Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sam Beri wins the BITD Silver State 300

Short photo update.

Friday, September 26, 2008



Team Prepares to Bring Class 1 and Class 10 Cars

Reno, NV (September 25th, 2008) – Speed Technologies, one of the largest and foremost off-road race team in the United States and Mexico, is gearing up for another Nevada race this weekend. The Bilek Racing Silver State “300” in Mesquite, NV is a 297 mile race through the Nevada desert and promises to both challenge the team and give them a bit more practice before the grueling Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. The team plans on racing both their HMS Avenger Class 1 (#1528) car and their Jimco Class 10 car (#1055). John Herder and Chuck Dempsey will be driving the HMS Avenger with Herder starting the race and Dempsey finishing it out. Mark Levrett and Casey Currie will be driving the Class 10 car with Levrett starting out the race and Currie wrapping it up.

“Our pre-run went really, really well and we the cars performed exceptionally well,” said team manager Phil Johnson. “We have a solid team of drivers behind the wheel of each car and hopefully their experience can help bring us across the finish line”

The team recently competed in the Terrible’s PRIMM 300 and managed to bring both the HMS Avenger and The Dominator across the finish line – it was the first time The Dominator has finished a race and the team is currently working on getting the car in perfect shape for the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. The team plans to bring at least two cars and a full motorcycle team to that race.

About Speed Technologies

Established in 2006 Speed Technologies is owned by John Harrah and headquartered in Reno, NV at Rancharrah. The team operates an off-road car and motorcycle team as well as developing cutting edge off road and aquatics products and designs. Competing in the SCORE Desert Series, Best in the Desert and Championship off Road Racing, Speed Technologies is a full-time operation supported by a full time staff as well as additional chase and safety crews. Speed Technologies is committed to safety both on and off the track. For more information on Speed Technologies please visit or call 775-851-7492.



Hello Race Fans!

This weekend - Rod Hall Racing heads to Mesquite, Nevada for the Bilek Racing Silver State 300. Rod, Josh and Chad compete to maintain their class leads in the Best in the Desert Series Championship. The first truck leaves the line at 9:30 am on Saturday.

Course -
After pre-running last week, the team described the course as having plenty fast graded road, several miles of narrow, winding mountain roads with cliffs and sharp turns. But typical of Nevada racing, visibility will be an issue. Rod noted that "passing could be difficult. If we get some dust free racing, it will be very enjoyable - if not, it will be a long day."

Follow the Team -
Log on and follow the team with live race tracking at Blog postings on the status of all three teams will be updated regularly throughout the race.

Next Race -
Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 - November 19-23rd. Check the website and blog for regular race news and updates beginning November 1st.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions by emailing

Thank you again to all our fans, sponsors and friends who make it all possible.
Let's go racin'!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

BITD Silver State 300 Time Trial Results and Photos

Racers attacked a tight course full of deep sand ans 180 degre corners during qualifying today. Sam Berri came out on top followed by Hovery and Daniel. Chet Huffman was 1st in Truck Truck followed by Ollegis.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Products from Durka Durka Photo

I just received my first samples of our new Wallclings. The clings shown are 2x3 feet, and my hairy arm and the soda are for size perspective.

We can make them from most photos shown on our website. Now every racer can feel like a superstar with 5 foot wallcling of their racecar to slap up on the garage wall.

Check the website next week for order info,m available sizes and pricing. If you are are going to the BITD race in Mesquite this weekend look for my booth at Contingency to see them in person.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WRC heads to Russian

For the first time in Russian history our country gets a golden opportunity to host an event of the World Rally Championship (WRC). And as in any other kinds of sports, such a global and high-ranking event demands very serious preparations.

For organizing a rally in accordance to all requirements of the Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA), national officials are given two years. During this time a future round of the World Championship is held under candidate status, and preparations to it, as well as its organization and carrying out, are carefully observed by the FIA representatives. Following the results of each rally an observer conducts a report, based on which organizers of the event imply necessary changes for the next season.

Annually the FIA considers applications from different countries for holding an event of the World Championship, but only few of them get a chance of holding at least a candidate event. All rallies are run over the routes of national championships’ rounds, and for the most important event it is the best national rally that is generally chosen – the most interesting, the most difficult and the most fascinating.

However, a good route is not enough for hosting a round of the World Championship.

The first and also the most important question, attracting the most attention, is providing safety during a rally. Any motorsport competition document contains the following warning in capitalization: MOTORSPORT CAN BE DANGEROUS! And, of course, any organizer pays maximum attention to safety issues. However, the World Championship requires a completely different level of approaching such matters. For example, in the WRC a special system is used, which allows to track every car on stage in any moment of time – and this allows to provide an emergency if needed and warn other competitors of a dangerous situation ahead.

Secondly, the World Championship rounds have a very big mileage – up to 400 kilometers of special stages (while national competitions are used to run within 150-200 kilometers of competitive distance). This means that the world level competition-hosting region must provide an opportunity to prepare new special stages.

Together with sportsmen a huge amount of “support crews” arrives – managers, mechanics, engineers and media representatives. World-level teams have their own medics, cooks and even weather forecasters in their staff. In addition, regular fans and a lot of journalists come from all over the world. Hence, the WRC-hosting region must have a modern infrastructure, a good traffic network, and a developed tourist business.

And, finally, organization of a WRC round is a process, in which a huge amount of people is involved, and which requires lots of financial investments. For example, about 3-4 million euros is spent on preparation of Neste Oil Rally Finland. It should be mentioned, though, that an average income of holding a three-day rally (including tourism and souvenirs) estimates 20 million euros.

It wasn’t by accident that organizers of the Russian round of the WRC chose the region of Novorossiysk.

A resort zone with a lot of hotels and holiday houses is combined with experience and capabilities to welcome many tourists at once. Three airports, motorways, a seaport make it all possible. Subtropical climate and the “velvet” season – it’s all about it. And of course – the route. The unique, not having any analogues, tracks, offer both rough and fast gravel stages in vineyards and narrow, twisty and dangerous mountain roads.

Novorossiysk Rally holds a well-deserved reputation of the most unpredictable rally in the country. For the last few years the showdown of the Russian Championship has been held in Novorossiysk, and it was there where the destiny of gold medals used to be decided. The one to conquer those roads used to take the title of the fastest driver in the country, and it’s not accidentally – “Novorossiysk” doesn’t forgive mistakes neither in driving nor in strategy.

“Novorossiysk Rally of Russia 2008” promises to become a unique rally. This event has already broken fresh ground in the annals of the world’s motorsport – among the countries, proven worthy of hosting WRC rounds, did appear the name of Russia. Now it’s up to us, if we can create a competition of a completely different level for our country. Because, judging by its difficulty, prestige and scale, the WRC – is an activity at the level of the Olympic games, but in contrast to it, a round of the World Championship takes place in a country not once, but annually. We have two years to prove that Russia deserves such an honor.

Airwaves® becomes World Rally Championship sponsor

Airwaves® announced on Monday that it has become the Official Chewing Gum Sponsor of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).

The FIA WRC is a top three global motorsport comprising 15 rallies in 15 countries, attended by eight million fans and a worldwide TV audience of 815 million.

Airwaves® is already a personal sponsor of British driver Matthew Wilson, who lines up alongside other international sports personalities in the 2008 ‘Airwaves® Pro’ campaign, which inspires and empowers people to ‘KICK UP A GEAR®’, and encourages consumers to ‘live their dream’.

Airwaves® will leverage its relationship with the Championship through a variety of unique, WRC rallying experiences which will provide the brand with an opportunity to integrate itself within the sport.

Toby Baker, Wrigley Marketing Director, said: “Airwaves® is delighted to become an Official Sponsor of the FIA World Rally Championship. We’ve already been involved this season via our relationship with Matthew and our new sponsorship agreement will provide more opportunities to convey our ‘KICK UP A GEAR®’ brand vision with the millions of fans who follow the FIA World Rally Championship worldwide.

“The sport is a superb fit for Airwaves®, as it epitomises adrenaline-fuelled and high octane motorsport, which is of a high interest to our consumers.

“As always we will integrate the sponsorship fully into our business, whether that be via internal communications, PR, media partnerships or sales opportunities, all with the aim of enabling people to ‘live their dream’.”

Simon Long, CEO of International Sportsworld Communicators, the exclusive media and commercial rights holder of the FIA World Rally Championship, added: “We are very excited to welcome Wrigley’s Airwaves® to the World Rally Championship and to its family of sponsors and partners. Airwaves® is a brand which fits perfectly within the sport of Rallying and the partnership will help WRC continue to communicate with its fan base through the variety of exciting co-promotions with the Airwaves® brand.”

The deal was negotiated by Generate Sponsorship, who will manage all sponsorship and PR activity for the partnership.

Monday, September 22, 2008

F1 Budgets

2008 F1 team resources

Including sponsorship, supplier deals, prize money, team owner contributions, tyre provision and supply of customer engines where appropriate.

Toyota: $445.6m
McLaren: $433.3m
Ferrari: $414.9m
Honda: $398.1m
Renault: $393.8m
BMW Sauber: $366.8m
Red Bull Racing: $164.7m
Williams: $160.6m
Toro Rosso: $128.2m
Force India: $121.85m
Super Aguri: $45.6m

Total: $3,073.45m
2007 team cost per point

2007 team resources divided by points scored.

Ferrari: $1.9m
BMW Sauber: $3.3m
Williams: $4m
Red Bull Racing: $5.9m
Renault: $7.3m
Toro Rosso: $10.6m
Super Aguri: $19.4m
Toyota: $34.2m
Spyker: $52.95m
Honda: $57.2m
McLaren: No points scored
Average length of current sponsorships by team

Ferrari: 13 seasons
McLaren: 7.07 seasons
Toyota: 5.36 seasons
BMW Sauber: 4.27 seasons
Renault: 3.97 seasons
Williams: 3.83 seasons
Honda: 3.28 seasons
Red Bull Racing: 2.73 seasons
Force India: 2.16 seasons
Super Aguri: 1.88 seasons
Toro Rosso: 1.86 seasons

Source: Christian Sylt / Formula Money

ATTN Zonies -

The State Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Group (OHVAG) is seeking two new members to each serve a three year term. To ensure a diversity of representation the group is seeking one member from the sportsmen’s/women’s community to represent hunting and angling interests and one from the OHV community. At this time no sportsmen or women have currently applied. Now is your chance to step up, serve and be heard. Take action now, because applications are due September 26, 2008.
For more information and an application go online to:
Feel free to post this on your Web sites to help spread the word.
Thank you for your time and effort,
Jim Harken
OHV - Public Information Officer
Arizona Game and Fish Department
(623) 236-7223
Amy Racki
Off-Highway Vehicle Coordinator
Arizona State Parks
(602) 542-7126
Fax: (602) 542-4180