyland Paris, Euro Disney, is refusing to provide the funds and expects the French government to subsidize the race. But Fillon has refused, leaving the future of the project in limbo.

The daily L'Equipe reported Monday that this year's race at Magny-Cours will be the last French Grand Prix to be held at the site.

Busch wants Toyota test

American stock car ace wants to swap seats

Last updated: 19th May 2008
kyle busch 9/5/2008

Busch: test plan
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NASCAR driver Kyle Busch is hoping to test for Toyota in an off-season swap with one of their Formula One drivers.

Busch, who currently leads NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series standings, says he is in talks with Toyota about heading to Japan at the end of the season.

And, in return for an F1 test, Busch says he will hand over his Joe Gibbs Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup car to either Jarno Trulli or Timo Glock.

"We're working on a test session right now at the end of November or beginning of December sometime, going to Japan and doing a little exhibition sort of deal and see what it's like," Busch told SpeedTV.

"We'll take the Cup car over there, too, I think. Just kind of run around there at either Twin Ring (Motegi) or something like that and show them what the Cup cars are like and try to get in the Formula 1 car, too."

However, only time will tell whether or not the test will lead to an F1 future for the up-and-coming American star, with Busch saying: "We'll see how good I test, first.

"We'll see if my neck can withstand the g-forces of the braking and everything. I wouldn't mind it.

"If I can do it and I'm good at it then I'll give it a shot and try it."

However, commenting on F1 as a spectacle, Busch added: "It seems as though their racing isn't all that great - they kind of get stuck in line and the aero takes over everything."


Schumacher slips up in Superbike race

Schumacher slips up in Superbike race

Monday, 19 May 2008 18:04

Michael Schumacher's motorcycle racing exploits struck a hitch at the weekend when he crashed in his first appearance in German Superbikes.

The seven-times world champion has dabbled with two-wheeled racing since retiring from Formula 1, although he is adamant that he is only racing bikes for his own entertainment and has no plans to start a second career.

Despite Schumacher racing under the pseudonym Marcel Niederhausen, word got out that he would be competing in the Oschersleben rounds of the IDM Superbike series.

A large crowd duly gathered to watch him come from 37th on the grid to 28th in the first race, before crashing out of 21st place in race two.

"This was a classic example of how to learn the hard way," Schumacher wrote on his personal website.

"I had just planned an attack on the bike in front, and had chosen quite a narrow gap to get a good exit curve.

"My footrest hitched onto the kerb and I slid off with the bike."

The German legend escaped injury and shrugged off the incident.

"Nothing really came of it, just a few scratches to the bike's exterior, and probably a few good pictures for the photographers who were at the scene," said Schumacher.

"The sad thing was that I couldn't finish the race, but all in all it was great fun.

"A bike race is really quite different from motor racing, and it was really good to hold my own with the field assembled.

"I could have pulled a few places back in the first race, but unfortunately I false started.

"But after that the race was really enjoyable."

The Oschersleben race was billed as a one-off, with Schumacher not offering any details of when he might next appear on a motorcycle grid.



-Cody Knight and Seth Johnson Bring Capture First in 250 Expert Class and Cody Wallis and Martin Kite Grab First in the 250 Pro Class-

Reno, NV (May 20th, 2008)---The Speed Technologies Motorcross team claimed two top finishes on Saturday, May 17th at the Blue Water Gran Prix race in Parker, AZ. Cody Knight, riding with partner Seth Johnson, took home the first place trophy in the 250 Expert Class and Cody Wallis, riding with partner Martin Kite, managed to grab the first place trophy in the 250 Pro Class. The four riders even they managed to finish ahead of some of the open pro riders – proving that this team is a force to be reckoned with.

“After our first and second place finish last weekend at the Diamond Back Grand Prix we felt really strong about our team and our abilities,” said rider Cody Wallis. “We were focused, well practiced and ready to continue our wining streak – it won’t be the last victory this season for us.”

Adam Thissen and Robert Underwood also finished 13th in the Open Pro Class – helping to seal three finishes for the team.

The team continues to prepare for the 2008 TSCO Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race – a race that finishes near the team base of downtown Reno and is always a favorite for the entire Speed Technologies off-road team.

About Speed Technologies

Established in 2006 Speed Technologies is owned by John Harrah and headquartered in Reno, NV at Rancharrah. The team operates both an off-road car and motorcycle team. Competing in both the SCORE Desert Series and the Best in the Desert, Speed Technologies is a full-time operation supported by a full time staff as well as additional chase and safety crews. Speed Technologies is committed to safety both on and off the track. For more information on Speed Technologies please visit or call 775-851-7492.


From May 27th - June 1st, IRC will only be at the hotel Mision Santa Isabel.

You must visit IRC at the hotel to collect equipment. IRC will not be in SCORE contingency.

All Tecate SCORE Baja 500 competitors are mandated to have an IRC tracking system.

If you already have the bracket and antennas - You now only need the IriTrack or E-Track unit. Order Now.

All Orders for IriTrack and E-Track systems placed with IRC AFTER May 23rd will NOT be on the Live Public Tracking web-page for the

Sunday, May 18, 2008

CORR ROund 4 Recap





1) Bryan Freeman # 307 17: 39.828

2) Andy Anderson #315 17:50.297

3) Sean Kennedy #331 17:51.550

4) Rino Navara # 337 17:56.210

5) Cory Boyer # 316 17:58.380

6) Joe Laff # 304 18:00.708

7) Jeff Knupp #354 18:02.219

8) Chris Boyer #310 18:05.067

9) Krissy Sullivan #306 18:05.471

10) Doug Renfro #333 18:07.437

11) John Grossini #348 18:12.869

12) Kyle Quinn #311 18:12.481

13) Eric Greener # 357 18:12.869

14) Brock Kraenbuhl #312 18:13.504

15) Tim Laff #314 18:14.886

16) David Caspino # 361 18:15.488

17) Brandon Castello # 324 18:26.741

18) Kenneth Freeman # 302 18:33.640

19) Tim Pangborn # 332 18:33.721

20) Rick Guitierez # 390 18:34.669

21) Kelley Renezeder # 317 18:37.807

22) Greg Crew # 337 18:48.348

23) Joe Whitely # 363 18:49.583

24) Greg Parker # 391 18:49.828

25) Justin Davis #385 17:48.658 (1lap)

26) James Pangborn #373 18:40.362 (1lap)

27) Robert Emery # 353 17:46.062 (2 laps)

28) Curt Geer #392 13:20.648 (4 laps)

29) Robert Lansing # 330 13:37.585 (4 laps)

30) Kelegain #376 12:18.279 (5 laps)

31) Sammy Ehrenberg # 3816:56537 (10 laps)

32) Cissy Baldwin # 313 2:26.690 (12 laps)

33) Rick Boyer # 321 1:16.680 (13 laps)


WINNER( Rob MacCachren # 321)

1) Rob MacCachren # 921 16:45.339

2) Greg George # 933 16:48.041

3) Dale Dondel # 997 16:55.604

4) Larry Foddrill # 901 16:57.444

5) Anthony Verdone # 949 17:07.126

6) John Cooley # 948 17:13.766

7) Randy Minnier # 995 17:14.052

8) Rick Ronco # 999 17:17.403

9) Rob Archibald # 902 17:17.658

10) Brandon Coyne # 913 17:25.098

11) Greg Foster # 953 17:26.388

12) Jake Capriotti # 951 17:30.249

13) Mike Holliday # 904 17:14.670 (1 lap)

14) Jeff Serfert # 910 15:02.196 ( 2 laps)

15) Doug Fortin # 996 14:02.151 (3 laps)

16) Aaron Hawley # 924 12:45.623 (4 laps)

17) Mike Porter # 900 13:26.227 (4 laps)

18) Phil Lewis # 914 8:07.637 (8 laps)

19) Shawn Gibson # 909 6:48.887 (9 laps)

20) Vic Bruckman # 905 6:54.307 (9 laps)

21) Malcolm Pointon # 978 5:50.681 (10 laps)

22) Larry Job # 907 14:14.304 (10 laps)

Pro 2 (19 LAPS)

WINNER( Ricky Johnson # 9)

1) Ricky Johnson # 9 26:36.058

2) Jeremy McGrath # 15 26:36.763

3) Carl Renezeder # 17 26:37.861

4) Jerry Whelchel # 1 26:41.714

5) Johnny Greaves #4 26:44.072

6) Rob MacCachren # 21 26:48.446

7) Mike Johnson #31 26:54.912

8) Adrian Cenni #2 26:55.530

9) Mark Shoaff #33 26:56.925

10) Greg Adler # 10 26:57.457

11) Scott Schovajsa #19 27:02.627

12) Mark Jenkins # 25 27:15.346

13) Jesse Jones # 76 27:18.196

14) Jeff Geiser # 44 27:21.362

15) Steven Sourapas # 6 26:16.951 (1 lap)

16) Evan Evans # 5 23:27.399 (3 laps)

17) Mike Oberg # 80 22.18.877 (4 laps)

18) Alan Pflueger # 28 16:30.367 (6 laps)

19) Todd LeDuc # 3 13:56.224 (7 laps)

20) Scott Taylor # 8 11:58.581 (9 laps)

21) Gene Woods # 20 12:04.326 (10 laps)

22) Rodrigo Ampudia # 36 8:17.217 (11 laps)

23) Robbie Woods # 99 10:04.575 (11 laps)

24) Todd Wyllie # 12 4:23.438 (15 laps)

25) Rick Welch # 45 3:43.936 (16 laps)

Pro 2 Spec (19 LAPS)

WINNER( Ross Hoek # 18)

1) Ross Hoek # 18 27:02.288

2) Kevin Davis # 85 27:05.708

3) Brian Cotham # 88 27:20.901

Pro Lite (17 LAPS)

WINNER( Jeff Kincaid # 4)

1) Jeff Kincaid # 4 22:10.268

2) Rob Naughton # 54 22:11.184

3) Rodrigo Ampudia # 36 22:17.009

4) Chris Brandt # 82 22:24.128

5) Todd Cuffaro # 46 22:33.296

6) Brian Deegan # 58 22:36.363

7) Bruce Fraley # 12 22:43.468

8) Garit Wallace # 51 22:47.775

9) Bryce Menzies # 7 22:53.404

10) John Beyer # 28 23:03.431

11) Jeff Huseman # 55 23:14.503

12) Matt Barney # 22 23:19.126

13) Javier Sacio # 35 23:03.277 (1 lap)

14) Heath Carpenter # 25 23:05.730 (1 lap)

15) David Reyes # 77 23:18.843 (1 lap)

16) Chuck Dempsey # 50 21:50.359 (2 laps)

17) Bobby Altamirano # 40 22:17.262 (2 laps)

18) Jose Reyes # 76 22:23.922 (2 laps)

19) Chad Hord # 9 23:19:127 (3 laps)

20) Marty Hart # 15 17:59.041 (4 laps)

21) John Fitzgerald # 31 18:20.907 (4 laps)

22) Shannon Campbell # 5 20:01.275 (4 laps)

23) Casey Currie # 2 14:35.706 (7 laps)

24) Aaron Daugherty # 17 10:16.154 (9 laps)

25) Andy Bargaehr # 6 10:20.429 (9 laps)

26) Dan Pentico # 13 7:42.714 (11 laps)

27) Leroy Loerwald # 8 4:13.309 (15 laps)

Pro 4 (17 LAPS)

WINNER( Johnny Greaves #4)

1) Johnny Greaves # 4 27:34.151

2) Curt LeDuc # 43 27:39.500

3) Travis Coyne # 5 27:40.662

4) Tim Herbst # 18 27:43.160

5) Mike Jenkins # 47 27:43.992

6) Rick Huseman # 3 28:16.220

7) Kyle LeDuc # 99 23:33.280 (3 laps)

8) Steve Barlow # 2 21:08.834 (4 laps)

9) Scott Douglas # 7 12:33.716 (6 laps)

10) Ed Herbst # 55 12:39.219 (6 laps)

11) Jerry Daugherty # 23 11:44.547 (7 laps)

12) Troy Herbst # 19 12:44.228 (10 laps)

13) Carl Renezeder #1 1:57.062 (15 laps)

14) Josh Baldwin # 86 1:59.600 (15 laps)

Penske Racing Museum

If you guys are ever in Scottsdale and want to see some amazing racing history or just have some time to kill stop in and check out the museum. They have all his winning indy 500 chassis, some roundy round stuff and even the PC1 F1 chassis he built, very interesting front suspension on that car.

There was some lame ass policy about no photos of the marborlo cars but I grabbed a few before they bitched too much.