Thursday, October 18, 2007

JSMDA - what is it and is there a shot you can get to get rid of it?

JSMDA is a Hurricane of another name, Baja sees them every year but they have yet to name one like this.

Being unleashed on the world of desert racing is a new twist for Trophy Truck racing in Baja this November at the 40th anniversary of the SCORE Tecate Baja 1000. 5 Trophy Truck teams and their respected pit groups, parts, equipment and logistics will be shared for the first time JSMDA venture.

It all started with Matt Scaroni of SMD Motor Sports and Cameron Steele of the Desert Assassins speaking of how both teams brought tons of resources to Baja but still thought they could do it better. One step forward and the two Einstein’s realized they have virtually identical Geiser Bros trucks and off they went on the idea of co-mingling pits and resources and hence the SMDA was born.

Big poppa Steve Scaroni stepped in and showed what a logistic wiz he is and now they were really moving in the right direction.

As the idea grew the new pit team thought of good friend and former SCORE class 8 and BITD Trick Truck champion Jesse Jones and his similar link to winning builder Geiser Bros. Add in their assets and wins to the SMD multi Protruck Championships and the Desert Assassins 3 championships in two years and you now have the JSMDA.

Although the group had run out of letters and felt the acronym was solid they still had a place on the team for the #7 truck of Scott Steinberger and Dave Sykes and with there contribution the team will now have more pit support than anyone on the Peninsula, they think!

The team has an interesting make up especially when you add Jesse’s partner Wally Dallenbach Jr. who is a former NASCAR star and NBC commentator who JSMDA team mate Cameron Steele has worked with this year on network TV shows and helped to introduce the two. Mix in martial arts expert and Baja top 10 finisher Ikowa Hanowa #14 from Japan and former Open Pro bike champion Mike Childress who has two Overall Baja Championships and you have quite a wealth of knowledge on one team.

The program also extends to the DA’s SCORE Lite and 7sx effort as well as their Open Pro Bike #23x. All the teams are now one moving forward in an attempt to pit one or more of the vehicles to victory at the 2007 SCORE Tecate Baja 1000.

Vic Curl of Trackside Performance who at one time was part of the PPI/Ivan Stewart juggernaut is firmly entrenched in this program and loves it. “We have the support to make an effort that may have not been seen before in Baja” said Curl.

JSMDA is….

* 28 fixed pits
* 4 semis/box vans
* 16 fueling stations
* 14 chase trucks
* Home base camp in California manned for entire event
* 4 airplanes
* More Sat phones and radios than you can count
* Emergency help for any team in need

Who is JSMDA

* SMD Motorsports – Steve, Matt and David Scaroni TT#27
* Desert Assassins – Cameron Steele, Darren Hardesty, Kash Vessels and Heidi Steele TT#16, #1249, #743
* Jones Motor Sports – Jesse Jones, Wally Dallenbach Jr., Mike Voyles #76
* Trackside Performance – Vic Curl and Chuck Mathews with Ikowa Hanowa #14 and #302
* Geiser Bros. – Rick Geiser and crew
* PCI Racing – TT#7 Scott Steinberger, Dave Sykes and Mikey Childress
* ADV Rider pits headed by Trey Piersall, Rick Felden and Jake Buell
* OC Pools crew – Mike Brunning and Bryant Layton

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Silverstone plans on public show

Development plans for the Silverstone race circuit in Northamptonshire have been unveiled.

Proposals include a motorsport technology park and education campus, a business park, hotels, restaurants and housing next to Silverstone village.

But the track layout will remain unchanged, according to the plans.

Residents are being urged to comment on the document from South Northants and Aylesbury Vale district councils in whose areas the circuit is based.

A welcome centre is planned for the circuit with a museum, an exhibition area and an arena for a range of motoring activities.

Exhibition of plans

The aim would be to create a centre for motorsport technology, a rural employment hub and a tourist destination for those interested in car racing.

The planning document is available on council websites, libraries in Towcester and Brackley, council offices in Towcester and the Tourist Information Centre in Brackley.

There will also be an exhibition of the plans in St Michaels Church Rooms, Little London, Silverstone on Friday and Saturday.

The consultation lasts until 26 November 2007.


Malcolm Smith to drive for KORE

10 October 2007


San Diego, California – Kroeker Off Road Engineering is proud to announce that when the KORE Dodge Ram powers off the starting line during this year’s 40th Annual Baja 1000, it will be driven by none other than Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee Malcolm Smith. 40 years ago, Malcolm Smith took first place in the inaugural Mexican 1000, the first of his six wins in the premiere North American Desert Racing event. From the Six-Day trials of Europe to the sands of the Dakar rally, Malcolm’s name has become synonymous with off road racing.

“We’re really pumped about this,” said Kent Kroeker, the owner of KORE. “Malcolm has been my hero ever since I was a young boy. To race with him is an unbelievable honor for me and everyone on our team.”

Also driving for KORE’s Team Desert Assault® will be four time Baja 1000 winner Darren Skilton, 2004-2006, CODE 1X plate holder Rodolfo Iribe, the original Extreme Skier Glen Plake, and Marine Corps Harrier pilot John Zambie.

“None of this would be possible without the tremendous help of our sponsors,” said Kroeker. “Thanks to Mopar Performance, Fox Racing Shocks, Toyo Tires, Baja Designs lights, AEM intakes, Weld Wheels and Nordskog Gauges – and all the hard work of our friends and volunteers, we’re going down to Baja 100% prepared for this race.”

As always, Malcolm said it best, “I’m not going down there to race; I’m going down there to win!”

During the race on November 13th, track the KORE Desert Assault® in real time from your home computer. See the KORE Hemi® reach speeds of over 120 mph. as it rips across the Mexican desert, reeling in competitors while gunning for the checkered flag. Using the latest satellite technology you can watch the race at

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