Friday, July 4, 2008

Mexico welcomes the US from the 70s.

To me it sounds much like the gas shortage in he US in the 70s or even the Alleged fake Gas shortage in Phoenix in 2005(ish).

If you have gas for almost 50% of what we pay here you had better expect a big increase in customers.

By Omar Millán González

July 3, 2008

TIJUANA – Hundreds of truck and bus drivers in Tijuana spent six to eight hours in line for diesel fuel yesterday after being promised by station supervisors that Pemex, the Mexican government's oil monopoly, would make deliveries.

However, slow distribution frustrated drivers.

Joaquín Aviña, president of the Association of Gas Station Owners in Tijuana, said some transit drivers pushed station employees and screamed at them after they were unable to buy fuel. Diesel fuel is in high demand in Tijuana because its low price is attractive to buyers who might normally fill up in the United States.

“We are getting supplied (with diesel), and we are selling it without even doing inventory,” said Juan Jose García, supervisor of a Pemex station. “But we cannot keep up with the number of customers, even though they have been waiting for several hours.”

Héctor Campa of the federal consumer protection agency in Baja California said it had received two complaints about gas stations selling diesel to only certain customers.

He said if a station has diesel, it is required by law to sell it to whomever wants to buy it.

Polaris Ranger 1st Side-by-Side to Finish Baja

The RANGER RZR continues to be a force in the racing world, this time by not only winning the UTV class at the Baja 500 but by being the first side-by-side to ever finish the race.

After being the last vehicle to start, Mark Lindsay's team, consisting of Lindsay, driver Phil Holdsworth and co-driver Michael King, raced the sole RANGER RZR entry to the finish line in 19:49:30. Thirty-three miles into the race, the challenge of a loose, rocky incline brought the vehicles in front of Lindsay to a stand-still. When it was finally his turn, he blew through the obstacle with ease. The RANGER RZR did well through the sand washes, silt beds, whoops and everything the race threw its way.

"Being the first side-by-side to finish and win the Baja 500 UTV Class is a true testament to the quality and ability of the RANGER RZR," said Craig Scanlon, product line sales manager for the Polaris Side x Side Division. "We congratulate Mark Lindsay and his team for continuing to show the RANGER RZR can dominate even in the most extreme conditions."

When asked why he chose a RANGER RZR for the race, Lindsay responded, "For the Baja? This isn't farm work, you need a real machine out here."

Lindsay's team was sponsored by Afraidium Racing, FST, BS Sand, Iron City Polaris, Bronco Clutch, F2 Racing, HMF Exhaust, The Lindsay Group RE/MAX, MAXXIS tires, TireBalls, OMF Wheels and King shocks.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Class 8 Breaking News

A mysterious individual only known as MD has been working in secret at an undisclosed location for sometime on a new and revolutionary Class 8 truck. A select few people have visited the batcave to see the new truck but to date no spy photos have been produced.

All that may change. Rumors say that spy photos may be released this week of the new truck. Anonymous reports have stated that the new truck will not only change class 8 as we know it, but motorosports as a whole.

Stay tuned for more.

Bilek Racing and EnS Racing team up to take first in class and first

Over all win went to with drivers Mike Bilek and
> Steve Jangaard. Co drivers were Mike's daughter Alexa Bilek and Crew
> chief Bryan Bergey. The race pace was fast at 61 MPH and Mike said
> he had a blast, especially on the all out wide open stretches. Mike
> was also pleased with the entry turn out of class one vehicles,
> eleven total. The car ran great until the heat kicked in and the
> engine temp rose to 240 degrees, at those times we just had to back
> off the throttle a little. Dust was also a factor for the team who
> started last in class one due to the late entry of the team. There
> was a lot of catching up and passing. With the dry desert dust, it
> made for a challenging race. This was the team’s second MDR race
> this season and the teams second overall win. We plan to attend at
> least two other MDR races besides our BITD and SCORE race schedules
> this year. would like to thank MDR and the
> contingency company donators. We also thank our sponsors: KC
> highlights, Avenger Race Cars by Jefferies racing, Torco race fuels,
> Hoven sunglasses, Wide Open Baja, Nitto Tire, and Liquid Ice Energy
> Drink.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Check out who's on TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO This Wed 7/02/08!

Welcome to TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO Wed 7/02/2008 coming to you LIVE from Blue C Studios in Newport Beach!

Some of this weeks Special Guests are:
Co Host: Cameron Steele

Some of our other guests include:
Grant George, Greg George & Chad George from Team Funco &
Kawasaki Team Green Manager Reid Nordin

On this weeks show, We will be Speaking with Grant,Greg and Chad George from Funco about their great history, Present & future of their Off Road Racing ,Duning adventures and Funco Mortorsoports itself.We'll also be speaking with Reid Nordin from Kawasaki 'Team Green' about the new Funco Kawasaki Teryx that the folks at Funco will be racing at the upcoming CORR races in Chula Vista in addition,What else we can expect to see from Kawasaki & 'Team Green' in the future. We will also be talking with our Co Host,Cameron Steele, Who's always an exciting guest, About what all is going on in his racing program and what sort of media ventures we can look forward to seeing him in this year plus,A whole lot more!

It's going to be another great show and you all won't want to miss it!

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