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SCORE Primm 300 Photo Update

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

George R. Thompson
Dixon Brothers Racing
For Information Contact:
To learn more about Dixon Bros. Racing visit our website at For more information about Ford vehicles, go to
Reno, NV - August 23, 2008: Although environmental concerns shortened the Best in the
Desert ‘Vegas to Reno’ race by almost 100 miles, the change in length did nothing to make the
course any easier for the competitors. If anything, it was more difficult. Aaron Dixon behind the
wheel of The Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger started ninth in the gaggle of Class 7100 trucks and
ran a conservative pace, early on, threading his way through the race traffic. About 40 miles into
the race Aaron got caught up in a traffic jam at a steep and silty hill where a number of production
class vehicles were stuck. Those that were not stuck were each forced to wait their turn in line for
20-30 minutes to take a run up the steep hill and get on with their race. Had the race been started
in Johnnie, as originally scheduled, this hill would have been at race-mile 150 and would probably
have been clear since the slower and weaker vehicles would have fallen off the pace by then.
After finally getting past the “hill climb” as Aaron called it, he was moving through some
really extreme braking bumps when the #7101 Ford lost the power steering. “Once we loose
power steering pressure, the feedback from the steering wheel is INSANE and it is impossible to
hold,” said team owner Aaron Dixon. “We pulled off the road to survey the damage and found
that the rack was cracked on the pressure side. We use a factory part, per the rules and were 20
miles from the next pit so we decided to limp it in rather than try to fix it ourselves.”
While trying to get back on the course, they got stuck trying to cross a ditch, which turned
out to be deeper than it looked. “Without the superior traction of the Goodyear MTR tires and our
Radflo Hydra Jack, we might still be stuck!” Aaron commented. Back on level ground, Aaron
with co-rider, Ed Ramirez, continued on their way to pit #2 with no further issues. The steering
was changed in the pit and they were back in the race and running in seventh place after losing
about an hour and a half to repairs. He passed a few broken Class 7100 trucks on the way to
Tonopah at race-mile 150 where Ian Dixon and Phil Ramirez were scheduled to take over.
The Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger had moved into third place when Ian got behind the
wheel, about 25 miles off the pace set by the #7114 Ford, who had held the lead all day. As
darkness fell, Ian had some trouble working the adjustable actuator on the new light rack but the
headlights and bumper mounted KC HiLites HID’s turned out to be more than enough to light the
way to the next driver change in Hawthorne at race-mile 300.
Along the way Ian had reeled in the leaders and when Aaron took over for the final 155-mile
stretch to the finish, he was in the lead. The Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger had a flawless ride
to the finish in Dayton, winning the BitD ‘Vegas to Reno’ by 40 minutes over the #7102 Ford,
who had passed the #7114 truck for the second place finish in the final 50 miles of the race.
“We want to thank Robby Woolworth for opening up his shop the night before the race until
midnight” Aaron said.. “We heard some loud gear noise coming from the rear end while loading
up the truck after tech and decided to change out the ring and pinion. I called up Robby and he
said, ‘No problem, I’ll wait for you to get here’. We ended up using our spare 3rd member with a
gear set that had 5 races on it.”
At the finish team owner Aaron Dixon said, “This is how the Vegas to Reno race always
turns out, everyone has problems. Sitting at Pit #2 fixing the steering rack, I really couldn’t
imagine winning this race, but we’ll take it!”
- grt -

Corvette ZR1 Now at Bondurant!

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-Driver of Record Chuck Dempsey to Race the HMS Avenger and John Herder to Compete in the Jimco Dominator-

September 3rd, 2008 (Reno, NV) --- Speed Technologies, one of the largest and foremost off-road racing teams in the United States and Mexico, gears up on Saturday, September 6th to defend their top three position in the SCORE Desert Race Series at the 13th SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300. The team plans to enter two of their Class 1 cars in the race – the HMS Avenger driven by Chuck Dempsey with Raymond Barre in the passenger seat and the Dominator driven by John Herder with Joe Weining navigating. Dempsey, a former Baja 500 winner, maintains the top three point’s position in the SCORE Desert Race Series, along with his co-driver Raymond Barre and Mark Levrett.

“This race is important to us as a team – we love racing in Primm and with the help of the Speed Technologies crew and our sponsor Toyo Tires I feel as if our cars are ready to tackle the course and come out on top,” said Chuck Dempsey.

Dempsey, a season desert racer, is currently holding onto the top three point’s position in the Class 1 category of the SCORE Desert Race Series. This veteran racer also competes in the Best in the Desert series and recently spearheaded Speed Technologies expansion into CORR Racing and hopes, along with the entire Speed Technologies crew, to help lead the team to the podium over the next year.

John Herder, who took home first place in the Best in the Desert Terrible’s 250 in 2006 in his Jimco Chevy powered Class 1500 car, will be behind the wheel of the V-10 Jimco Dominator and plans to bring this car across the finish line.

“We’ve been hard at work fixing some of the complications with the Dominator and we’re making strong progress,” said team crew chief Phil Johnson.

Speed Technologies is not only committed to racing and competing in the top races across the US and Mexico, but the philosophy behind the team based on strong team work and race support. Realizing that they’re well equipped to deal with numerous issues both on and off the race course Johnson encourages any teams who are in need of pit help to please feel free to use the Speed Technologies pit crews to aid and assist their teams in anyway possible during the race.

About Speed Technologies

Established in 2006 Speed Technologies is owned by John Harrah and headquartered in Reno, NV at Rancharrah. The team operates an off-road car and motorcycle team as well as developing cutting edge off road and aquatics products and designs. Competing in the SCORE Desert Series, Best in the Desert and Championship off Road Racing, Speed Technologies is a full-time operation supported by a full time staff as well as additional chase and safety crews. Speed Technologies is committed to safety both on and off the track. For more information on Speed Technologies please visit or call 775-851-7492.

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2010 will see the launch of the Bugatti-Schumacher F1 team.

VW will bankroll the team to the tune of £500million over the next 5 years. The drivers are unknown but could include Nick Heidfeld and Lewis Hamilton as his contract with McLaren will be over by then.

Micheal Schumacher will be the team CEO and test driver. Ferrari are understood to be disappointed to be losing such a great asset to the team but understand his desire to run a team of his own name. Micheal will step away from the team at the end of 2008 to concentrate on setting up Bugatti-Schumacher and so as not to have a conflict of interests.


This comes from and I have no idea if it's true. I suspect its total BS though.

SCORE Terrible's Primm 300 Final Advance

Saturday in Primm, Nev.
127 entries from 13 States, Mexico, Canada & Germany
Ready for Saturday’s 13th SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300

LIVE online tracking for Round 5 of six-race
2008 SCORE Desert Series at

LOS ANGELES—Hoping to become the first repeat overall winner in race history, Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., returns as the defending overall and SCORE Trophy-Truck champion for this weekend’s 13th annual SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300 desert race. Round 4 of the five-race 2008 SCORE Desert Series will be held Saturday in Primm, Nev., 45 miles south of Las Vegas at the Nevada/California border.
The 13th Annual SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300 will feature 18 Pro and 2 Sportsman classes for cars and trucks in Primm and this year’s starting grid is expected to reach over 140 vehicles. Entries will be accepted up until race morning.
With two career wins in the featured SCORE Trophy-Truck racing division for high-tech, 800-horsepower, unlimited production trucks, Cadiente will drive the No. 38 GNR Racing Ford F-150 and he will start 17th out of the 22 trucks entered to date in the class.
Eleven of last year’s 16 class winners have entered, including all of last year’s top five and eight of the top 10 overall finishers.
For the seventh consecutive year, the race will be split into two groups with the open wheel, slower truck and VW baja bug classes starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday. The faster truck classes, including the featured SCORE Trophy-Truck division along with the unlimited Class 1 open-wheel desert race cars, will start at 1 p.m. One vehicle will start every 30 seconds in the elapsed-time race.
Pre-race festivities on Friday for the SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300, including tech and contingency and the SCORE Manufacturer’s Midway, will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. behind Buffalo Bill’s Resort. The post-race awards celebration will be held at 10 a.m. on Sunday in the conference center at Terrible’s Primm Valley Resort.
“We have been developing new elements with our racing program, so our results since last year’s SCORE Primm race haven’t been where we want them to be,” said Cadiente, who won the 2006 Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 on the way to earning 2006 SCORE Rookie of the Year honors. “We have made significant progress and look forward to seeing how far we’ve come in Primm. This will also be the first race for our new team sponsor—Empire Southwest-CAT—and both the GNR No. 38 and the GNR No. 39 SCORE Trophy-Trucks will be looking for spots on the podium.”
The main pits and start/finish area for the 72.0-mile loop course will be located behind Buffalo Bills Resort on the North side of the property. The faster classes will run four laps around the course while the slower ones will be required to run either three or two laps within the seven-hour time limit to become official finishers.
A total of 22 SCORE Trophy-Trucks are entered to date, and the marquee SCORE racing division will lead the afternoon group into the Southern Nevada desert.
Starting behind the 22 SCORE Trophy-Trucks will be the unlimited Class 1 for open-wheel desert race cars, which has 24 entries to date. In the first 12 years of the SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300, SCORE Trophy-Trucks have eight Overall race wins while Class 1 has four. SCORE Trophy-Trucks have won five straight overall titles.
In a sport where there is no qualifying or open pre-running (in the U.S.), the drawing for start positions has added significance and the No. 74 MasterCraft Racing Ford F-150 SCORE Trophy-Truck of Bill Varnes, Santee, Calif., was selected randomly in the computerized drawing at the SCORE Int’l headquarters in Los Angeles last month.
Drawing the first starting spot in Class 1 was the All-German Motorsports team of World Rally Championship veteran Armin Schwarz of Germany and Martin Christensen of Escondido, Calif. in the No. 101 BMW-powered Jimco open-wheel desert race car. Class 1 winners in this year’s Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 in March, the Schwarz/Christensen team is currently fifth in Class 1 season points.
The first vehicle to leave the start line in the morning portion of the event will be the Class 10 vehicle driven by the Las Vegas team of Michael Wichmann/Rick Lance, in a Volkswagen-powered Chenowth open-wheel desert race car.
Las Vegas’ Brian Collins, the 2005 Overall and SCORE Trophy-Truck winner in Primm will start 16th in class, just ahead of Cadiente, in the No. 12 Collins Motorsports Mopar Dodge Ram1500. Splitting the driving with Collins this year will be Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif. Collins/Hovey finished third in their first SCORE race together, the 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 this past June in Ensenada, Mexico.
Eric Solorzano, Tijuana, Mexico, has the most class wins in the SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300. Solorzano has won Class 11 in eight of the first 12 years of this race in a VW Sedan. Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif., is third on the all-time list with five Class 3 wins in a Ford Bronco, including the last four straight years.
Behind SCORE Trophy-Truck (22) and Class 1 (24), the classes with the most entries to date are SCORE Lite and Class 1-2/1600 (14 each).
Among the other racers drawing first starting positions for this race is Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif, who will lead Class 1-2/1600 in the No. 1601 1600cc Mirage-VW. Pfankuch, who has won his class twice this season, leads not only his class, but is the 2008 SCORE Overall point leader after the first three races of the season. Pfankuch will be one of several drivers pulling double duty as he is also now a driver as well for the All German Motorsports team and will drive part of the race in Class 1 for driver of record Armin Kremer of Germany.
The talented field in Saturday’s race also features two female drivers of record, who are both among the favorites to win their respective classes.
Bekki Wik of Las Vegas, a two-time SCORE Class 1-2/1600 season point champion, returns to Class 10 where she will start second in class and split driving with her husband Adam Wik, a noted desert racing engine builder. The Wiks will drive their new Honda-powered Bunderson open-wheel desert race car.
Heidi Steele, of San Clemente, Calif., is leading this year’s SCORE point standings in Class 7SX where she has two SCORE race wins this season and will start first in here class in a Ford Ranger. Heidi’s husband Cameron Steele drives the No. 16 Cadillac Escalade SCORE Trophy-Truck and will be the third vehicle off the line in the afternoon portion of the race. Cameron Steele will also drive in the morning portion of the race, splitting time in the SCORE Lite class with Brian Burgess, Riverside, Calif.
The highly-competitive 2008 SCORE Desert Series has 20 racers separated by just 48 points in the Overall standings after the 14th SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, 22nd Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 and 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 desert races.
In the tight point’s race in SCORE Trophy-Truck, 2006 season point champion Las Vegas’ B.J. Baldwin leads and is coming off his seven-second victory over defending series point champion Mark Post, Laguna Beach, Calif./Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas in June’s Tecate SCORE Baja 500.
Baldwin has 211 points in the No. 97 Baldwin Motorsports Chevy Silverado while Post/MacCachren is second with 190 in the No. 1 Riviera Racing Ford F-150. Third in SCORE Trophy-Truck points is Robbie Pierce, Santee, Calif. with 185 points in the No. 35 MasterCraft Racing Chevy Silverado while Collins is fourth with 180.
Fifth with 179 points in the 2008 SCORE Trophy-Truck points is Damen Jefferies, Oak Hills, Calif., in the No. 22 Herman Motorsports Chevy Sivlerado while sixth with 165 points is Reno’s Roger Norman/Larry Roeseler, Irvine, Calif., in the No. 8 Norman Motorsports Chevy Silverado.
In Primm on Saturday, Post/MacCachren will start fifth, Norman/Roeseler seventh, Jefferies 11th, Baldwin 12th, Collins 16th and Pierce 19th.
Live online tracking of all vehicles in the race will be available through International Racing Consultants at the website at
The 2008 SCORE Desert Series also includes the chase for the $20,000 Volkswagen of America Point Leader Bonus and the run for the Toyota Milestone Awards for car and truck racers who complete every required mile of the season. To date, 16 drivers are still eligible for the Toyota Milestone Awards.
Current SCORE official annual sponsors are: BFGoodrich Tires-official tire, Sunoco Race Fuels -official fuel supplier, Bilstein-official shock, Volkswagen of America-official vehicle, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance-official Mexican auto insurance, Slime-official tire sealant, Red Bull--official energy drink and Bosch Power Tools-official power tool. Associate sponsors are: Tecate Beer, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Las Vegas Events, Terrible Herbst Inc., Blue C Enthusiast Advertising, Kartek Off-Road, American Suzuki, SignPros, P.C.I. Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics.
Co-title sponsors for the 13th SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300 are Las Vegas Events and Terrible Herbst Inc.
For more information, contact SCORE at its Los Angeles headquarters 818.225.8402 or visit the official website of the 2007 SCORE Desert Series at

SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300

1996--Robby Gordon, Orange, Calif., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
1997--Curt LeDuc, Cherry Valley, Calif., Jeep Grand Cherokee (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
1998--Ed and Tim Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
1999--Troy Herbst, Las Vegas, Smithbuilt-Ford (Class 1)
2000--Steve Sourapas, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)
2001--Troy Herbst, Las Vegas, Smithbuilt-Ford (Class 1)
2002--Mike Julson, Santee, Calif./Bob Lofton, Westmorland, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)
2003--Tim Herbst/Ed Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2004--Alan Pflueger, Honolulu, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2005--Brian Collins, Las Vegas/Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz., Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2006—Bob Shepard, Phoenix, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2007—Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)

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SCORE Terrible's Primm 300 Expanded Entries

September 1, 2008

NOTE: Late entries will be accepted until race morning (Saturday, Sept. 6).

13th SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300
Round 4 of five-race 2008 SCORE Desert Series
September 5-7, 2008 Primm, Nevada

(By Class Starting Order—as of 9/1/08)

Pro Cars & Trucks

SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK (Unlimited Production Trucks)--
74 Bill Varnes, Santee, Calif., Ford F-150
2 Pete Sohren, Glendale, Ariz., Ford F-150
16 Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Rick Geiser, Phoenix, Cadillac Escalade
50 Jason McNeil/Nick Kraus, El Cajon, Calif., Ford F-150
1 Mark Post, Laguna Beach, Calif./Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150
91 Bill McBeath, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado
8 Roger Norman, Reno, Nev./Larry Roeseler, Irvine, Calif., Ford F-150
84 Nick Vanderwey, Phoenix/Larry Vanderwey, Litchfield Park, Ariz./Michael Vanderwey, Phoenix, Chevy Silverado
7 Scott Steinberger, Cypress, Calif./Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif., Ford F-150
96 Bobby Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado
22 Damen Jefferies, Apple Valley, Calif., Chevy Silverado
97 B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado
85 Todd Wyllie, New River, Ariz., Chevy Silverado
60 Mike Voudouris, Austin, Texas, Ford F-150
93 Robby Fallers/Bob Fallers, Peoria, Ariz.
12 Brian Collins, Las Vegas/Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif., Dodge Ram 1500
38 Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150
44 Adam Householder, Orange, Calif., Chevy Silverado
35 Robbie Pierce, Santee, Calif./Brent Gustin, Seal Beach, Calif., Chevy Silverado
51 Kory Scheeler, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado
39 Ron Whitton, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150
89 Rusty Stevens/Chad Quarles, Pampa, Texas, Ford F-150

CLASS 1 (Unlimited single or two-seaters)--
101 Armin Schwarz, Germany/Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif., Jimco-BMW
102 Dale Lenk, Costa Mesa, Calif./Randy Perry, Santa Ana, Calif./Grant Lenk, Costa Mesa, Calif., Penhall-Chevy
103 B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy
104 Chuck Dempsey, Oak Hills, Calif./Raymond Barre, Reno, Nev./Mark Levrett, Sparks, Nev., HMS-Chevy
105 Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas, Jimco-Chevy
106 Steve Sourapas, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., RPS-Chevy
107 Kory Halopoff, Tatum-Chevy
108 Brian Parkhouse, Bell Gardens, Calif./Tom Ridings, Los Alamitos, Calif. Jimco-Chevy
109 Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif./Tom Kirkmeyer, Apple Valley, Calif., HMS-Chevy
100 Bill Gasper, Chino Hills, Calif./Dave Gasper, Santa Barbara, Calif., Porter-Chevy
111 Terry Householder, Orange, Calif., Playtech-Chevy
112 Harley Letner, Orange, Calif., Alpha-Chevy
113 Guy Peterson, Arcadia, Calif./Mike Nex, Temecula, Calif., Penhall-Chevy
114 Randy Wilson, Lakewood, Calif./Charlie Gioffredi, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
115 Dale Ebberts, Wilton, Calif./Brad Etter, Villa Park, Calif., Porter-Chevy
116 Pat Dean, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy
117 Luis Ramirez Jr. /Nicolas Ambriz, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Jefferies-Chevy
118 Eric Chase, San Diego/Stuart Chase, Burbank, Calif., Penhall-Chevy
119 Armin Kremer, Germany/Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
120 Daniel Wingerning, Redondo Beach, Calif./Bill Wingerning, Rolling Hills, Calif., Jimco-Chevy
121 Tim McDonnell, Yorba Linda, Calif./Brian McDonnell, La Habra, Calif., Penhall-Chevy
122 John Herder, Tucson, Ariz., Jimco-Viper
148 Greg Nunley, Tulare, Calif./Derron Dillard, Visalia, Calif., Sandco-Chevy
149 Cam Theriot, Petaluma, Calif./Glenn Harris, Simi Valley, Calif., RPS-Chevy

CLASS 1-2/1600 (VW-powered, single or two-seaters to 1600cc)--
1601 Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif., Mirage
1602 Brian Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Colin Morris, Lakewood, Calif., Jimco
1603 Brad Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas, Jimco
1604 Cory Boyer/Rick Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif./Fernie Padilla, Las Vegas, Lothringer
1600 Dave Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif./Mike Malloy, Las Vegas, Lothringer
1606 Hiram Duran/Eric Duran/Evan Duran, Tecate, Calif., Neth
1607 Matthew Niles, Los Angeles/Robin Lagui, Stevenson Ranch, Calif., Kreger
1608 Hector Garcia/Roberto Encinas, Chula Vista, Calif./Teodoro Gonzalez, San Diego, Yees
1609 Aaron Hawley, Las Vegas/Bryan Freeman, Henderson, Nev., Seagrove
1610 Steven Eugenio, El Centro, Calif., Fraley
1611 Arturo Velazco, Banning, Calif./Steve Cruz, San Diego/Abel Velazco, Banning, Calif., Porter
1612 Kevin Smith/Brian Smith, La Verne, Calif., Mirage
1613 Armando Avila, Horizon, Texas/Ariel Avalos, El Paso, Texas, Jimco
1649 Brent Parkhouse/Cody Parkhouse, Long Beach, Calif., Mirage

CLASS 3 (Short Wheelbase 4X4)--
301 Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif./Ken Moss, Marysville, Calif., Ford Bronco
302 Daniel Wright, Rio Vista, Calif./Daniel Field, Fruitland, Idaho/Jeremy Parriott, Moab, Utah, Ford Bronco

CLASS 5 (Unlimited VW Baja Bugs)--
501 Kevin Carr, San Diego

CLASS 5/1600 (1600cc VW Baja Bugs)--
551 Enrique Zazueta Jr./Enrique Zazueta Sr./Edgar Zazueta/Sodgi Zazueta, La Paz, Mexico
552 Alonso Angulo, Ensenada, Mexico
553 Raul Solano/Richard Garavito, Chino, Calif.
554 Tommy Craft, El Cajon, Calif./Ron Craft, Santee, Calif./Reid Rutherford, Montrose, Colo.
555 Trevor Anderson/Mark Anderson, Carlsbad, Calif.
556 Ernie Negrete, San Diego/Oscar Venagas, Rosarito, Mexico/Gabriel Diaz, San Ysidro, Calif.
577 Saul Garcia, Hemet, Calif.
578 Jose Montoya/Adolfo Arambula, Ensenada, Mexico
579 Marcos Nunez/Norberto Rivera, Ensenada, Mexico

CLASS 7 (Open mini trucks)--
700 Dan Chamlee/Tom Chamlee, Carpenteria, Calif., Ford Ranger
701 Brandon Walsh, Encinitas, Calif./Travis Freedman, Salome, Ariz., Toyota Tacoma
702 Jason Rodriguez, Alpine, Calif., Ford Ranger
719 A.J. Rodriguez, Perris, Calif./Paul Sullivan, Riverside, Calif., Ford Ranger

CLASS 7SX (Modified, open mini trucks)--
741 Heidi Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Rene Brugger, San Diego, Ford Ranger
742 Rodd Fantelli, Ramona, Calif., Ford Ranger
743 Aaron Gomez, Fallbrook, Calif./Michael Dwyer, Temecula, Calif., Ford Ranger
759 John Holmes, Olivenhain, Calif./Mark Landersman, Temecula, Calif., Ford Ranger

CLASS 8 (Full-sized two-wheel drive trucks)--
801 Noah Ostanik, Encinitas, Calif., Ford F-150

CLASS 10 (Single or two-seaters to 1650cc)--
1001 Michael Wichmann/Rick Lance, Las Vegas, Chenowth-VW
1002 Bekki Wik/Adam Wik, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Honda
1003 Tito Robles/Arturo Salas, Chula Vista, Calif., Jimco-Honda
1004 Adam Ashcraft, Vista, Calif., AlumiCraft-VW
1005 Robert McBeath/Jessica McBeath, Las Vegas
1006 Jeremy James, Surprise, Ariz./Mike James, Alpine, Calif., Jimco-VW
1007 Mark Hutchins/C.J. Hutchins, Henderson, Nev., Kreger-Honda
1008 Ken Tapert, Henderson, Nev., Tatum-VW
1009 Mike Lawrence, Sunset Beach, Calif./Anthony Lopiccalo, Brea, Calif., Lothringer-VW
1010 Tim Pangborn/James Pangborn, Las Vegas

SCORE LITE (VW-powered, Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc)--
1201 Daniel Folts, Chino, Calif., Seagrove
1202 David Callaway, Menifee, Calif./Scott Mapes, Riverside, Calif., Callaway
1200 Tom Watson, El Centro, Calif./Tim Noe/David Scaroni, San Diego, Prill
1204 Perry McNeal/Alfie Bueno, San Diego, Lothringer
1205 Mike Sandoval, Escondido, Calif., Meco
1206 Steve Mamer, Holtville, Calif./Craig Smith, Brawley, Calif., Raceco
1207 Brian Burgess, Riverside, Calif./Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Moulton
1208 Mike Williams, Prescott, Ariz./Blaise Jackson, Fallbrook, Calif., Meco
1209 Lee Banning, Laveen, Ariz./Lee Banning Jr., Litchfield Park, Ariz.
1210 Rick St. John, Encinitas, Calif./Ramsey El Wardani, San Diego/Vic Bruckmann, Lemon Grove, Calif., Duvel
1211 John Padgett/Julie Padgett/Ryan Nikita, Canada, Kreger
1212 Bill Hernquist/Scott Reams, San Diego, Jimco
1248 Jake Jones, Aliso Viejo, Calif./Scot Jones, San Clemente, Calif., Hankbuilt
1249 Ty Godde, Cal City, Calif./Jim Greenway, Ojai, Calif
CLASS 11 (Stock VW Sedans)--
1100 Ramon Fernandez/Thomas Fernandez, Ensenada, Mexico
1101 Mauro Diaz, Covington, Wash./David Sanchez, Hesperia, Calif.
1149 Eric Solorzano, Tijuana, Mexico

STOCK FULL (Stock, Full-sized trucks)--
861 Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn./Clyde Stacy/Michael Powell, Bristol, Va./William Aylor, Union, Ky., Dodge Ram2500
862 Chad Hall, Reno, Nev., Hummer H3Alpha
860 John Griffin, Mission Viejo, Calif./Jeremy Spirkoff, El Cajon, Calif., Ford F-350
878 Kent Kroeker, Valley Center, Calif./Frank Martwek, San Clemente, Calif., Dodge2500
879 Clyde Stacy/Michael Powell, Bristol, Va./Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn./Jeremy Maltier, Bristol, Va., Dodge Ram2500

STOCK MINI (Stock, Mini-sized trucks)--
760 Rod Hall, Reno, Nev., Hummer H3
761 Steve Kovach, Tempe, Airz./Chip Carr, Gilbert, Ariz., Ford Ranger

PROTRUCK (Limited Production Trucks)--
235 Jason Voss/Rich Voss, Cupertino, Calif., Ford F-150
233 Max Post, Laguna Beach, Calif., Ford F-150

CLASS 17 (Class 3, Modified Jeeps)--
1749 Scott Watkins, Stockton, Calif./Casey Bount, Danville, Calif., Jeep XJ Cherokee

1400 Peter Lang/Terry Cotter/Brian Jellison, Santa Rosa, Calif., Homebuilt-Chevy

1501 Jeff Stowers, Trabucco Canyon, Calif., Chevy Silverado
1500 Keith Growe/Mark Growe, Placentia, Calif., Ford Ranger
1503 Nick Tonelli, Huntington Beach, Calif./Eric Hampton, Lake Forest, Calif., Ford Ranger
1504 Joe Aguayo, San Jacinto, Calif./Jaime Banks, Pala, Calif., Ford F-150
1505 Kyle Caso, Fallbrook, Calif./Dustin Hensley, Menifee, Calif., Ford Ranger
1506 Bob Land, Lake Forest, Calif./Eric Garcia, Indio, Calif./Tom Hanscom, Crystal Lake, Ill., Jeep Cherokee
1507 Gregg Hempel, Las Vegas/Dino Ianucci, Henderson, Nev., GM
1549 Matt Scaroni, Heber, Calif., Chevy Trophy-Lite

Primm Top Tips from TT


74 Bill Varnes Good draw, anyway 6 to 1
2 Pete Sohren Can you say "ring gear"? 6 to 1
16 Cameron Steele Too many flats 5 to 1
50 Jason McNeil NRIARWAM 8 to 1
*1 Mark Post Has plenty of (Dan) blockers 2 to 1
91 Bill McBeath Chicane? 9 to 1
8 Roger Norman Givin' it hell 5 to 1
84 Nick Vanderwey Trophy case getting' dusty, cowboy 7 to 1
7 Scott Steinberger Heaviest rig around 6 to 1
96 Bobby Baldwin Havin' fun … what its all about 9 to 1
22 Damen Jefferies Buggy-based not the solution 9 to 1
97 B.J. Baldwin Virtually unbeatable 2 to 1
85 Todd Wyllie Not workin' 4 to 1
60 Mike Voudouris To finish is to win, I guess - but not in T-T 99 to 1
93 Robby Fallers Fallen on hard times 99 to 1
12 Brian Collins One of the best 2 to 1
38 Garron Cadiente On a good day … gone! 2 to 1
24 Adam Householder Shoulda stayed home 99 to 1
35 Robbie Pierce Collecting lots of points 4 to 1
51 Kory Scheeler Homie should know route 5 to 1
39 Ron Whitton Draw dilutes effort 4 to 1
89 Rusty Stevens Fe2O3-y 99 to 1

101 Armin Schwarz Dreamy Draw 2 to 1
102 Dale Lenk Needs a "Master Lenk" 4 to 1
103 B.J. Richardson Will drive wheels "off", so to speak 3 to 1
104 Chuck Dempsey Plenty of PR 6 to 1
105 Ronny Wilson TOP TIP 3 to 1
106 Steve Sourapas Kiss of death? 99 to 1
107 Kory Halopoff Winner has to run clean 3 to 1
108 Brian Parkhouse Stepping up the program 4 to 1
109 Richard Boyle Goddamned bridesmaid! 3 to 1
*100 Billy Gasper 5 to 1
111 Terry Householder Brace that rear bumper! 99 to 1
112 Harley Letner Winner has to run clean 3 to 1
113 Guy Peterson May be EXPOsed! 6 to 1
114 Randy Wilson Wilsonians always look good 3 to 1
115 Dale Ebberts Inconsistent 4 to 1
116 Pat Dean MY FAV! 2 to 1
117 Luis Ramirez, Jr. Unknown star 3 to 1
118 Eric Chase Chasing a decent draw, I swear! 3 to 1
119 Armin Kremer TOP TIP 4 to 1
120 Daniel Wingerning Will wing it 99 to 1
121 Tim McDonnell DARK HORSE 3 to 1
122 John Herder Needs motivation 8 to 1

148 Greg Nunley-2nd RS Odds? None-ly! 99 to 1
149 Cam Thieriot-1st RS "RS", my ass 5 to 1

CLASS 1/2-1600:
1601 Adam Pfankuch Random draw … Even
1602 Brian Wilson
1603 Brad Wilson
1604 Cory Boyer Will be SCARY fast! 2 to 1
*1600 Dave Caspino Course suits DC 3 to 1
1606 Hiram Duran … like wolf 4 to 1
1607 Matthew Niles might be "blue" 99 to 1
1608 Hector Garcia Still my choice 3 to 1
1609 Aaron Hawley TOP TIP 2 to 1
1610 Steven Eugenio Knows all the right lines 2 to 1
1611 Arturo Velazco Need a win 3 to 1
1612 Kevin Smith 97 to 3
1613 Armando Avila 57 to 4

1649 Brent Parkhouse-1st RS Never in the game 99 to 1

301 Donald Moss Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Even
302 Daniel Wright Wrong! Steven

501 Kevin Carr Dying class 5 to 1

CLASS 5-1600:
551 Enrique Zazueta, Jr. Tenacious 4 to 1
552 J. Alonso Angulo 3 to 1
553 Raul Solano 6 to 1
554 Tommy Craft 5 to 1
555 Trevor Anderson 7 to 1
556 Ernie Negrete Dah Boyz 3 to 1

577 Saul Garcia-3rd RS 6 to 1
578 Jose Montoya-2nd RS A finisher 3 to 1
579 Marcos Nunez-1st RS Brindell car still a winner 2 to 1

*700 Dan Chamlee No excuse not to dominate Even
701 Brandon Walsh
702 Jason Rodriguez

719 A.J. Rodriguez-1st RS Always somethin' 5 to ?

741 Heidi Steele Too many events 4 to 1
742 Rodd Fantelli Not enough events 5 to 1
743 Aaron Gomez Better have a good jack 6 to 1

759 John Holmes-1st RS Right number of events 2 to 1

801 Noah Ostanik Shoulda entered "T-T" Even

1001 Michael Wichmann Which way did they go? 99 to 1
1002 Bekki Wik Ladies first, right? 2 to 1
1003 Tito Robles 6 to 1
1004 Adam Ashcraft Type IV might cruise 3 to 1
1005 Robert McBeath SLEEPER 4 to 1
1006 Jeremy James 5 to 1
1007 Mark Hutchins TOP TIP 2 to 1
1008 Ken Tapert Knows the PLRs! 3 to 1
1009 Mikey Lawrence No chasing, thank God 4 to 1
1010 Tim Pangborn Needs Lou Peralta? 99 to 1

*1100 Ramon Fernandez Not an "Once" course 9 to 1
1101 Mauro Diaz Ouch! Ow! Ooo! 9 to 1

1149 Eric Solorzano-1st RS Whom so else? Even

1201 Daniel Folts Tranny best last! 3 to 1
1202 David Callaway Good team 3 to 1
*1200 Tom Watson Will win 2 to 1
1204 Perry McNeil Should win 2 to 1
1205 Mike Sandoval Could be his day 3 to 1
1206 Steve Mamer Mamer a jammmer 3 to 1
1207 Brian Burgess Better be in top form 3 to 1
1208 Mike Williams Inconsistent 4 to 1
1209 Lee Banning Quick study 3 to 1
1210 Rick St. John Could win 2 to 1
1211 John Padgett Will not be his day 8 to 1
1212 Bill Hernquist Needs more axles 99 to 1
1213 Gary Johnson W/D 8/15 Typical mollycoddling … XXX

1248 Jake Jones-2nd RS No jokes for Jake 4 to 1
1249 Ty Godde-1st RS 100% inconsistent 5 to 1

235 Jason Voss Will be strong Even

233 Max Post-1st RS Will not come close 6 to 1

*760 Rod Hall-2nd RS Is he STILL racing?! Even
761 Steve Kovach Look for a long day 99 to 1

779 Steve Kovach W/D 8/29 Odd decision XXX

861 Justin Matney Out of his league 99 to 2
862 Chad Hall OBVIOUS CHOICE 2 to 1
*860 John Griffin Totally cool … 2 to 1

878 Kent Kroeker-2nd RS Course might be tight 3 to 1
879 Clyde Stacy-1st RS DARK HORSE 3 to 1

1749 Scott Watkins-1st RS Shrek Class 6 to 1

*1400 Peter Lang What a beater-beast 4 to 1

1501 Jeff Stowers 3 to 1
*1500 Keith Growe Ranges far and wide for points 3 to 1
1503 Nick Tonelli Pins the pedal 3 to 1
1504 Joe Aguayo 99 to 1
1505 Kyle Caso 99 to 1
1506 Bob Land I WANT Bob to win! 5 to 1
1507 Gregg Hempel 99 to 1
1508 Rusty Stevens W/D 8/29 So he moved to Trophy-Truck? WTF

1549 Matt Scaroni-1st RS Rocks proportionally HUGER! 6 to 1

McLaren boss 'ashamed to be English' after Valencia's F1 success

McLaren boss Ron Dennis has stated he is 'ashamed to be English' after witnessing Valencia successfully stage the European Grand Prix.

Spain's third largest city made its Formula One debut at the weekend, and in many respects did not let down supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

The circuit weaved through the marina and port which last year was home to yachting's America's Cup, although as with any 'street' track, overtaking areas were at a premium.

The event was not totally faultless, and it lacked the glitz and glamour of Monaco, while there were few defining landmarks other than the bridge amid the blur of concrete walls and wire fencing which lined the circuit.

It was too much to expect such a new track to be entirely faultless, but the problems were minor, doing Valencia proud 19 months after they staged a lavish £2million launch of McLaren's car for the 2007 season.

Launching an unexpected attack on England's failings in hosting major sporting events, Dennis said: 'I have to say something a little controversial which I'll probably regret.

'When I go back into England and I go through Heathrow airport, I'm ashamed to be English.

'Valencia is an area that is not the gateway to their country, and yet the local government showed vision to stage the America's Cup, to commit all the resources they did to turn it into a world-class venue.

'We also know how they embraced the concept of us launching our car there.

'They made available to us all the facilities that exist in the arts and science park, contributed to the venue, and we were a catalyst to the grand prix.

'To see what they've done demonstrates what you can do if you are committed as a government, local or national.'

Dennis feels London could learn a lesson or two from Valencia when it comes to overwhelming support to push forward projects, and to turn run-down areas of the city into futuristic places to be proud of.

With London now counting down towards its staging of the Olympic Games in 2012, Dennis added: 'Valencia is a testament to how you should do it. I applaud the efforts of Valencia. They've gone the right way about it, they've committed to putting in the infrastructure, to getting the resources right.

'Next year they just need to put in some more colour, the harbour needs to be full of boats, more signage and a bit more glitz, but they've got it the right way round.

'I'll be absolutely amazed if we don't go to Singapore and have the same experience next month. This is what it takes.

'It requires government support, and to me it is a textbook example of what you can do if you all point in the same direction and have the commitment.

'For me I can't understand the ridiculous squabble we are having in England over the issue of relatively small amount of money with regard to the funding of the Olympic Games.

'We should be proud we've got the Olympic Games, and we should be pushing and reflecting in attitude the efforts of all the people who went there and surpassed everybody's expectation with regard to the medals our country have won.

'Unfortunately, we seem to be the world's best at turning around and being unconstructively critical.

'I know stories will be written with my comments, but I don't care. I think people should speak out and say, "You guys have got it all wrong".'


Sunday, August 31, 2008

TT's TT TTs for Primm

Tony Tellier's Trophy Truck Top Tips for Primm. And Class 1


74 Bill Varnes Good draw, anyway 6 to 1
2 Pete Sohren Can you say "ring gear"? 6 to 1
16 Cameron Steele Too many flats 5 to 1
50 Jason McNeil NRIARWAM 8 to 1
*1 Mark Post Has plenty of (Dan) blockers 2 to 1
91 Bill McBeath Chicane? 9 to 1
8 Roger Norman Givin' it hell 5 to 1
84 Nick Vanderwey Trophy case getting' dusty 7 to 1
7 Scott Steinberger Heaviest rig around 6 to 1
96 Bobby Baldwin Havin' fun … what its all about 9 to 1
22 Damen Jefferies Buggy-based not the solution 9 to 1
97 B.J. Baldwin Virtually unbeatable 2 to 1
85 Todd Wyllie Not workin' 4 to 1
60 Mike Voudouris To finish is to win, I guess 99 to 1
93 Robby Fallers Fallen on hard times 99 to 1
12 Brian Collins One of the best 2 to 1
38 Garron Cadiente On a good day … gone! 2 to 1
24 Adam Householder Shoulda stayed home 99 to 1
35 Robbie Pierce Improving 4 to 1
51 Kory Scheeler Homie should know route 5 to 1
39 Ron Whitton Draw dilutes effort 4 to 1
89 Rusty Stevens Fe2O3-y 99 to 1

101 Armin Schwarz Dreamy Draw 2 to 1
102 Dale Lenk Needs a "Master Lenk" 4 to 1
103 B.J. Richardson Will drive wheels "off", so to speak 3 to 1
104 Chuck Dempsey Plenty of PR 6 to 1
105 Ronny Wilson TOP TIP 3 to 1
106 Steve Sourapas Kiss of death? 99 to 1
107 Kory Halopoff Winner has to run clean 3 to 1
108 Brian Parkhouse Stepping up the program 4 to 1
109 Richard Boyle Goddamned bridesmaid! 3 to 1
*100 Billy Gasper 5 to 1
111 Terry Householder Brace that rear bumper! 99 to 1
112 Harley Letner Winner has to run clean 3 to 1
113 Guy Peterson May be EXPOsed! 6 to 1
114 Randy Wilson Wilsonians always look good 3 to 1
115 Dale Ebberts Inconsistent 4 to 1
116 Pat Dean MY FAV! 2 to 1
117 Luis Ramirez, Jr. Unknown star 3 to 1
118 Eric Chase Chasing a decent draw, I swear! 3 to 1
119 Armin Kremer TOP TIP 4 to 1
120 Daniel Wingerning Will wing it 99 to 1
121 Tim McDonnell DARK HORSE 3 to 1
122 John Herder Needs motivation 8 to 1

148 Greg Nunley-2nd RS Odds? None! 99 to 1
149 Cam Thieriot-1st RS "RS", my ass 5 to 1

American F1 Champ Phil Hill passes.

News - Phil Hill: Phil Hill, a reserved Californian who became a gifted race-car driver and the only American-born driver to win the Formula One international auto-racing championship, died Thursday. He was 81. Hill died at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula of complications from Parkinson's disease, said John Lamm, a close friend who is also editor-at-large of Road & Track magazine. Hill won the Formula One title for Ferrari in 1961. He also was the first American to win the 24-hour endurance race at Le Mans, France, -- a race he would win twice again -- and he won the Sebring 12-hour race three times, among many other victories.(The Italian-born Mario Andretti, whose family immigrated to the United States when he was a teenager, won the Formula One title in 1978.) Hill won his Formula One championship in the season's penultimate race in Monza, Italy, after he had swapped the series lead all year with his Ferrari teammate Wolfgang von Trips of Germany. In the same race, Trips died in a crash that also killed 14 spectators. As a result, Ferrari did not participate in the season's final race at Watkins Glen, N.Y., and Hill was unable to celebrate his championship in his home country. Hill, despite driving with safety gear that paled by today's standards, never suffered a serious injury in his career. He retired from driving in 1967 at 39. Philip Toll Hill was born in Miami on April 20, 1927, and was raised in Santa Monica. He was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1991. Hill is survived by his wife, Alma, son Derek of Culver City, daughter Vanessa Rogers of Phoenix, stepdaughter Jennifer Delaney of Niwot, Colo., and four grandchildren.(Los Angeles Times)(8-29-2008)

Loeb wins Rally New Zealand, extends WRC lead

HAMILTON, New Zealand (AP) - World champion Sebastien Loeb took advantage of Mikko Hirvonen's spin on the second-to-last stage to win Rally New Zealand by 17.5 seconds Sunday, doubling his lead over the Finn in the World Rally Championship.
The win was Loeb's 42nd in WRC rallies, his third in succession after victories in Finland
and Germany and his second in New Zealand, where he was last successful in 2005.
He came into the rally with a four point lead over Hirvonen in the drivers' standings and has now moved eight points clear, with 86 points to Hirvonen's 78. His one-two finish with teammate Dani Sordo of Spain also tightened Citroen's grip on the manufacturers' championship.
Loeb's winning chances looked at an end when he spun on the opening stage of the day, as he entered the penultimate state 15.3 seconds off the lead, trailing Ford's Hirvonen and Jari-Matti Latvala and Sordo.
The Frenchman was faced with having to make up half-a-second per kilometer, but circumstances soon turned in his favor around the dense coastal bush of the Whaanga Coast stage.
Latvala was first on the road and worked to sweep the road's thick gravel coating to improve traction for Hirvonen whose Ford Focus immediately followed his own. But he spun twice early in the stage, damaging his car too badly to continue. Then Hirvonen also spun and was forced to nurse his damaged car to the finish.
Loeb had some anxious moments on the slick corners of the stage but guided his car safely to the finish to take a commanding lead going into the final stage.
«This morning I had the spin and just wasn't able to make up the gap to Mikko. I thought it was over and we' lost the chance,» Loeb said.
«But then it all changed and we were leading again. But this was really a difficult rally, changing all the time, with some strategy coming in too.
«I needed to win for sure and that's very nice but I'm not happy for what happened to Mikko because he was doing really well and it was a good battle. But okay, it's a race and these things happen sometimes.
There was nothing Hirvonen could do on the last stage, from third place and 41 seconds behind Loeb, to retrieve the lead he had held for much of the rally's three days.
«I was really confident before Whaanga Coast that we were going to win this rally but what could we do?» Hirvonen said.
«We had a slow puncture that dropped us to third.

«That's how it is now. I'm not going to let this knock my confidence. I know we can win rallies. The season isn't over yet so we just have to go flat out again on the next rallies.
The close finish was reminiscent of last year's New Zealand rally which was decided on the final stage and in which Loeb was beaten by 0.3 seconds by Marcus Gronholm _ the slimmest winning margin in WRC history.
Loeb declared before the Whaanga Coast stage that it was «impossible to get the victory». His chances had seemed to dissolve on the opening stage of the day when he spun, finished 12th and dropped 17.7 seconds off the lead.
«It was a long, long left and I went in the wrong camber,» Loeb said.
«When I pushed, the car was spinning, spinning, spinning, and I couldn't stop it. I lost a lot of time.
Sordo ended the rally in second place, 17.5 seconds behind Loeb, while Hirvonen was third, 41.5 seconds down and Petter Solberg of Norway fourth in a Subaru.

Primm 300 to appear on German TV

From the Armin Schwarz newsletter.
Countdown to Primm 300 is on – Martin Christensen on US-German Combo

Dear Friends,

I dictated the lines you read right now in a hotel room in New Zealand. Together with Europe's biggest private TV station, RTL TV, I came here to cover the World Rally Championship round on this remote and beautiful island with its incredibly smooth and fast gravel roads.

Please read my short preview to the upcoming Terrible's Primm 300 and an interview we made earlier this week with my boss, driver colleague and friend, Martin Christensen.

From New Zealand it's only an eleven hours flight to LA and then I'll be back with the All German Motorsports team to tackle the SCORE Terrible's Primm 300 on 5 and 6 September held close to Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be great to see all my friends back in Escondido again. And it will be an exciting race: At the fourth of five rounds counting towards the SCORE Series, my team boss and driver colleague Martin Christensen and I want nothing less than grab the points lead of the world's toughest off-road championship with a top result.

Last year we just missed the Class 1 Podium here. This year we are #101 and the first Class 1 Buggy on the road behind the Trophy Trucks. So let's see what we can do. I'll drive the start and the first to laps of 72 miles each, Martin does the second two laps.

Primm 300 premieres on European TV thanks to RTL TV and Anchor Nazan Eckes

We at AGM enjoy very special support at the Primm 300: Nazan Eckes, star anchor at Europe's biggest private TV station, RTL TV, swaps her normal working field of Formula 1 for the world's most popular desert racing series. Nazan will report on her off-road experiences in a special 30-minute programme within the RTL coverage of the Italian Formula One Grand Prix on 13 September from 15.20 hrs Central European Summer Time. That's a great chance for us and gives us tons of extra motivation. We've got to be there at the front with millions of people watching in Europe!

Nazan Eckes, top anchor of RTL TV, Europe's biggest private TV station will report from the Primm 300

So keep your fingers crossed, we'll be out there and do our very best for a great performance and a great show!

Best wishes,


Toro Rosso say Bourdais must prove his talent

LONDON, Aug 30 (Reuters) - Ferrari-powered Toro Rosso have told Frenchman Sebastien Bourdais he cannot take his place at the Formula One team for granted beyond the end of the season.
Bourdais, France's only current grand prix driver, joined the Red Bull-backed team this year after winning four ChampCar titles in a row in the U.S.
However he has been overshadowed by team mate Sebastian Vettel, who is leaving at the end of the year for the main Red Bull team. The 21-year-old German has scored nine points from 12 races to two for Bourdais.
"In Formula One you have to give someone half a year of time before you start to judge him," team co-owner Gerhard Berger told the official Formula One website (
"The half year is over and he (Bourdais) is now in a situation where he has to prove his talents.
"I would not say I already have a clear opinion on him but I also have to say Sebastian Vettel started a couple of races before and he performed very well in the first half year," added the Austrian.
Asked whether Bourdais was a fixture at Toro Rosso next season, Berger added: "No, it's open".
Berger said the team's young driver programme would be looked at first in the search for a replacement for Vettel and Red Bull would have the final say on the 2009 lineup.
"Everyone will bring opinions and then we, Didi (Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz) and myself, will try to find the right way for the team," he said.
"At the end of the day the last word will come from Red Bull because that is where we get all our resources from. So it is natural we listen to what he would like to do."
(Reporting by Alan Baldwin, editing by Tony Jimenez)

Eugenio wins big at BITD

Kyle Conlon of Campo drives his Class 1000 car in the Best in the Desert Racing Association’s Vegas to Reno race this past weekend in Las Vegas. His navigator was Cameron Butcher of El Centro. The two, along with co-driver Steven Eugenio and navigator Jake Velasco of Holtville, won the class by more than an hour to build a strong lead in the class championship.

LAS VEGAS — Going into the longest race the Best in the Desert Racing Association has to offer in the season here this past weekend, El Centro’s Steven Eugenio and teammate Kyle Conlon of Campo were leading the 1000 class.

The two, racing under BEA-CON Racing, were only looking to finish and follow up with a win in the final two races of the season.

Instead, the two blew away the competition in their class, not only winning, but finishing an hour ahead of any other 1000 class vehicle.

“We were just running a good pace,” Eugenio said. “We weren’t pushing it.”

The team only had one flat tire throughout the 457.5-mile race, during Conlon’s half of the race. He had a short two-minute lead when he and navigator Cameron Butcher of El Centro went down with a flat tire.

They quickly changed the tire and fell behind only about four minutes. By the time Conlon handed the car to Eugenio, Conlon had built up an 18-minute lead.

Eugenio and his navigator Jake Velasco of Holtville had no problems the rest of the way to win the race.

“We were just all pumped. We had no intentions on winning the race, all we wanted to do was finish,” Eugenio said. “We knew we ran well all day, we knew we had the win and we were stoked.”

In the same class, Mike Lawrence of Brea was in second in points going into the race. He was registered to race, but his finish was not known.

BITD only published the top seven finishes in the class and Lawrence was not among them. James Hodgson of Edmonton, Canada, was in third in points going into the race and he, too, was registered. He also didn’t finish in the top seven.

Although official points standings haven’t been released by BITD, Eugenio and Conlon are sitting atop the class comfortably.

The win for both adds to an already-stellar debut season for the pair.

“This is great. We’ve won two out of three races … I say we’re doing an awesome job,” Eugenio said. “The car is working perfect and both drivers are doing a great job of getting the car to the finish line … I don’t know what more I could ask for.”

Next in the series is the Bilek Racing Silver State 300 in Mesquite, Nev., in late September.

The group will look for a win at Mesquite to pretty much secure the class win.

The team then just looks to finish at the Henderson’s Fabtech 400 in early December in Henderson, Nev.

“At the Mesquite race, being a smaller race, we’ll try and go for a win there. If we get the win, then probably just cruise at the 400,” Eugenio said. “I think we’ll have the championship locked up.”