Friday, May 15, 2009

Andreas Aigner: World Champion and AGM join forces

Andreas Aigner: World Champion and AGM join forces
Welcome, World Champion!
Welcome, World Champion!

Great news for us all: The reigning Production WRC World Champion joins us at AGM. Andreas Aigner (24) contests the Baja 500 with Armin Kremer, which takes off (5-7 June) on the dusty stage in three weeks. Andreas is hugely talented. We saw that years ago at our junior selection programme and then he went on to brilliantly clinch his world championship title. And he has the guts to take on a duel man to man at high speed in thick dust. That’s more the exception than
the rule.
SCORE Buggy Class 1
And that's waiting for Andreas Aigner: One of the last great automobile dventures

Now Andreas swaps his 280 hp production car for the 640 hp Buggy. This heavy monster handles totally differently but it won’t be a problem for Andreas. I can imagine for a young sprinter like him, it’ll not be easy to pace himself for the long way through the desert and conserve the car. And he has to, because the Buggy can withstand huge knocks, but if you’re too rough with it, you destroy it.

Andreas will share the AGM cockpit with Armin Kremer, who does the first stint, before handing the Buggy over to Andreas for the second 250 mile stretch. I’m sharing the AGM Buggy with Martin Christensen, with me doing the first stint. For this reason, Martin and Andreas will drive the prerun together, which is a real blessing for Andreas. There’s no better tutor of desert racing in the world than Martin. And Armin is delighted to receive support from such a hungry, fast and fit young driver. Armin is aiming for the podium. Last year he narrowly missed out on a top three result at the Primm 300.
Armin Kremer
At the Baja 500 Armin Kremer wants a
podium result

Sal Fish, the boss of SCORE International, is also keen to welcome Andreas with open arms. A World Champion from Austria in the Mexican desert. That’s very new – the fans will love it.

Okay, we’re ready and roaring to go! Not only do we have a new driver for the Baja 500 but also a new sponsor partner. The fine wire manufacturer Stamm from Germany produces fine and super fine wires as well as high performance wire electrodes and is known under the name of “StammCut” in Europe and in the USA:

While we are working at full revs for the Baja 500, preparations for the Baja 300 Powerdays Germany, to be held in the Lausitz region of Germany not far from Berlin, is also moving along at high speed. Take a look at our website:

Best wishes, Armin Schwarz

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Late May Superbike return for Schumacher

13 May 2009

Michael Schumacher will make his return to the German Superbike championship at the end of the month. The German, seven times a Formula One World Champion, has been out of action since suffering a damaging fall in February.
Having now had over three weeks to recover from his accident, the Schumacher is now ready to make his comebakc to to series in just over a fortnight's time. "Michael will soon test," manager Willi Weber told Bild. "He plans to start his first race of the season on the 29 May at the Nürburgring."

Despite not racing, Michael has been a constant fixture at the Ferrari team this year in order to aid the team's develop of its F60 car, with the new aerodynamic regulations in place for 2009.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tactical Camera Long Range Assault Stock [TALCS]

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Introduction to the Tactical Assault Long Range Camera Stock (TALCS)

Born out of the need for stability, the Tactical Assault Long Range Camera Stock, or TALCs, is the latest in modular camera accessories from Miso Beno Heavy Industries (MBHI). The TALCS platform grants operators the modularity of modern shoulder fired weapons with the grace and stability of old world platforms all in a compact, easy to use package. Taking from the greatest in weapons design principles, the TALCS provides the ultimate in modular field accessories without sacrificing traditional European wood on steel styling.

Monday, May 11, 2009


May 10, 2009
Contact: Tim Sanchez, 714.514.7450

LAS VEGAS - Among Nevada's barren desert is a town that could be considered Nevada's secret little gem. Located in southeastern Nevada, the quiet town of Caliente, Nevada is the only incorporated community in Lincoln County. Settled in the1860's and coined with the name Caliente in 1901, this small community was built upon the railroad and mining industries in the early days.

This past weekend, one of off road racing's winningest champions of all time, Rob MacCachren, returned to Caliente, Nevada for the annual SNORE Caliente 250 desert race. "The Caliente 250 has long been a favorite race of mine. The mountains, streams and beautiful scenery are second to none for an off road race," commented the Las Vegas off road racing champion.


MacCachren unleashed his wicked desert domination on a full field of 1600 racers as he drove to victory in his third SNORE race in a row, with a winning time of 5:28:09. In fact, MacCachren's overall time was only 11 minutes and 30 seconds off the overall winner of the race who raced a Class 1 Unlimited car.

The Rockstar Energy Racing team owner took possession of his AlumiCraft-built single seat 1600 car just before the start of the 2009 racing season and started from the back of the field in the season opening race, The Battle at Primm. Over the two-day race, MacCachren soared through a stacked field before being crowned the 1600 champ.

At this year's historic MINT 400, MacCachren reigned as the 1600 winner, beating the other 1600 racers and the majority of the entire field finishing 7th OVERALL. With his 80-horsepower AlumiCraft car, the champion desert racer outclassed the bulk of the unlimited trucks and buggies, many that sport over 700 horsepower power plants.

The Caliente 250 was no different, as a slew of 1600 racers all wanted a piece of MacCachren's 1600 race action in hoping to beat him at the game he's nearly perfected. While in the midst of racing multiple off road series among three different racing disciplines, the 44-year old Rockstar Energy Drink athlete overcame his hectic day-to-day racing schedule and silenced the competition with nothing more than pure talent captivating the attention of off road race fans everywhere.

The Rockstar Energy Racing 1600 car was fast all day long as MacCachren weaved a magical web of desert domination through the Caliente, Nevada countryside. Whether he was submarining through the deep streams or blasting up the steep silt-filled mountain trails, his line ultimately was the winning line.

"AlumiCraft builds a great car, FAT Performance gave us an awesome engine and the four corners of this car are supported by FOX Racing Shox and BFGoodrich Tires. Rockstar Energy Drink keeps me focused on being fast and Mastercraft Seats let me abuse my body to the extreme. Everything was near perfect today and we had another solid race. I really like the Caliente area it's always been one of my favorite races. SNORE puts on a great series and we're very happy to be involved with SNORE this season," said a smiling MacCachren.

MacCachren is in the midst of beginning his 2009 short course racing season as the 2009 TORC Series opener kicks off on May 15 at Texas Motor Speedway. The race action doesn't stop for the off road racing champion as he races two short course races in May and the following weekend he heads to Mexico's Baja Peninsula for the SCORE Baja 500 where he is slated to race the #3 Rockstar Energy Drink/Riviera Racing Trophy Truck.

About Rockstar: Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger.
ROCKSTAR is the world's most powerful energy drink. Enhanced with the potent herbal blends of Guarana, Ginkgo, Genseng and Milk Thistle, ROCKSTAR is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles-from athletes to rock stars. PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

2009 Rockstar Energy Racing Sponsors:
Rockstar Energy Drink, BFGoodrich Tires, FOX RACING SHOX, Mastercraft Race Seats, Pro AM, Rancho Drivetrain Engineering, Patton Racing Engines, KC HiLites and DIRTnewz.

Rob MacCachren Racing:
For nearly 30 years, Rob MacCachren has been racing in the open desert. As a second-generation desert racer, Rob began his career following in the footsteps of his father while growing up in the Nevada desert. His career accomplishments include winning three consecutive Borg-Warner Championships, as well as three Governor's Cup Championships, all at Crandon International Raceway in Wisconsin. Rob has also accumulated 5 SCORE Baja 1000 victories and another 5 SCORE Baja 500 wins. MacCachren was heralded as the premier driver after winning the longest distance (1296 miles point-to-point) SCORE Baja 1000 ever held in 2007. The multi-disciplined championship racer has accumulated over 150 victories and numerous championships between closed short course and open desert racing.

Rob MacCachren Media and Management:
ROMM, Inc.
Tim Sanchez